WMD Radio Episodes 323: André Myette & 324: Better Call Saul!…Review!

Episode 323: André Myette Listen to Episode 323 now! This week we are joined by André Myette, a graphic designer, independent artist and writer. His published works include ‘Humbug!’ a graphic novel the follows the continuing adventures of Ebenezer Scrooge, as well as a collection of stories titled “Horseshoes& Hand Grenades”. We’ll also be gleefully […]

WMD Radio After Dark Episode 008: Ryan Lee

Listen to Episode 008 now! This week our favorite American joins us from the wilds of Minnesota to partake in the usual rapid-fire shenanigans we call WMD After Dark. Join us at 9PM EST/10PM AST as Ryan Lee shares his views along with our panel and *maybe* drops a few sublte plugs about his webcomic collaboration with […]

WMD After Dark Episode 007 – Dirk Manning and Monster Mike

Listen to Episode 007 now! This week, on our first WMD After Dark of 2015, we welcome Dirk Manning and Monster Mike to the panel.

WMD After Dark – Episode 006 – Erin’s Back!

Listen to Episode 006 now! Once again Redshirt Ryan attempts to impose a grueling 30 minutes of order on the After Dark panel, and this week we welcome Erin Fellows back to the studio! Join us at 9PM EST / 10PM AST on CHSR 97.9FM and afterdark.wmdradio.com as we discuss the pop culture issues of the past […]

WMD After Dark: Episode 005 – The Dark Awakens

Listen to Episode 005 now! WMD After Dark was off last week but we’re back Wednesday with another LIVE, rapid-fire discussion of pop culture topics from the past week. This time, CHSR Station Manager Tim Rayne joins the panel which, as always, will be scrupulously moderated by Redshirt Ryan in a top hat and monocle.

WMD After Dark – Episode 004 – The Return of Redshirt Ryan

Listen to Episode 004 now! It was only ONE episode, BUT when Redshirt is away, the Monsters WILL play. After last week’s no-holds-barred free-for-all with Fred and Drew from Against the Mat, Ryan’s back to lay his signature rapid-fire smack down on the panel. Joined by CHSR‘s very own Mark Kilfoil, this week’s installment of After Dark promises […]

WMD After Dark – Episode 003 – Against the Dark

Listen to Episode 003 now! WMD After Dark is back again Wednesday night at 9PM EST / 10PM AST with another installment of rapid-fire, pop culture discussion. This week, Redshirt Ryan will be off absorbing hockey pucks to the face and groin, so we’ll be joined in the studio by Drew and Fred from CHSR […]

WMD After Dark – Episode 001

Listen to Episode 001 now! Sometimes there are just too many things to cover in a week and not enough time. We have a solution. This week, WMD Radio debuts a brand new show, aptly titled “WMD After Dark”. We’ll be joined in the studio by designer, illustrator and friend of the show, Manny Peters as we discuss as many topics […]