Weird Science Marvel Comics Podcast Ep 94: Marvel Comics, Three Books, Mail and a Boatload of Nonsense

We started late, Jim was tired and Branden was sober!  We only did three books but there is a lot of nonsense mixed in.  If you want more of this stuff (come on, you know you do!), check out our PATREON and get this week’s Marvel Comics Patreon Spotlight Ep 18: Aero #1 & Star Wars: Target Vader #1

  • Intro (0:00), Captain America & The Invaders: The Bahamas Triangle #1 (09:00), Mail #1 (34:44), The Prodigal Sun: Fantastic Four #1 (45:55), Mail #2 (1:06:06), Dead Man Logan #9 (1:30:58)
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Arc Reactions – 128 – Spider-Man: Far From Home

We talk about Spider-Man: Far From Home. Topics include the villain, the tone, and more.

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Our next episode will be Saga of the Swamp Thing #20-27 on July 12th

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UNX#85: June 2019 Reviews

It’s a new month, which means more non-sense from yer hosts. Ryan and Rob are back to discuss several of the X-Men comics released last month. This episode is a roller coaster of emotions and opinions regarding the state of some mutants. Plus comicbook reviews. Thanks for listening!

Introductions (0:00), Uncanny X-Men #19 & 20 (1:47), War of the Realms: Uncanny X-Men #3 (19:56), Mr. & Mrs. X #12 (29:26), X-Force #9 (41:50), Wolverine: Exit Wounds #1 (51:20), Dead Man Logan #8 (59:21), Age of X-Man: Marvelous X-Men #5 (1:09:36), Closing (1:22:21)


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Spotlight Podcast: Agent of S.W.O.R.D. Review (Part 1)

Welcome back, Seren and Ryan continue their Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman coverage. Yer hosts are still in the Brian Michael Bendis realm discussing Agent of S.W.O.R.D. (2010). Are origins still a hot topic for Spider-Woman? Tune in for the review and commentary on this superhero-noir story. Thanks for listening!

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #387: Karl Kesel, Brent Larson

I hope you’re ready for another double-header and Kickstarter week because Episode 387 focuses on two excellent projects I hope you will support! First up is comics creator Karl Kesel, who has Impossible Jones, a high-quality graphic novel you can now support on Kickstarter by going to! This book is about a female thief who gets super powers and is now considered a superhero, so she goes along with it! We talk about how he brought this story to life as well as what we might expect from them in the months ahead, including more Section Zero. This Kickstarter has been doing well, so now is the perfect time to jump on to get great stretch goals!

Then everything wraps up with my discussion about Kayless Issue #1 with writer Brent Larson from Silverline, the comics company that is making this Kickstarter happen! Here’s the series’ quick description: “In 1967, Scott Anders rocketed into space on a secret, CIA-sponsored mission referred to as the Kayless Project… to investigate an astronomical anomaly known only in the darkest corridors of the U.S. Government. Three days later all communication ceased. The project, seen as an embarrassing and costly failure, was erased from history and forgotten. Until today, when Scott mysteriously plummets to earth and emerges, unscathed, and hellbent on one purpose… to return to the anomaly in space.” We talk about how the book came to be, discuss the comic’s fascinating story, and what the future might hold for Kayless. It’s an excellent science-fiction story worthy of your support, so I recommend you go to Kickstarter at this link after you listen to our interview!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #386: Ryan Cady

It’s time to explore Infinite Dark! In Episode 386, I talk with Ryan Cady from the Top Cow comic, one of the very best science-fiction books out today! We discuss how the comics came to be, delve into its fascinating characters, and talk about what the future holds for Ryan and this series! Issue 8 is coming in July, so don’t miss it!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #385: David Pepose

I hope you’re ready for a great conversation! In Episode 385, I talk with David Pepose, the writer of Spencer and Locke, a wonderful comic currently in its second successful run with a second trade due out on August 7! Here’s a description: “His partner’s imaginary… but the madness is all real! The critically acclaimed, five-time Ringo Award-nominated twist on the funny pages returns in Spencer & Locke 2, arriving in trade paperback this August from writer David Pepose, artist Jorge Santiago, Jr., and publisher Action Lab: Danger Zone. We discuss how the book came to be, how fans of Calvin and Hobbes, Sin City and Criminal have taken to the series, and what we might expect from David and these two in the future! Don’t miss it!

Age of X-Man: X-Tremists #5 (Uncanny Nerdverse Review)

Join Ryan as he recaps and provides his commentary on the finale to Age of X-Man’s X-Tremists series. Then around the start of the month, check back for the main podcast where he and Rob discuss several of the X-Men books released each month. Thanks for listening!


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My Comic Shop History 5.2: Comic Book Heaven

Host Anthony Desiato revisits another former White Plains institution, COMIC BOOK HEAVEN, with longtime employee & customer Saad Siddiqui. They reminisce about the store’s owners (the husband & wife team of Morris & Irene), eccentric manager (“Bishop”), renowned back issue selection, various moves, and ultimate demise.

Radio Free Asgard 348

This week our rapidly shrinking gang of misfits teams up with the Atomic Knights to resolve a dangling plot from OMAC, as we take a look at Hercules Unbound #10. This issue has not only one, but two off-panel deaths, giant Dalmatians, and an implausibly small Great Lake…

My Comic Shop History 5.1: Heroes World

Host Anthony Desiato brings everything full-circle in Season 5 with a look back at the lost comic shops of Westchester County, capturing a microcosm of the comics industry during the pivotal 1990s. Up first is the White Plains, NY, location of distributor and retail chain HEROES WORLD, the site of Anthony’s first-ever comic book purchase. Along for the ride is legendary returning guest Steve Oto, who–years before he would co-found Alternate Realities–shopped and worked at Heroes World.

Arc Reactions – 127 part 1 – Denver Pop Culture Con 2019

Part 1 of our coverage of Denver Pop Culture Con. We talk to creators David Pepose, Dylan Edwards, Scott van Domelen, Ryan Dunlavey, Fred Van Lente, and the 501st Legion’s Jeff Rodriguez.

Interview 1 – Dylan Edwards (1:38)

Interview 2 – Jeff Rodriguez (19:35)

Interview 3 – Ryan Dunlavey and Fred Van Lente (29:51)

Interview 4 – Scott van Domelen (44:54)

Interview 5 – David Peopse (Spencer and Locke) (57:42)

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Our next podcast will be our coverage of Denver Pop Culture Con part 2 on June 16th.

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UNXC Podcast #84: Uncanny X-Men #17-18, Mr. and Mrs. X #11, Age of X-Man and more!

Rob and Ryan first dabble in the 616, checking in on frost giants and mutant fugitives. They then step across the stream into Age of X-Man, Nate Grey’s mindscape and try n gather bread crumbs to unravel the risque PG-13 mystery. Thanks for listening! 

Introductions (0:00), Uncanny X-Men #17-18 (3:10), War of the Realms: Uncanny X-Men #2 (37:50), Mr/ & Mrs. X #11 (49:16), X-23 #12 (58:23), Apocalypse and X-Tracts #3 (1:08:20), Nextgen #4 (17:20), X-Tremists #4 (1:24:29). Wrap Up (1:35:15)

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #383: Sam Johnson

Get ready for a great conversation about Indie comics! Creator Sam Johnson is back in Episode 383, and he has important news about Geek-Girl, his high-power comic about a young girl who gains access to powers through, of all things, a pair of glasses! He’s got a Kickstarter beginning this week, something he tells us about, including giving us information on how we can support this great Indie comic! Then we discuss the release of his latest issues and what we might expect from him in the near future! For more, go to this link!