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  • 00:04:09 – Interview with Michael Eury
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“Wonderful, warm blanket of camp”

On this interview episode Derek talks with the Eisner Award-nominated editor-in-chief of Back Issue magazine Michael Eury. His new book Hero-a-Go-Go: Campy Comic Books, Crimefighters and Culture of the Swinging Sixties comes out from TwoMorrows Publishing next week, and the two discuss this project’s genesis and the significance of the camp cultural phenomenon. This text stands out because Eury doesn’t limit himself to just comics, but instead he looks at camp from a wider vista, revealing its convergence among television, film, toys, cartoons, music, and everyday consumable products. In Hero-a-Go-Go, readers will find in-depth discussions of such subjects as Metamorpho, The Inferior Five, Jerry Lewis comics, MonkeemaniaNot Brand Echh, Hanna-Barbera cartoonsHerbie the Fat Fury, Captain Action, the TV Green Hornet, M.F. Enterprise’s Captain Marvel, The Cowsills, JFK and LBJ in comics, the ill-fated Harvey Thrillers, and, of course, the Batman television series. As Michael reveals over the course of this interview, Hero-a-Go-Go is intended for diverse audiences, written as both an informed introduction and a chronicle for remembrance.


Two True Freaks! Classic – Episode 6

This episode is a rerun that originally aired September 15th, 2008.


Episode 6 – The Dark Knight “First Impressions” Review

Has The BAT Jumped The SHARK?

Well, here it is!! You’ve heard about it, you’ve read about it, now listen to this legendary episode for yourself!! Yes, friends, there actually were people that :gasp: DIDN’T LIKE The Dark Knight!!

Join The Freaks, Chris Honeywell and Scott H. Gardner, for their MOST CONTROVERSIAL EPISODE EVER (yes, even MORE controversial than the ancient astronauts episode!!) in which they treat Christopher Nolan’s so-called “epic” the way Ozzie Osbourne treats a bat’s head.

Yeah, yeah, they know — you LOVED it, right? The whole damned world loved it. But maybe now…..after the initial rush has worn off and you’ve come down off that Mountain Dew-induced nerd-high, maybe, just maybe, you can spot some of the chips and cracks in this current Caped Crusader’s nipple-free batsuit, too…

Or not…


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