EJDAC Ep. 16: The Man with the Iron Fists


Sweet Sixteen! Erik and James discuss Iron Fist #10, Hulk #12, All-New Hawkeye #1, Avengers #42, Avengers World #18, and this week’s “jump-in” book, Wolverine #9. Also, our heroes discuss day jobs for superheroes, and the lives of regular folks in a comic book world.

Alternate Reality – Episode 360


Alternate Reality – Episode #360

I AM IRON MAN!!!! We no,… actually we are Alternate Reality and this is our review of Iron Man 3.  Sit back and enjoy as Jon and Charlie host Darren and Blake from the Definitive Geek podcast, as well as Alternate Reality Intern Cajun Shaun, for a discussion of Iron Man 3.  Iron Man 3 is the third and perhaps final chapter in the Iron Man trilogy as played by Robert Downey Jr.  Did the guys like it?  Did it live up to expectations?  Is Shane Black just a cheese 80s movie director?  Find out this and much more on our review of Iron Man 3.



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