Super Hero Speak – #296: John and J.D.’s Comedy Cavalcade

This week is lots of laughs as JD tells jokes, John speaks a foreign language and Dave tries to figure out why other podcasts get things so wrong. They also delve into some social media madness, talk the latest Marvel and DC news and take on toxic fandom. All this plus JD announces comes up with a great idea we are dubbing #NerdMadness, listen here to find out what it’s all about! Enjoy!

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Zone 4 #419: Universal Dealings

The crew returns from the depths of ZONE 4!

This week, things get started weird as Chris does a solo pre-intro that gets things off to a strange start.

Then they continue with a discussion of TV watching, specifically the DC Arrowverse shows, and watching shows with your significant other.

After that, we delve into a news-heavy show covering Disney and Fox, Greg Berlanti’s extension, Bad Robot’s new gaming division, and more!

And finally, we segue into a short discussion on wrestling.

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Comic Frontline Live #126: Sex on the Beach!


The Frontline crew is back in full effect, with a TON of news coming out of New York Comic Con! SO MUCH NEWS!

After that, it’s the usual Worst Pick and Top 5, with quite the discussion on the latest issue of Green Arrow (Where did she come from?!).

All this and more in another fun-filled, exciting episode of… Comic Frontline LIVE!

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