Feed It Comics ep. 14 | “Four Horseman of the Podcopalypse”

The master needs his menu prepared for the next month so the Order of Caretakers employs the temporary assistance of Josh from Apocalypse Later to present offerings. Let me be clear, this episode is an utter DEBACLE disguised as a good production, but what resulted was more endearingly idiosyncratic than one would hope. So yes, […]

Feed It Comics ep. 12 | “Crotchless Voltron Comicon Spectacular”

Yep yep. It has been a week since Rose City Comicon here in Portland and its high time Brother Oberts and Doc Fluxx give up some juicy details and make Brother Shepherd jealous as all get-out. Also, all three members of the order of caretakers are united to offer a review of Marvel’s Agents of […]

Feed It Comics #11 | Top 10 Villains, So Say We

This episode we conduct a roundtable on our top 10 favorite villains in comics, in honor of DC’s villain’s month. Everybody loves top 10 lists so I presume you will join us! Especially seeing as we have ANOTHER special guest: host of Apocalypse Later and perpetrator of the Rhymes With Geek Podcast Network: Josh Reifler! […]

No Apologies 144 King of Quasi-Unintentional A-hole

Join the TaylorNetwork at NYCC on Oct 10-13 http://www.newyorkcomiccon.com/ In this episode we recap our adventures at Baltimore Comic Con and more importantly Campbell Con, discuss our thoughts on what we think of the current state of DC comics, debate Jonathan Hickmans run on Avengers so far, plus review East of West 1-5, Mighty Avengers […]

FEED IT COMICS PRESENTS: Doc’s Diagnosis ep.2

FEED IT COMICS PRESENTS: Doc is back with a whole other stack of comics to rip through, and he recruited a bit of help in the form of ComixCrux.com’s writer/editor Wesley Messer! Fans of the Geekening podcast of yore should know who I’m talking about.In this episode we talk Batman #23, Trillium #2, FBP #2, […]

Breaking the 4th Wall – Episode 18

In loving memory of Tim Sharp, Forever 18. This week we talk DC Cancellations, and discuss Constantine, Archer & Armstrong, Justice League of America, Thor God of Thunder, Harbinger, Deadpool, Uncanny Avengers, Suicide Squad, Avengers, Über, Storm Dogs, Chin Music, Twelve Reasons to Die, Batman, Star Wars, Bravest Warriors, and Hinges. We also talk about […]

Burnt Weiners Episode 083 Cap and Bucky #620 – Godzilla #5 – The Vault #1

Bo and John sit down and talk about comics, then stand up and talk about comics, then jump in the hammock and talk comics before going snorkeling and talk comics. Oh, and then they talk about comics. COMICS! Intro & Outro Music: “Horsefeathers” by Bo 0:00:50 – Intro’s & Tiredness & Captain America 0:03:20 – […]

Burnt Weiners Episode 061 Crossed Family Values #7

The insanity and debauchery of Avatar Press Comics finally strolls into the spotlight on the Burnt Weiners Podcast with the last issue of Crossed: Family Values! Bo and John have been fans since the beginning, will Weed jump on to the horrible bandwagon? Weed has his pullbox full this week with I Zombie #10 (Vertigo), […]

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 111

Freddie, Art, and Danny get in the holiday spirit and discuss vampires, tentacle monsters, and zombie decapitation. Plus, the guys try to figure out what the #### was going on in Wolverine: The Best There Is. THE LIST [01:03] American Vampire #9 [08:02] Sweet Tooth #16 [11:09] Night of the Living Dead: Holiday Special [15:42] […]

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 98

In this episode of the FWCP, the gang discuss two comics written by gentlemen named Jonathan. One is a groundbreaking achievement, the other is a derivative failure. Also, Jesse does a review on the recent events in Amazing Spider-Man that’s more in-depth than previously thought possible. THE LIST Mainstream [01:08] S.H.I.E.L.D. #3 [10:39] Amazing Spider-Man […]

Burnt Weiners Episode 036 Neonomicon #1

Alan Moore stops by the studio to talk with the Weiners . . . no wait, we just read a book he did for Avatar Press called Neonomicon, which is a followup to the story The Courtyard! The issue inspires the Weiners to get a bit raunchy . . . Weed has a large stack […]

Burnt Weiners Episode 033 Unknown Soldier #21

The Weiners take a look at a series that will unfortunately be ending in a few months, the critically acclaimed Unknown Soldier from Vertigo comics. This issue in particular blows them away . . . no pun intended as it focuses on the firearm AK-47. Steege gets excited for the new Bloodbowl expansion for PC, […]

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 85

Freddie and Art finally convince Jesse to sink his teeth into American Vampire and the gang discuss how some horses may or may not have shotgun hooves. Start / Intro [00:20] Indies [01:10] American Vampire 2 [07:25] Crossed: Family Values 1 (of 6) [15:08] Joe the Barbarian 4 Mainstream [18:48] Guardians of the Galaxy 25 […]

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 82

We discuss how Millar and McNiven’s Nemesis reminds us of Fight Club, Suicide Club, and of course…The Baby-Sitters Club. the list: INDIES [01:18] Nemesis #1 [12:30] Shuddertown #1 [17:37] Supergod #3 [24:09] FVZA #3 MAINSTREAM [33:01] Uncanny X-Men #522 [39:32] New Avengers #63 [43:17] Thor #608 [50:03] Avengers – The Initiative 34 [54:17] Green Lantern […]

The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast Episode 79

This week we discuss how much we love the Dingo. Michael Alan Nelson’s Dingo, that is. THE LIST INDIES [01:14] Dingo #4 [06:41] Demo #2 [10:02] Green Hornet #1 [16:01] Forgetless 3 [19:27] Buffy The Vampire Slayer 33 [26:04] Crossed 9 [31:43] Sparta U.S.A. #1 [32:40] The Sword 22 [34:14] Underground 5 [36:15] Sweet Tooth […]