Where Monsters Dwell 213 with Andy Belanger

This week on the Most METAL, LIVE comic book talk and review show around, we have another great opportunity to chat with Canadian cartoonist Andy Belanger about his new self-published and distributed book BLACK CHURCH. He also spills some beans about the progress of more Kill Shakespeare from IDW and keeps us laughing with some great stories. We also review some comics. Like Phantom Lady and Doll Man #1 from DC comics and Prophet #28 from Image Comics. We’ll also take a look at TMNT Micro-Series #7 starring April O’Niell from IDW as well as Journey Into Mystery #642 from Marvel. We’ll also add a healthy dose of our own style of commentary on happenings in the comics field since we were last on the air in mid August.
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Cammy’s Comic-Con Corner 2012


In this special Comic-Con episode I interview Dave Dwonch, Eliza Frye, Andy Belanger, Buzz, and Murilo Martins. Also included is the press junket I was apart of that featured Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick.

Comic News Insider Episode 406 – Back in the U.S.A.!

Comic News Insider: Episode 406 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Astonishing X-Men #50, Dancer #1, Epic Kill #1, Hardcore Pilot Season #1, Mind MGMT #1

Jimmy is back home in NYC and is joined by old pal/former guest co-host Matt Brick.  Jimmy’s having back issues but still was able to check out some great videos like the new Primus “Lee Van Cleef”, Greg Pak’s new Pakcast and the ECCC Star Wars Radio Play with big names in the voice over world like Rob Paulsen, Billy West and Tara Strong. Plus, they give congrats to good friends Becky Cloonan and Andy Belanger on their recent engagement! News includes: a Fables Con is teased, hearing impaired kid inspires Marvel, NYCC officially merges with NYAF, body painted topless girls get kicked out of Motor City Con and a possible zombie attack in Florida. As always, listener feedback, the Top 3 and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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