WMD Radio Episode 337 – East Coast Comic Expo Wrap Up and Flash Review

Listen to Episode 337 now! This week on Where Monsters Dwell we’ll be talking to Redshirt Ryan all about his East Coast Comic Expo adventures AND we’ll be joined by special guest and Superpub co-creator Monster Mike! We’ll also be talking about the Flash season finale, new comics and more so don’t miss this week’s episode, Wednesday […]

WMD Radio Episode 336 – David H. Ross and Age of Ultron Review

Listen to Episode 336 now! This week we’ll be talking to illustrator David H. Ross about his work and his upcoming appearance at East Coast Comic Expo (ECCE) on May 16th in Moncton. We’ll also be talking about a film you may have heard about recently called “Age of Ultron”… Be sure to tune in Wednesday […]

WMD Radio – Episode 335: Age of Ultron and Free Comic Book Day – with Brent O’Hara

Listen to Episode 335 now! This week we welcome back Senior Marvel Cinematic Universe Correspondent, Brent O’Hara, to the show! He’ll be joining us to talk about this week’s highly anticipated and much talked-about “Avengers: Age of Ultron” premiere, maybe a little Daredevil, and of course, next month’s East Coast Comic Expo in Moncton, New […]

WMD Radio: Episode 334 – Daredevil

Listen to Episode 334 now! This week on WMD Radio, CHSR Program Director and encaffeinated one, Mark Kilfoil joins us to talk about Marvel’s new Daredevil series which was released on Netflix in a single 13-episode dose on April 10th. Too gritty or just right? We’ll let you know what we think – feel free to […]

WMD Radio: Episode 333 – Game of Thrones / Interview with Ross Mullan

Listen to Episode 333 now! This week it’s back to Westeros for the long-awaited return of HBO’s Game of Thrones!  Winter may be finally leaving the East Coast, but it’s still looming over Seven Kingdoms. And what about those White Walkers and their army of the dead advancing on the Wall? We asked the White […]

WMD Radio: Episode 332 – Better Call Saul Recap

Listen to Episode 332 now! This week on WMD Radio we will be talking all about “Better Call Saul” which just ended it’s first 10-episode season on AMC Monday night. We’ll also be reviewing a few new releases currently available at your local comic shop and we’ll be counting down to this weekend’s return to Westeros […]

WMD Radio: Episode 330 – Canadian Road Rage and Comic Reviews

Listen to Episode 330 now! This week on WMD Radio we’ll be talking about a little thing we do differently north of the 49th parallel: “Canadian Road Rage”. Pop culture comes in many shapes and sizes, folks – and viral videos come from anywhere everywhere, so WMD Radio’s back yard is no exception. We’ll break […]

WMD Radio Episode 329: CHSR FunDrive 2015

Listen to Episode 329 now! This week CHSR Program Director Mark Kilfoil joins us to talk about FunDrive 2015 and how folks can help support CHSR through their Indiegogo campaign. For more information on what this year’s fundraising efforts are all about, visit: http://chsrfm.ca/blog/about/fundrive And as always, we’ll be featuring new comics followed by the usual discussion about what’s new in the […]

WMD Radio Episode 328: Assembling The Avengers with Brent O’Hara

Listen to Episode 328 now! The third official Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer has been released and we’re welcoming back Senior Marvel Cinematic Universe Correspondent, Brent O’Hara to help us break it down. We’ll also be asking him for the latest news on East Coast Comics Expo. Tune in for new comics, “Harrison Ford and […]

WMD Radio Episode 326 – Kel Symons

Listen to Episode 326 now! This week on WMD Radio we welcome back Kel Symons. You’ll remember Kel’s work on “I Love Trouble”, and “The Mercenary Sea”, both from Image Comics. Kel is back with a brand new book, also from Image Comics, called “REYN”. What is Reyn you ask? You’ll have to tune in […]

WMD Radio Episode 325 – Fifty Shades of Comics

Listen to Episode 325 now! Fifty Shades of Grey is a terrible movie and should not be seen by human eyes. This week on WMD Radio we welcome two local comic creators to the show. Alan Spinney who is the co-creator and artist of “Brittle Hill”, and Adam Atkinson, co-creator and writer of “Psychosis”. Both […]

WMD Radio Episodes 323: André Myette & 324: Better Call Saul!…Review!

Episode 323: André Myette Listen to Episode 323 now! This week we are joined by André Myette, a graphic designer, independent artist and writer. His published works include ‘Humbug!’ a graphic novel the follows the continuing adventures of Ebenezer Scrooge, as well as a collection of stories titled “Horseshoes& Hand Grenades”. We’ll also be gleefully […]

WMD Radio After Dark Episode 008: Ryan Lee

Listen to Episode 008 now! This week our favorite American joins us from the wilds of Minnesota to partake in the usual rapid-fire shenanigans we call WMD After Dark. Join us at 9PM EST/10PM AST as Ryan Lee shares his views along with our panel and *maybe* drops a few sublte plugs about his webcomic collaboration with […]

WMD Radio Episode 322: Dan Brereton

Listen to Episode 322 now! This week on WMD Radio we welcome Dan Brereton. Dan will be telling us about his new project, Nocturnals: The Sinister Path. We’ll also be reviewing Star Wars #1 from Marvel Comics and Copperhead #5 from Image Comics.

WMD After Dark Episode 007 – Dirk Manning and Monster Mike

Listen to Episode 007 now! This week, on our first WMD After Dark of 2015, we welcome Dirk Manning and Monster Mike to the panel.