Uncanny Nerdverse Review: Journey Into Mystery: The Birth of Krakoa

Ryan takes a few moments to give his thoughts on The Birth of Krakoa #1 from Marvel Comics. Thanks for listening!

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X-Men Monday Ep. 56: Burn That Bridge

While the books were a hit, miss or a way-way miss. The guys still craft ways to find fun in discussing last week’s books. Thanks for listening!

Intro/News (0:00), Astonishing X-Men #13 (5:02), Allen’s X-Shack: Weapon X #20 (18:46), X-Men Gold #31 (20:47), Fastball Tweets/Outro (31:40)

Intro/Outro Music by Retcon X – retconx.com
Intermission Music by Zulu Dobson – zuludobson.bandcamp.com

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X-Men Monday Ep. 51: Just Like That

Who are you rooting for? The Blue or Red team to win? Choose a side or get hyped for both teams to play a tough match. Thanks for listening!

Intro (0:00), X-Men Red Annual #1 (1:57), X-Men Blue #28 (11:48), Fastball Tweets/General Discussion (23:34)

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Music by Retcon X & Ongface

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