Ultimate Facepalm Page 5: Suicide Squad casting, Blake Livelys’ sex change to become a woman, Krypton TV series and the end of Naruto

On the road again…. Something something I don’t know when…. And er…. etc.

Look if you’re looking for country and western you’ve come to the wrong place!


It’s now Diamond Dallas UFP Page

Bulk Nutrients pre work out is great!

The Men who stare at goats is a very good movie

The comic business is booming at ComicZone!

Ryan Reynolds needs the money to pay for Blake Livelys’ sex change operation

C Bomb is NOT in the mafia



UFP Crew questions and Talk Topics

  • Other comic books characters we’d be keen to see share some screen time
  • Pat Broderick taking aim – The War On Cosplay
  • Batgirl moonlighting as Beyonce



Nerd News!

  • Benedict Cumberbach CONFIRMED as Dr Strange
  • Suicide Squad movies casting confirmed
  • Krysten Ritter cast as Jessica Jones
  • Michael Colter cast Luke Cage
  • ‘Krypton’ Series In Works At Syfy From David Goyer & Ian Goldberg
  • Announcements from PSX 2014 The Playtstation Experience
  • Naruto final review
  • Cinemaware release It Came From the Desert™: The Action Game – Extended Cut only for Sega Genesis/ Megadrive

Comic Reviews

  • Hellboy and the BPRD
  • Angela #1
  • Secret Six #1







F BombCast 131: Burnt by Fear Itself

You know what is in the news and not talked about by anyone else, The DC reboot. What is that you say? You say that this has been discussed ad nauseum by everyone on the internets, and even us last week? Oh well did those other shows talk about teen girls and wonder woman’s love of big black cock? Didn’t think so. Green Lantern, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and Gossip Girl, No you are not listening to the Comic Queers, stay with me here. Flashpoint and the tie ins are discussed as well as Kevin wanting to cum on asian woman. Kevin has a strange greeting when he meets hot young girls, come learn more. Also discussed is Herc, Birds of Prey, Zatanna, and Invincible. Enjoy!


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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Geeky Talky – Episode 74

In this episode I’m joined by Benjamin Grimm to discuss the Green Lantern movie. We discuss our likes/dislikes, the comics, and Kyle Rayner. Spoilers! Lots of Spoilers!

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