GCU #4: The Terminator/Predator Cinematic Universe

Grawlix Cinematic Universe Terminator Predator

On this episode of the Grawlix Cinematic Universe we discuss a pair of 80’s sci-fi action flicks that’ll turn you into a gawd damn sexual tyrannosaurus. The Terminator and Predator, two of the most iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger movies.  Come on in, ol’ painless is waitin’. We’re gonna have us some fun!

This episode originally appeared on GrawlixPodcast.com

Show Notes

00:00 – Intro/Greetings
01:19 – Predator (1987)
28:32 – The Terminator (1984)
49:56 – The Terminator/Predator Cinematic Universe

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GCU #2: Highlander/Flash Gordon Cinematic Universe

GCU 2 Double Feature Poster

The Highlander, a man from another time. Flash Gordon, a man lost on another world. Whether they be saviors of the universe or princes one thing is certain… THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

This episode originally appeared on GrawlixPodcast.com

Show Notes

00:00 – Intro/Greetings
02:36 – Highlander (1986)
32:06 – Flash Gordon (1980)
56:27 – Highlander/Flash Gordon Cinematic Universe

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The PKD Black Box – Episode #41: The Kung Fu Explosion Returns!

Shawn is joined by Johnny M of the Legion of DudesWalking Dead TV podcast and DC Comics artist Dave Beaty (Brightest Day, Adventure Comics) as they discuss some more of their favorite Kung-Fu & Martial Arts movies ever. Discover what an “IP Man” is, marvel at the skill of Sonny Chiba, find out about some Jet Li flicks you didn’t know about, and discover what film Chuck Norris played in as a drug-lord/kung fu pimp!

Featuring the music of the WU-Tang Clan.

Show Notes

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Dave Beaty – http://www.davebeaty.com/

The PKD Black Box – Episode #36: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Tangents.

This week the show concludes its “Favorite 80′s Action Films” talk as Shawn is once again joined by Matinee Idles/Burden’s World host Matt Burden and the man of many podcasts, Donny Salvo!

Sit back and enjoy the chaos, car crashes, destruction, Rambo teaching children, Sean Connery imitations, tangents galore, and Matt trying to convince Shawn & Donny why “Turner & Hooch” is on his list of favorite 80′s action flicks.


Matinee Idleshttp://www.matineeidles.com

Burden’s Worldhttp://burdensworld.blogspot.com/

Nothings Onhttp://dafixershideout.hipcast.com/rss/nothingson.xml

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Chuck Norris: The Comic Retellinghttp://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/linkara/at4w/22413-chuck-norris-karate-kommandos-1

The PKD Black Box – Episode #35: Puff Daddy Goes to the Movies.


This week’s show Shawn talks about/reviews Adam Warrock’s West Coast Avengers Mixtape, Tim Fischer’s web comic “Life With The Wife,” waxes about some Star Trek: TNG casting that never happened, and is later joined by Matinee Idles hosts Joey Auliso & Alec Berry as they have a roundtable discussion about the state of the film industry as the PKD Black Box/Matinee Idles collabo month continues.

Grab your popcorn, throw away your 3D Glasses, find that Puff Daddy CD from the 90’s that you loved so much (you know you loved it, so please don’t front), and enjoy the show.


Adam Warrockhttp://www.adamwarrock.com

Life With The Wifehttp://comix-mill.com/comix/

Matinee Idleshttp://www.matineeidles.com

Star Trek: TNG Castinghttp://www.pinkraygun.com/2010/08/26/what-almost-was-1987-star-trek-tng-casting-memo-leaked/

The PKD Black Box – Episode #34: Rocky and Clubber Lang join The Delta Force.

There are plenty of punches, kicks, gunshots, explosions, montages and body counts delivered when Matinee Idles host Matt Burden stops by to discuss with Shawn some of their favorite 80’s Action Movies of all time! The PKD Black Box/Matinee Idles collabo month continues. Get ready!

Matt is still waiting on for his screenplay of Lethal Weapon Jr. to be adapted into a live-action film. If WB is interested, he’s all ears. 😉 Enjoy the show.


Matinee Idles – http://www.matineeidles.com/

PKD Media – http://pkdmedia.com