Radio Free Asgard 302

This week we wrap up the Journey Into Mystery series staring Sif with issue #655! Sif and Beta Ray Bill manage to not do very much while it’s up to Ti Asha Ra/Skuttlebutt to save the day! Plus, Gaea gets all monster-y, I make up a word, and more!

Radio Free Asgard #301

This week we’re looking at the penultimate Journey Into Mystery issue, number 654, featuring Sif, Beta Ray Bill, a ship/woman mashup, and a very Stephen Bissette-ish Gaea, not to mention some really Schitti art (which means it’s a lot better than it sounds!)

Radio Free Asgard 285

We’re back! This week we’re covering Thor v2 #30! It’s the return (again??) of Malekith, his pixie friends, Beta Ray Bill (aka Bill-ric of Melnibone), some forced cross-over nonsense, and some great art by Andy Kubert! Nuff said!

Radio Free Asgard 227


This week we shift gears again, as we ¬†look at the first issue of the Secret Wars mini-series Thors, which features a veritable pleTHORa of thunder gods! ….as cops!!… yeah…. It’s all more fun than it sounds, so don’t miss it!

F BombCast 82: We’ve got (#1) Issues

As the wise sage Kevin said “In the History of bad ideas, there was new Coke, then there was the F BombCast Streaming video.” That is right folks last night was a little experiment to see if we could do the show while others were in a chat room and talking to us and about us. The answer was a resounding NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Although do not give up hope if you missed seeing my beautiful Man Tits, we shall try this again. For some reason Me and KEvin sound like Chipmunks but you can still understand what we are saying, so Deal with it. This episode was rather Comic Heavy, We delve into the buring issue that is destroying kevin’s mind and eating at his soul, Why do series need to be constantly relaunched? Then Comes the Reviews: Pretty much an all girl show as X 23, Sif, Black Widow, Savage She Hulk, Firestar, and X Men Forever Annual #1. Enjoy! (Listen after the Song for A Promo By PKD Media!)


F BombCast 73: CineBombCast

Cinebombcast… Now that just sounds tasty. Well folks, Shafty and righty take you on a trip of murder and intrigue. TJ’s daughter is either the biggest fan of batman the animated series in the world or a sociopath. With Kev away the boys completely forget about comic talk, but all the more merry when he returns next week when we shall do a large segment on comics, I promise. We do get into the Planet Hulk DVD for a brief second and why Paranormal Activity is not as horrible if you go into it with he right mindset. We also have a completely compelling and fascinating conversation about what is considered a tropical fruit (Holy fuck did we get hacky). I love Tom and Mike loves his Ribs, listen to find out who he is. TJ takes you into the Way back machine for his Top 5 Directors and Mike drags you back to the faraway land of 1988. Listen and you will be amazed on the topics we can spend a good ten minutes on.

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