Wayne’s Comics Podcast #425: Interviews with David Byrne, Frank Gogol, Sam Johnson

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It’s Episode 425 of the Wayne’s Comics Podcast, and this week I have three special guests! First up is David Byrne from The Couch, Spy-DeerMan, and now Stake! David has an already successful Kickstarter going on now for Stake, but you can make this high-octane horror book happen by helping him reach his stretch goals! Go to this link! Next, Frank Gogol from Grief and Dead End Kids briefly comes back to remind us to sign up at our local comics shop for his upcoming book, No Heroine! Then everything wraps up with the return of Sam Johnson, who has a Kickstarter project happening now for Geek-Girl: Tights ‘n’ Capes, which you can support at this link! We talk about his successful franchise, including what we might expect from Ruby Kaye, Summer, and the rest in the near future! You’ll find the sequence and times you can hear each interview during the podcast below:

My Comic Shop History: The Homecoming Part I – Westy’s Best Customer

Host Anthony Desiato returns to action with Alternate Realities brethren Steve Oto and Rich Roney for the start of the 8-part miniseries “The Homecoming,” a surprising new chapter in the AR Saga.

Radio Free Asgard 367

This week we continue our coverage of The Unworthy Thor with issue #2!
There’s action aplenty as the Odinson and his pal Beta Ray Bill face off against Jeff Goldblum! Thor dreams, a new hammer appears, and there are weird eyeball tie fighter thingers!
It’s even more fun than a toilet paper shortage!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #424: Interview with Brian Wickman

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Grit, Barrow, Ari, troll, Scout Comics, Brian Wickman, Big White, horror, axe, sword and sorcery, Witcher, Southern Bastards, doomsday cult

Now is the time to order your copy of Grit! In Episode 424, I talk with scripter Brian Wickman about his new comic, which is described this way: “Grit is Southern-fried sword and sorcery and pulp fantasy adventure in the mold of The Witcher by way of Southern Bastards. When a routine troll hunting gig takes a gruesome turn, Old Man Barrow finds himself in the company of a wannabe doomsday cult. Just how’s he going to get out of this backwoods nightmare? Well, that axe ain’t just for show.” Let your LCS know you want MAR202088 from Scout Comics in the latest Previews before March 18! You can also download his first comic Big White on his website. It’s a sci-fi horror story you won’t want to miss. You can keep up with Brian on his personal Twitter page and on his website.

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #423: Joel Rodriguez

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Joel Rodriguez, Dusk County Chronicles, Kickstarter, Metal Ninja Studios, horror, Andrea Lorenzo Molinari, Roman Gubskii, Renzo Podesta, Monica Fletcher

It’s time for the return of creator Joel Rodriguez from Dusk County Chronicles in Episode 423! This great Indie comic initially featured short horror stories that went where fans like me would never expect them to go! Now he’s got a Kickstarter going for Dusk County Chronicles: Nightfall #1, so we talk about how this series came to be as well as what we can expect from the creative team in this latest mini-series and beyond! This is the perfect chance to support this excellent up-and-coming comics creator, so be sure to listen to our fun conversation, then support this book!

Radio Free Asgard 366

This time around, we’re looking at Little Red Ridin…er… The Unworthy Thor #1! While Jane Foster is running around being Thor, what is the Odinson up to? Fighting trolls and talking to strangers for a start! Why not listen in, and find out more?

UN’s X-Cast No. 93: February ’20 Reviews

Welcome back to another edition of our X-Men comicbook coverage. Marvel is keeping us X-readers busy with the bevy of books hitting the printers. I’m joined by co-host Rob to select a handful of the recent release to discuss. We hope you enjoy our unqualified critiques, certified passion, and honest opinions. Thanks for listening! 

Introductions (0:00), Giant-Size X-Men: Jean Grey & Emma Frost #1 (2:38), Wolverine #1 (17:18), X-Men #6-7 (32:57), Maruaders #7-8 (50:38), New Mutants #7-8 (1:02:25), Excalibur #7 (1:18:08), Closing (1:26:00)

Twitter: @uncannynrdvrs | @tomemyxmen_Rob
Instagram: @tomemyxmen

Weird Science Marvel Comics Podcast Ep 145: Marvel Comics, Avengers, Fantastic Four / X-Men, Spider-Ham and Wasteland Problems

Marvel sure puts out a lot of books each week and we have four tonight as Jim and Branden go back to BC to find Tony Stark with the Avengers #31, then it’s off to the Wastelands in Avengers of the Wastelands #2 to see who this Captain America is, then some Earth-Hoping with Spider-Ham and finally finishing by seeing what a mother will do to get her kids back from some stinking mutants!  If you want to support us for this show and get a bunch of new and exclusive shows, go to our Patreon (patreon.com/weirdcience) to get shows like our Marvel Comics Spotlight: Falcon & Winter Soldier #1 and Star Wars #3 and Marvel Back Issues Podcast: Amazing Spider-Man #123 (Luke Cage) and even our Marvel Comics Event Podcast Ep 11: Original Clone Saga Part Four among others!

