Batman: Death of the Family & Game of Thrones: The Children

Quick round up of our two most recent podcasts – an in-depth chat about the Season 4 finale of Game of Thrones, plus a two-years behind the curve look at Batman’s Death of the Family arc.

First up is Batmam, and it’s very clear Simon carries this like some kind of Shawn Michaels of Podcasting as Jon is clearly struggling with things to say.

POO SPOILERS FOR GAME OF THRONES: Tywin had a poo, The Hound had a poo, and considering what happened, Bran probably did too! 


Finally, we forgot to add our review of Episode 8 (The Mountain and The Viper) when we did it a couple of weeks ago, so just in case it’s of interest we’ll chuck that in here too.

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Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #91: Licensed Comic Books

Episode #91

Transformers. A Game of Thrones. The Lone Ranger. There are a lot of licensed comic books out there, so this episode we talk about them. We all share the same opinion for a change. Listen in and see if you agree.

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The Next Issue 57: This is what we do…

The Next Issue Podcast

Join us in Issue 57

We interview cosplayer Iggy Tissera (The Joker)

…and then onto the show
Is Nintendo starting up the next gen system wars?

Early Thor reviews looks promising

Batman year One casting info and Batman Dark Knight Returns Rumors

And then there is some Bourne casting news that just recently surfaced

In What’s Tangling the Webs we discuss Rise of the Apes WETA trailer and the Skyrim gameplay trailers

In 1st impressions we discuss the Mortal Kombat Legacy series and A Game of Thrones on HBO

Our Comics reviews features Nonplayer, Butcher Baker, Secret Warriors, Bookhunters, Love and Rockets and a few other titles

Also worth mentioning are Avengers 12 and New Avengers 11, Amazing Spider-man 658, Captain America 616.

Mike’s Top 5 preview corner rounds off the show

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