Arc Reactions – 92 – Blade MAX

We talk about Blade MAX – V3s, a story where Blade has to battle a new type of vampire and face some demons from his past. We talk about the characters, the story, and disagree about whether this comic needed to be in the MAX line or not

Talking points

V3s (2:29)
Vampires  (9:44)
Blade  (26:51)

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Comic Timing Episode 165 – Part 2: Spider-Man Movie News, 2014 Wrap-Up Conclusion and More


Double the pleasure, double the fun! Not only do you get two episodes in a matter of days, but this episode itself is two episodes in one! First, Kris and Ian talk all about the Spider-Man movie franchise news, including his appearance in the Marvel Movie Universe, plus Kevin Feige’s involvement in future Sony Spider-Man movies. We also discuss the Miles Morales vs. Peter Parker movie debate, the Fantastic Four trailer and how it will more than likely not be for us, Michael Fassbender potentially playing Boba Fett, Ian finally watching Blade for the first time, Peggy Carter: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (both Kris’ praise, and Brent’s dislike from a pre-show conversation), The Walking Dead (SPOILERS) and more!

We then segue into the rest of our Best and Worst of 2014, questions 8-15, featuring Ian, Brent, Brandon, Chad and Yanni. Expect things to be just as grumpy, exhausted and insane as they were in Part 1. It’s a mess, but in a good way. Enjoy!

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Will.I.Am is Satan’s pal, Tales from Sizzler and the worst cartoon ever created

We admit it! We have NOTHING PLANNED! The gig is officially up! So let’s do away with the pretence and get to it…


Some early shout outs to our Crew and Perth International Comedy Festival


AA Milne did not write “Jeeves and Wooster”

Will.I.Am is Satan’s best friend

Fivel Goes West: A Police Story

The “New” Black Flag

RIP Jeff Hannemann

We create the WORST CARTOON EVER!!!

We answer YOUR questions!



The Place Beyond the Pines

Warm Bodies


NERD NEWS at 1hr 17mins

Free Comic Book Day!

Perth’s own Iron Man

Fantastic 4 casting rumours with Michael B Jordan (Chronicle)

Marvel regain rights to Blade and Ghost Rider

Kelsey Grammer cast in Transformers 4 (sadly)

Rachel Rising adaptation for TV

Odd Thomas trailer

Beyond:Two Souls previewed at Tribeca Film Festival

Where Monsters Dwell 230 with Marv Wolfman

WMD 230

This week on Where Monsters Dwell we welcome another legend of the comic book industry, Marv Wolfman to the Monster Cave. You know Marv’s work from The New Teen Titans for which he created Cyborg, Starfire and Raven. He’s also the man responsible for Tomb of Dracula, Blade and Bullseye, Daredevil’s recurring nemesis at Marvel. He is perhaps best known for his (at the time) unprecedented overhaul of the DC Universe along with George Perez on Crisis On Infinite Earths. He joins us to chat about all of this and much more and to take your questions, so if you have a question for Rafael, feel free to post it on our Facebook wall or give us a call at 506-453-4949.

Also; ‘Shit Comics Reviewers Say’; Last week we picked up Savage Wolverine #1 and John Byrne’s The High Ways #1 from Strange Adventures.

Comic Tube Special News Report

Leroy and Brad are back and they’re joined by Chris Johnson to talk about recent movie news.

– Blade 4?
– Punisher Future
– Dark Knight Rises “Tumbler Wing?”
– Man of Steel Costume and Laurence Fishburne as Perry White
– Miles Morales as the new Spider-Man

Leroy’s Twitter – @ZiggoTheAlien
Forums –


Sidekickcast Episode #56 – Marvel vs DC

Sidekickcast Episode #56 - Marvel vs DC

A break from the normal comic book banter this week as regular Sidekicks Gavin and Dan are joined by Steve from the mighty Comic Book Outsiders podcast for a special Marvel vs DC episode. Together, the boys critically analyze and compare and contrast the latest Marvel and DC movie offerings…or get drunk and talk bollocks about superhero films, which do you think is more likely? From Blade to X-Men: First Class, Batman to Green Lantern, no Marvel/DC movie is left untouched as the Sidekickcast trie to definitively answer the question; who makes the beeter comic book movie, Marvel or DC?
A special Secrets and Lies this week as Steve plays quizmaster to both the Sidekicks, just how will Gavin deal with being on the other side of some devious lies?
Don’t forget to listen past the outro music for some good, clean, out-takes.

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F BombCast 91: Thieves and Robbers

Episode 91
While one bomber suffered a horrible tragedy, his anger is amplified from the misinterpretation of Beezus and Ramona, thus a debate begins over who is the better children’s author, In one corner you have Margaret and Fudge from the Mind of Judy Blume and in the other is the Shithead dad and Henry Huggins from the Head of Beverly Cleary. Then we break into comics, lots of comics. Death of Dracula and X Men 1, Pluto Volume 1 & 2, Secret Avengers 2, Hellblazer 267 & 268, Action Comics 690, Sandman, GI Joe Cobra 5, Atlas, Secret Six, Thunderbolts, Brightest day, Titans, Blade, And i actually think we talked about more. There is a nice debate about the integration of DCU Characters into vertigo and vice versa. I am slightly tired cause i was balls deep last night, (is that TMI).

Download it here:, or get it from iTunes or at, or you can listen right here:

Comic Tube Episode 54: Blade

Leroy and Brad are joined by Lorrie and Darrel from Comic Book Road Show to discuss the movie that officially started Super Hero Genre; Blade

Voicemail: 347-404-5302