Radio Free Asgard 352

This week it’s back to 1972, as we pick up where we left off, and cover The Mighty Thor #202! Thor and company are reunited with Sif’s merry band as their combined forces fight primary-colored gloopy people, giant ants, and… Ego Prime! Plus, Heimdal is up to something in Earth!

My Comic Shop History 5.6: Dragon’s Den

Host Anthony Desiato shines a light on the Cross County (Yonkers) location of DRAGON’S DEN with former customer & employee Chris Wilcock, painting a picture of a diversified hobby store, camaraderie-building (and often dangerous) hijinks, and some less-than-scrupulous business practices.

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #394: Bill Coulombe

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If you thought there was nothing new in superheroes, you haven’t read Kinetic! In Episode 394, I talk with Bill Coulombe, the main creative force behind this great Indie comic, who discusses how Kinetic came to be, how he assembled his team of creators for the comic, and what we might see from them in the near future! To find out more about Kinetic and how to purchase your copies of the first eight issues, go to after listening to this podcast!  

Arc Reactions – 131 – Bloodshot Reborn 6-9

We cover Bloodshot Reborn issue 6-9 for our first episode of Follow-Up Fall in 2019. We talk about the relationships, Bloodshot, and the nanites

Talking Points




Relationships (1:51)



Plot (8:19)



Bloodshot (11:54)

Nanites (19:30)

As Mentioned


ARP – 129 – Saga of the Swamp Thing

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Our next podcast will be our review of Chew 11-15 on September 1st.

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Arc Reactions – 130 – The Kitchen (film)

We went to see The Kitchen and sat down to talk about it. We talk about the setting, the characters, and more.

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Our next episode will be Bloodshot Reborn v2 on August 18th

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Radio Free Asgard 351

This week we cover “Thor and Hymir’s Fishing Expedition” as adapted by Neil Gaiman in his “Norse Mythology” – It’s a familiar tale of gods, giants, oxen, giant oxen, fishing, giant fish, regular sized goats, and a giant cauldron! Nuff said!

My Comic Shop History 5.5: Jay’s Comics

Host Anthony Desiato recalls everyone’s favorite curmudgeon, Jay Meisel, and his decades-long tenure operating a booth at the Empire State Flea Market in Port Chester, with longtime JAY’S COMICS customer Jonathan Baylis.

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #391: Matt Knowles and Steph Cannon

It’s time to explore a great Steampunk comic in Episode 391!  Matt Knowles, the creator of Heirs of Isildur, and his editor, Steph Cannon, talk about the Indie comics series as well as the music, all of which you can support on their Kickstarter that will conclude on Sunday, August 18, at 9 p.m. ET. We discuss how the book came to be, who the main characters are, and what we might expect from them in the coming months! Don’t miss this fun conversation with two up-and-rising comics creators! You can also learn more about Heirs at their website here!

My Comic Shop History 5.4: Alternate Realities

Host Anthony Desiato finally comes face-to-face with another ALTERNATE REALITIES legend, former co-owner Prem Itharat, to mine stories about the eBay and Pokémon years, Prem’s formal (and informal) business education, and long-forgotten pranks at 700 Central Park Ave. in Scarsdale.

X-Men Special: Recap! Reboot! Relaunch!

This is a very extraordinarily episode yer hosts are proud to present. A fellow mutant makes his return to the Uncanny Nerdverse. Yes, folks! Anthony has made his return and the timing couldn’t be any better. In this episode, Anthony, Rob, and Ryan recap/reflect on the X-Men comics released in 2018-2019. Just in time too for Jonathan Hickman to change the mutant landscape for Marvel comics. Plus reactions on breaking X news from SDCC ’19. This episode contains it all! 


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EMX Episode 71: Weekend at Banshee’s

Tune In!

Individually they were just like those guys who like to hang around the comic book shop and talk comics but together they form EMX!

In this eXplicit, uncut and unedited episode of EMX we review Marvel Comics X-Men Books of April 2019.

Age of X-Man Apocalypse and the X-Tracts #2
Age of X-Man NextGen #3
Age of X-Man Prisoner X #2
Age of X-Man Amazing Nightcrawler #3
Age of X-Man Marvelous X-Men #3
Age of X-Man X-Tremists #3
Domino Hotshots #2
Major X #1-2
Mr and Mrs. X #10
Uncanny X-Men #15-16
War of the Realms: Uncanny X-Men #1
Wolverine Infinity Watch #3
X-23 #11
X-Force #6

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