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Andy and Derek are excited to have as their guest on The Comics Alternative the man behind making Nikola Tesla even cooler than he already is: Brian Clevinger. He and his collaborator, Scott Wegener, have recently joined forces with IDW Publishing to bring us more Atomic Robo. And that’s definitely something to celebrate! The newest story arc, Atomic Robo and the Ring of Fire, began last month, and on top of that, IDW has published the first of what RingofFire1promises to be multiple omnibus editions. Atomic Robo: The Everything Explodes Collection includes the first three story arcs — The Fighting’ Scientist of Tesladyne, The Dogs of War, and The Shadow from Beyond Time — packaged in a hefty, attractive volume. Brian talks with the guys about his and Scott’s decision earlier this year to self-publish Atomic Robo on their website, and then the unlikely and out-of-the-blue opportunity to partner with IDW to bring the title back into the direct market. Along the way, they discuss Brian’s penchant for science and history, the evolution and discovery of Atomic Robo‘s reader demographics, the abundant humor found in the title (especially with Doctor Dinosaur), the creators’ process of collaboration, and the use of historic personages within the Tesladyne universe. (Derek lobbies hard to get Mark Twain into this narrative world, complete with time-traveling goodness.) This was an interview long in coming, because the guys devoted most of an episode to Atomic Robo way back in the early days of the podcast, and catching Brian’s attention by doing so. Andy talked with him briefly at HeroesCon 2014, but this was the first time the Two Guys have talked with Brian in a sustained and thorough manner. And they had a lot of fun doing so. Check out the interview and see why Atomic Robo is one of the most consistently well-written comics being published today. Action Science!



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