For the Love of Indie #97

Back once more! We’ve got horrors from Junji Ito, personal journeys withPenina Gal, apocalyptic introspection with Ben Passmore, who later teams up with Ezra Clayton Daniels to round out the show with some gentrification horror. Plus, some short TCAF talk. All RIGHT here RIGHT now.

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Event Orr Else – Secret Wars #10

Doom transcends humanity, Colossus get’s his girl, and the Hulk sleeps on the floor.

All this and more in issue #11 of Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars from March, 1985.

Join me, won’t you.

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #380: Caleb Palmquist, Tom Sacci

Episode 380 is yet another great double-header week! Everything starts with Caleb Palmquist from A Small World and the related book, Welcome to Earth World!  Both are great sci-fi books, so I hope you’ll check them out! You can follow Caleb’s work at this link!

Then this episode wraps up with Tom Sacci from Off Beats and Ultrabot Go Go Go! I love variety in my reading, and these projects from Tom help scratch that itch very well! We discuss how these comics came to be as well as how you can access them! You can follow Tom’s work on Facebook, on Instagram, and on Twitter.

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #379: Scout Comics HQ Grand Opening

Brendan Deneen, Enzo Garza, Gutt Ghost, Kevin Joseph, Tart, Lee Ferguson, Richard Rivera, Shadow Play, Walter Ostlie, Metalshark Bro, Tennessee Edwards, Jim Pruett, James Haick, Scout Comics, Mindbender, Solar Flare, Long Live Pro Wrestling, Midnight Sky

Episode 379 of the Wayne’s Comics Podcast is a very special one! On Saturday, April 20, I attended the Grand Opening of the Scout Comics and Entertainment HQ in Fort Myers, Florida. It was a great event, with several creators from Scout there! To celebrate, I’m sharing the fun interviews I recorded with Brendan Deneen, Enzo Garza from Gutt Ghost, Kevin Joseph from Tart, great artist Lee Ferguson, Richard Rivera from Shadow Play, Walter Ostlie from Metalshark Bro, Tennessee Edwards, Publisher Jim Pruett, and everything wraps up with James Haick, the president of Scout. For more about this rising star comics company, go to their website at and Facebook! You’ll find the sequence and times you can hear each interview during the podcast below:

  1. Brendan Deneen                                                2:01
  2. Enzo Garza, Gutt Ghost                                   14:28
  3. Kevin Joseph, Tart                                           32:31
  4. Lee Ferguson                                                   43:29
  5. Richard Rivera, Shadow Play                           53:14
  6. Walter Ostlie, Metalshark Bro                        1:06:33
  7. Tennessee Edwards                                      1:19:42
  8. Jim Pruett, Midnight Sky                                1:35:24
  9. James Haick, Solar Flare                               1:50:12

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #378: Christopher Mills

Looking for more fun and adventure in your comics reading? Be sure to listen to this week’s show because Episode 378 features my interview with Christopher Mills from AtomicAction Comics! The debut issue of Space Crusaders is now available, and it highlights Mr. Mills’ love of the great days when comic reading was much less gloom and doom and much more adventure! This first issue features Rex Dexter of Mars and is a tremendous read! During our discussion, we talk about where the heroes and other characters in this imprint come from, including a favorite of mine, The Black Owl! He’s planning many strong titles, including Savage Sagas, Sleuth Comics, Monsters Vs. Heroes, and Danger Comics, just to name a few! Don’t miss this episode with a fun chat about comics and what they can be!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #377: Ed Jowett, Tyler Chin-Tanner

Episode 377 is yet another great double-header week! Everything starts with Ed Jowett from Shades of Vengeance, who has Fauna #1 as a great Kickstarter project worthy of your support!  It’s described this way: When everyone starts mindlessly searching for Quinn’s Empowered alter-ego, it is clear someone will do whatever it takes to find him… Be sure to get great stretch goals now by going here on! This Kickstarter has already made its goal, so now is the perfect time to pick up terrific goodies including this comic!

Then this episode wraps up with the return of Tyler Chin-Tanner from A Wave Blue World, who is bringing another gripping anthology book our way, this one called Dead Beats. It’s referred to as “a music-themed horror anthology.” I’ve never read anything like that before, so I’m fascinated! It’s an excellent gathering of talented comics creators, so I recommend you go to Kickstarter at this link after you listen to our interview to add more scary to your Halloween this year!

Comic Book Central #260: Kelly Hu – Lady Deathstrike from X2 and China White from Arrow

The incomparable Kelly Hu is here this week to talk about slicin’ and dicin’ Wolverine in X2 as Lady Deathstrike and throwin’ down with Arrow as China White! PLUS – her latest gig on Seth MacFarlane’s sci-fi hit, The Orville!

X-Men Comicbook Podcast #83: Uncanny X-Men #15-16, Major X #1-2, Mr. and Mrs. X #10, & more!

Rob and Ryan are spotlighting several of the X-Men books released in April. While things still feel the same ole in the X-universe. There’s a couple of series’ that have yer host in their emotions, for the best or worst. In general, it’s been a strange week for the guys and it shows in the episode. Thanks for listening! 

Intro (0:00), Prisoner X #2 (3:04), Major X #1-2 (8:28), Uncanny X-Men 15-16 (20:25), Marvelous X-Men #3 (34:18), Dead Man Logan #6 (43:58), War of Realms: Uncanny X-Men #1 (52:36), X-23 #11 (1:03:29), Mr. & Mrs. X #10 (1:11:18), Wrap Up (1:19:17)


Twitter: @UncannyNrdvrs | @tomemyxmen_rob
Instagram: @tomemyxmen
Music: Zulu Dobson

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Trade Spotlight: Spider-Woman Vol. 3: Scare Tactics

Join Seren and Ryan as they wrap up their coverage of Dennis Hopeless and companies run on Marvel’s Spider-Woman series. It’s a story filled with heart, drama, action and more. Your host’s get into it all. Even discussing who’s the better ship for Jessica Drew. Thanks for listening! 


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My Comic Shop History Documentary Special

Be part of the journey as host Anthony Desiato takes you behind the scenes of his upcoming feature-length documentary film, MY COMIC SHOP COUNTRY! In this special bonus episode of My Comic Shop History—which also marks the podcast’s four-year anniversary—Anthony and his wife/producing partner, Stephanie, share road trip stories, off-camera anecdotes, and insights into the creative process. Music featured in episode: “Too Bad” (acoustic version) by Rosewood Rebels.

Arc Reactions – 122 – Hellboy film


We went to see Hellboy and sat down to talk about it. We talk about the story, the monsters, the action, and more

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