Deconstructing Comics #486: Helen Maier and Fil Barlow

YorrisHelen Maier and Fil Barlow are longtime partners and collaborators who have turned out a number of comics, available mainly in their native Australia, and worked on animation and character design on a number of cartoons that millennials watched as kids, such as Extreme Ghostbusters and Tutenstein.

Since returning to Australia in 2010, they’ve gone all in on comics, and the first two chapters of their story “Yorris” appeared in issues 4 and 5 of Image’s rather mysterious 8House anthology series.

This week, a talk with Helen about Czech comics and the view from the animation trenches becomes a talk with both Helen and Fil about the meaning of (and Easter eggs in) “Yorris”, their attempts to turn some conventions of comics storytelling on their heads, and the pluses and minuses of the crowdfunding model.

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Comics Alternative Episode 144: Reviews of Black River, 8House: Arclight #1, and Kilgore Quarterly #6

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On this episode of The Comics Alternative, Gene is back in the cohosting chair after a long absence. (He was last on the show for the interview with Joshua Hale Fialkov and Kody Chamberlain, but he hasn’t been on a review show since October of last year.) This week, the Two Guys look at three new, yet very different, comics. They begin with Josh Simmons’s Black River (Fantagraphics), a beautiful yet disturbing post-apocalyptic narrative. It follows a group of women trying to survive after some sort of catastrophic event — we’re never sure what — the deadly travails that await them, and how the 8House1experience changes the group. Although the subject matter is violent and unsettling, Simmons’s artwork is visually compelling. Next, the guys check out the first issue of 8House: Arclight, Brandon Graham and Marian Churchland’s new series from Image Comics. Issue #1 reveals a detailed and fantastical world, complete with its own physics, as well as its own alphabet. Graham provides just enough story to satisfy, while at the same time teasing the narrative to come. But it’s Churchland’s art that captures Gene and Derek’s attention, working seamlessly into the complex world-building apparent in this nascent series. Finally, Gene and Derek spend a lot of time discussing a small-press anthology series, Kilgore Quarterly (Kilgore Books and Comics). This is the 6th issue in the title, and as with the previous issues, this one contains a nice balance of known names, first-time-published cartoonists, and creators whose work you may not know, but you definitely should. Both Noah Van Sciver and Eleanor Davis have contributions in this issue, as do lesser-known artists such as Rich Sparks, Susan Choi, Matias San Juan, Sarah Leitten, and Amara Leipzig. But a full appreciation of Kilgore Quarterly #6 wouldn’t be possible without delving into the work of all of its contributors — and Derek and Gene do just that — including Meg Golding, Alex Graham, Joe Leonard, Alex Nall, and Ryan the Truck. Of the three titles discussed on this week’s show, Kilgore Quarterly is the one the guys spend the most time discussing…and for a reason.


A special thanks to Dan Stafford for keeping the guys informed about the happenings at Kilgore Books and Comics. Be sure to check out their website!


Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 207 (5/27/12)


Happy Memorial Day weekend! No Pick Of The Week this time around, but we do have a delightful Fast Five! Picks include Batman, Incorporated #1 (DC), CHEW #26 (Image), Fables #117 (Vertigo), Prophet #25 (Image), and Justice League Dark #9 (DC). Spoilers!

Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 205 (4/22/12)


Quite the mind-blowing selection of comics this week! Pick Of The Week goes to Brandon Graham & Farel Dalrymple for Prophet #24 (Image). Fast Five picks include Batman #8 (DC), Rocketeer Adventures 2 #2 (IDW), Amazing Spider-Man #684 (Marvel), The Manhattan Projects #2 (Image), and Wonder Woman #8 (DC). Spoilers!

The Process Sensation Spectacular – Episode 7: Brandon Graham

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Sensation Spectacular – Episode 7

Show Notes
Special Guest: Brandon Graham

The seventh episode of The Process where current creators are brought into the mix to discuss their work and act as a sounding board for the crew.

This episode we sit down with the rising star that is Brandom Graham and talk about his earliest days as a porn illustrator and the path of his Eisner nominated series King City.


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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 200 (2/26/12)


Episode 200! Damn it feels good to be a gangsta! The Pick Of The Week for this momentous episode goes to John Layman & Rob Guillory for CHEW #24 (Image)! Fast Five picks include American Vampire #24 (Vertigo), Wolverine & The X-Men #6 (Marvel), Prophet #22 (Image), All-Star Western #6 (DC), and Fantastic Four #603 (Marvel). Spoilers!

Big thanks to all the fans and creators for 200 amazing episodes! I feel like the prettiest belle at the ball!