Wayne’s Comics Podcast #187 With Kristian Fraga, Ben Charbit, Ruben Romero From ‘Prey For Angels’


When a notorious serial killer strikes terror in Paris, they call on Scotland Yard to help bring the murderer to justice! It’s murder mystery just the way I like it, so I’m chatting with writer Kristian Fraga, producer Benjamin Charbit, and adapter Ruben Romero about Prey for Angels, a Think Alike Production comic that you just might see in a theater near you sometime soon! We discuss the miniseries and its creators as well as how you can access this terrific comic! To download your copy, go to comixology at this link! To find out more about Think Alike Productions, check out their website!


RBDHB: Clay McCormack Interview

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/GTbxONqEYSA” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

RBDHB was lucky enough to interview Clay McCormack the writer and artist of Dead Meat


This is the full uncut 18 minute interview of Clay McCormack, which is filled with even more about his process and the making of Dead Meat.
Dead Meat is a Free web graphic novel which can be found and supported here claytonmccormack.com/deadmeat/www.f…/DeadMeatComicwww.eatdeadmeat.com/‎

This interview in Video form, it is shorter at about 8 minutes youtu.be/GTbxONqEYSA

Our review of the first volume of Dead Meat Yupfrank – Rbdhb…


RBDHB: Glory Review

Like a supernova, Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell turned air into gold with their revamp of Glory, a measly Rob Liefeld creation given new life. We’ve brought back Jenny Marcano (thefakegeekgirl.tumblr.com/) to speak with us about it






Optimus Prime Douche-truck, fat narcissists and Doctor Who: “Thunderingly Racist”

UFP logo com


Oh dear….. It’s quite a pleasant affair here….. HAHA! F*ck that! A HUGE show here. Let’s check it out!


Channel ten doesn’t fail to disappoint with shitting on their own points and sh*tting out terrible programs

UFP Crew Questions

–          Justin Beiber becoming the new Chris Brown

–          “What if” scenarios involving Chrissie Swan

–          Comic books that will never be adapted into movie

–          Fave 80s movies

–          Amanda Bynes falling further and further into the deep end

–          “What if” scenario involving Disney buying DC Comics

–          Inkers involved in comics

–          Australian Urban Legends

Haley Morris-Cafiero: Fat narcissist and lonely c*nt

Aaron Fotheringham rules

The Great Gatsby Review – VERY slight spoilers


NERD NEWS! at 1hr 15mins



Christopher Lee’s celebrates his 91st Birthday by releasing a metal album


Trask Industries revealed by Bryan Singer to be included in Days of Future Past

DC’s “Villains Month” updates/follow up titles and inclusion of David Finch

Joss Whedon summons Saoirse Ronan as The Scarlett Witch

Neil Gaiman…. ACTING via Blood Kiss Kickstarter

Jim Jarmusch’s new vampire film, Only Lovers Left Alive

Sam Mendes back on board for the next Bond film

Francesco Francavilla’s “Batspoiltation”

Damon Lindelof apologises for nothing

Optimus Prime: Fast and the Furious Douche-Truck

Doctor Who is “Thunderingly Racist”

E3 2013 anticipated releases

Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within

Teaser trailer for Sonic: Lost World

More problems with Xbox One

Blizzard’s under wraps release

Wolfenstien reboot fans were asking for

Leprechaun reboot NO ONE was asking for



Hope Of All Trades 8 – I bought this podcast for $15 in a grab bag.


Ever buy a grab bag at a convention, and it had a little bit of everything? That’s what this show is like! Hope talks about her time at Seishun Con 2011. She gives reviews of Thor and Anne Rice’s novel Blood and Gold. She recommends the anime Tiger and Bunny and responds to E3 and the announcement of the new Wii U.


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Alternate Reality – Episode 306

Alternate Reality - Episode 306

Alternate Reality – Episode #306

Alternate Reality has survived the storm and is back this week with awesome comic reviews. Check out True Blood #1 from IDW as Charlie explains why you should be buying this book. Jon Gushes about the ultimate cheesecake of New Ultimates #3, and Chris opines about the beauty of Cowboy Ninja Viking #7. But all is not peaches and cream as there are definite disagreements between the cast on the quality of books like Avengers, Green Hornet, and Neonomicon. Hey to each his own right. And lastly Jon makes some terribly racist comments. We’re totally not responsible for that guy,…. we don’t know him.


Time Stamps h:mm:ss

0:00:00 – Cold Open
0:00:00 – Intro Music
0:01:51 – Intro
0:08:09 – DCB Service Advertisement

0:10:09 – Comic Reviews
0:11:58 – True Blood #1
0:23:01 – G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #156
0:38:20 – New Ultimates #3
0:46:14 – Batman Beyond #2
0:49:15 – Cowboy Ninja Viking #1
0:57:04 – Time Masters: Vanishing Point #1

1:14:14 – Lightning Round
1:16:20 – Zatanna #3
1:18:46 – Avengers #3
1:22:07 – Brightest Day #6
1:28:24 – Green Hornet #6
1:33:27 – Amazing Spider-Man #638
1:44:37 – Neonomicon #1

1:56:06 – Close
2:00:37 – Exit Music

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