Time Stamps: Intro (0:00),  Avengers #31 (02:39), Avengers of the Wastelands #2 (18:48), Spider-Ham #3 (35:21), X-Men/Fantastic Four #2 (47:56)

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #422: Interview with Brandon Rhiness

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Brandon Rhiness, Chainsaw Reindeer, Higher Universe, Boy with a Balloon for a Head, Tasha, Santa Claus, reindeer, Action Lab, Christmas, Stargirl, Misfits, Ghoul Squad, Alley Cats, Skull, Stoner Kid, Mental Case, Elvis the Zombie, Brutal Jones, Adam Storoschuk, Brian Bicknell,

In Episode 422, I have a great conversation with Brandon Rhiness from Higher Universe Comics, and he discusses two of his best-known books, Chainsaw Reindeer and The Boy with a Balloon for a Head. You can tell just from the titles that these both are going to have creative storytelling! The first comes from Action Lab, and it is described this way: “A reindeer has enough of Santa’s abuse and embarks on a world-wide swath of destruction… with a chainsaw!” Here’s more about the second title: “When a family moves to a new town, their son has difficulty adjusting because he’s ‘different’.” You can keep up with Brandon on his personal Facebook page and at Higher Universe’s Facebook page. Be sure to listen to this great interview with an up-and-coming comics talent!

EMBS Episode 001: It Begins

Tune In!

Individually they were just like those guys who like to hang around the comic book shop and talk comics but together they form the Earth’s Mightiest Podcast!

Yep, it finally happened folks. The day we half-heartedly threatened and that you -when all the chips were down- PRAYED would never ACTUALLY become part of the EMP Legacy’s storied Canon! EMBS (don’t make us spell it out for ya!) Ep. 1 talk as of January 26th 2020! It’s a round robin of rancor, resentment, real-talk and respect as the guys Sound off with spoilers on…

“Legendary Marvel Improv”
“CW: Crisis on Infinite Earths”
“Stumptown (TV)”
“The Boys (TV)”
“The Mandalorian”
“Marvel Star Wars (Comics)”
“Ghost Rider (Comics)”
“Harley Quinn (Cartoon)”
“Some Politics talk”
“Facebook Group Rundown”
“Related talk: Cyber Podcast: Space Force”

Legendary Marvel Improv
Story Title: Nuclear Armageddon

Mastermind: Doctor Doom

Villains: Deadlands (Zombie Villains), Masters of Evil (Baron Zemo, Melter, Whirlwind, Ultron)

Heroes: Captain America, Emma Frost, Kraven, Loki, Speed

Email: emp@EarthsMightiestPodcast.com

Website – http://www.EarthsMightiestPodcast.com
Facebook Group – http://facebookgroup.earthsmightiestpodcast.com/

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #421: Interview with John Beatty

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, John Beatty, Mike Zeck, Secret Wars, Captain America, inker, inking, Marvel, YouTube, Batman, comic conventions, cons, comics, comic books,

John Beatty is a comics legend known for his excellent inking and artwork. He’s probably best recognized for Marvel’s Secret Wars and Captain America, but if you see his name on a book, be sure to buy it! You’ll experience powerful storytelling! John has a new YouTube channel, and I highly recommend you subscribe to it! He has a contest going on in which you could win a sketch from him, so be sure to go to this link and sign up today! He gives the details about it during our interview, as well as his insights about the industry, his appearances at comics conventions, and the importance of inkers when it comes to making comics that sparkle! If you can, don’t miss catching up with him at comic conventions because he’s great with fans! You can also keep up with him at on Twitter, on Facebook, and at his website. Don’t miss this great interview because I’m sure you’ll enjoy what he has to say!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #420: Interview with Nathan Lueth

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Impure Blood, Comixology, Nathan Lueth, Nadja Baer, Melting Down, C2E2, Dara, Auhle, Caspian, Mac, Roan, Elnore, Jaem, Kaleb, Ancient Blood, Temple of the Ancients,

Creator Nathan Lueth is back, and he has important news for Impure Blood fans! In Episode 420, I talk with Nathan, co-creator of this epic series, about his Kickstarter project that is now underway! It will make the first volume of Impure Blood available in a deluxe landscape format true to how the series was originally produced. Of course, he’s planning to have all four volumes released in this format in hardcover, but it’s important this first Kickstarter be successful so that can happen! We talk about the series as well as what else he’s working on, so be sure to listen to what this high-octane comics creator has to say! Highly recommended!