Two Dimension | Episode 252

Buck Rogers By Howard Chaykin.

As always, we start off talking about something other than comic books, and this time it is the movie The Last Man On Earth, which led into Night Of The Living Dead, The Omega Man and I Am Legend. Then we talk about the Florida nuisance known as love bugs. We do talk about comics eventually.


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Arc Reactions – 134 – Ghost Rider v3 1-10

We talk about the new Ghost Rider, Danny Ketch, in this final installment of follow-up fall. Topics include fridging, Flag Smasher, and what we would have liked to see done with the characters and story.

Talking points


Fridging of Barb (6:41)
Canister plot (9:48)
Guest appearances (12:20)
Character development (17:59)


Danny Ketch Ghost Rider (23:05)
Flag Smasher and Ultimatum (35:49)

As Mentioned

Arc Reactions – 53 – Ghost Rider: Road to Damnation

Arc Reactions – 129 – Saga of the Swamp Thing

Arc Reactions – 85 – V for Vendetta

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #401: Russell Nohelty, Joel Rodriguez

It’s time for another great Kickstarter double-header in Episode 401! First up is the return of Russell Nohelty, who has a Kickstarter underway right now for a new issue of Ichabod Jones, a series focusing on a serial killer and his path to a very different status. We discuss this fascinating character and how popular he is with fans, then look into the new issue coming your way soon! It concluded on Thursday, October 3, at 9:08 p.m.!

Then everything wraps up with my interview with creator Joel Rodriguez from Dusk County Chronicles, a great Indie comic featuring short horror stories that go where fans like me would never expect them to go! We talk about how this series came to be as well as what we can expect from the creative team in this second issue and beyond! Look for his Kickstarter to debut tomorrow, Monday, September 30, so be sure to support it as soon as you can!

Top 5 Comics Podcast Episode 126 – Season 7

Comic book round table. This week, we talk Harleen #1, Contagion #1, Nomen Omen #1, Spider-Verse #1, Tales From The Dark Multiverse Death Of Superman #1 and an Interview with writer Preston Poulter and more ………..

Run Times –

News In Comics…. – 1:30 – 16:45

Harleen #1– 19:27 – 33:48

Contagion #1 – 33:48 – 43:17

Nomen Omen #1 – 43:17 – 1:00:26

Spider-Verse #1 – 1:00:26 – 1:13:30

Tales From The Dark Multiverse Death Of Superman #1 – 1:13:30 – 1:25:22

Interview with Preston Poulter at CSCC 2019 – 1:25:22 – 1:38:30


Lessons of the Day (LOTD) – 1:39:10 – 1:40:11

Books to watch –1:40:11

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Top 5 Comics Podcast Episode 126 – Season 7

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XMBIO20: The Uncanny Covenant (Part 1)

The Phalanx invade the UN for this two-parter podcast. Join Rob and Ryan for their commentary and opinions on the 1994 X-Men comics crossover. Thanks for listening! 

Twitter: @uncannynrdvrs | @tomemyxmen_Rob
Instagram: @tomemyxmen

UN Xcast Ep. 88: September 19 Reviews

It feels like many Krakoan life cycles since yer hosts have discussed X-Men comics among each other. Rob and Ryan return to provide their commentary on the mutant comics released last month. Thanks for listening! 

Introductions (0:00), Dead Man Logan #11 (1:10) House of X #4 (10:39), Powers of X #4 (27:27), House of X #5 (40:48), Powers of X #5 (1:02:43), New Mutants: War Children #1 (1:20:52), Wrap Up (1:28:23)

Twitter: @uncannynrdvrs | @tomemyxmen_Rob
Instagram: @tomemyxmen

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #399, Gene Ha

In Episode 399, it’s the return of Gene Ha, an accomplished artist/writer/storyteller who continues doing an excellent job with both the writing and art on Mae from Lion Forge Comics. We talk about Volume #2, the collected edition of the second six issues which will be released in local comics shops on Wednesday, September 25! He discusses having two other writers—Mark Waid and Molly Jane Kremer—contributing tales to this series! To keep up with Gene, be sure to check out his website here! For more on Lion Forge, go to their website here! I highly recommend this superb title!

Radio Free Asgard 354

This week we look at Thor #204, starting off an all-new storyline, as Odin decides to be a dick (take a drink!) and exiles Thor and company to Earth! (again???) – This week we have Tana Nile touching herself, a silent hissing monster, an oddly off-model Iron Man, and more!

My Comic Shop History 5.8: My Comic Shop Future

Host Anthony Desiato reaches the end of the road–for now–as this era of My Comic Shop History draws to a close. Together with Alternate Realities legends Bill Maio, Rich Roney, and Steve Oto, Anthony reveals long-held secrets, ponders a rebirth, and looks to the future. Finale.

Two Dimension | Episode 250

Jack Kirby, The King Of Comics’ 102nd birthday starts this conversation off. He invented his own language of drawing that most practitioners follow to this day. Surrealism, graphic and pop art are discussed with mixed results, and we finish with comic books becoming TV shows and a random comic found on the shelf. Enjoy!


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Eververse Issues Ep. 2: The Flash #180 & Peek-A-Boo’s TV Debut

In this Eververse Issues, yer hosts catch a case of the feels when it comes to reading Geoff Johns run of The Flash. Join Trevitt and Ryan as they discuss both The Flash #180 along with the pairing of Peek-A-Boo’s television debut. Thanks for listening!

Music: Zulu Dobson, Twitter: UncannyNrdvrs | TrevittTrev, & Merch

Music: Zulu Dobson
Twitter: UncannyNrdvrs | TrevittTrev

Eververse Issues S1E1: Supreme Power #1 (2003)

In this new UN show, Trevitt and Ryan create the Eververse Issues where they choose a particular DC or Marvel comics released 1980-2015 and provide their commentary. If the content calls for it, they’ll briefly dive into any related tv/film that goes along with the comic. In this first episode, Trevitt picks lead yer hosts into the Marvel Max line and talk Superman’s long lost cousin from another timeline. Thanks for listening! 

Music: Zulu Dobson
Twitter: UncannyNrdvrs | TrevittTrev
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