Wayne’s Comics Podcast #421: Interview with John Beatty

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John Beatty is a comics legend known for his excellent inking and artwork. He’s probably best recognized for Marvel’s Secret Wars and Captain America, but if you see his name on a book, be sure to buy it! You’ll experience powerful storytelling! John has a new YouTube channel, and I highly recommend you subscribe to it! He has a contest going on in which you could win a sketch from him, so be sure to go to this link and sign up today! He gives the details about it during our interview, as well as his insights about the industry, his appearances at comics conventions, and the importance of inkers when it comes to making comics that sparkle! If you can, don’t miss catching up with him at comic conventions because he’s great with fans! You can also keep up with him at on Twitter, on Facebook, and at his website. Don’t miss this great interview because I’m sure you’ll enjoy what he has to say!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #420: Interview with Nathan Lueth

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Creator Nathan Lueth is back, and he has important news for Impure Blood fans! In Episode 420, I talk with Nathan, co-creator of this epic series, about his Kickstarter project that is now underway! It will make the first volume of Impure Blood available in a deluxe landscape format true to how the series was originally produced. Of course, he’s planning to have all four volumes released in this format in hardcover, but it’s important this first Kickstarter be successful so that can happen! We talk about the series as well as what else he’s working on, so be sure to listen to what this high-octane comics creator has to say! Highly recommended!

EMP Episode 162: When Wizards Laugh

Tune In!

Individually they were just like those guys who like to hang around the comic book shop and talk comics but together they form the Earth’s Mightiest Podcast!

Episode 162 IN THIS EPISODE… Jason Aaron and his merry band of “”M””-sters ( McGuinness and Medina) seem to keep the wheels on their crazier-by-the-page Avengers Opus, drawing the Starbrand Rebirth epic to a close! THEN it’s one more go-round with SAVAGE AVENGERS …But will it be the last time? PLUS in Strikeforce, Blade’s Other-other crew follows ..a new lead? That’s really all we could- ok nevermind. Fortunately it’s Good Rumblings out of the QUICK HITS bin as the Marvel Universe sounds of from its various corners… 2020 looks to be off to a good start, but it will only get better as long as Hawkeye stays in FREEFALL! IT’S ALL HERE in this week’s episode of EARTH’S MIGHTIEST PODCAST! …’Nuff Said!  

0:13:09 Avengers (2018) #29
0:27:51 Avengers (2018) #30
0:42:51 Savage Avengers (2019) #9
0:53:38 Strikeforce (2019) #5

Quick Hits:
1:07:01 Hawkeye Freefall (2019)
1:19:26 Thor (2020)1
1:23:43 Jessica Jones Blindspot (2020) #2

Music: EMP theme song

By Tribe One

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UN’s X-Cast No. 92: January ’20 Reviews

Between long work hours, commutes, a pile of krakoan reports, cartels and more. January was quite the month for yer hosts and merry mutants. After two recording sessions, we were happy to finally get caught up in time to release this episode. While we probably don’t comb over every tiny crumb. There should be some fun to be had in the 120-minute podcast. Thanks for listening! 

Twitter: @uncannynrdvrs | @tomemyxmen_Rob
Instagram: @tomemyxmen

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #419: Interview with Andrew Birkett

Ready to read something really different? This week in Episode 419, it’s the return of creator Andrew Birkett from Atheris Entertainment, and he’s talking about his first full comic Sam’s Scams. Sam is a member of the alien race called the Logards, and they have a very different perspective when it comes to the environment than you might expect!Andrew does a terrific job when it comes to writing humor mixed with sci-fi, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy this upcoming book! Be sure to look for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign so you can support and access this great title!

Two Dimension | Episode 259

Legion Of Super-Heroes and the many changes the comic has gone through takes up most of the show. November Vol. 1 comes up, then the many changes Thor has gone through takes up some more. We also question why Glactus keeps trying to devour the earth when it is obvious he can’t.

Then Marvel’s The End titles are coming back, and DC Black Label titles are talked about.


Find Past Episodes At Two Dimension | Comic Book Podcast

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #418: Interview with Frank Gogol

This week in Episode 418, it’s the return of creator Frank Gogol from Grief and Dead End Kids, both from Source Point Press.  Frank has a new comic coming soon called No Heroine, which is described as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but if she was a recovering heroin addict.” We’re talking somewhat ahead of when this title hits Diamond Previews, so let your local comics shop know you want to order it when it becomes available. Frank continues to be one of those terrific up-and-coming writers that I expect even more wonderful comics from in the years ahead. He has some great news for us Dead End Kids fans about the future of this book! We also explore what we can expect from him in the future, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy what he has to say! Be sure to check out his website as well as his social media entries, including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #417: Interview with Justin Richards

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If you haven’t ordered Finger Guns from Vault Comics yet, be sure to call your local comics shop and do so today! In Episode 417 this week, I talk with creator Justin Richards from this unique and compelling comic due out in late February! Here’s how it’s described: “In Finger Guns, two troubled teenagers discover they can manipulate emotions by firing finger guns. There will be laughs. There will be tears. There will be uncomfortable teen feelings and angst. Oh yeah… and chaos. So much chaos.” We talk about how this book came to be, who the various characters are, and what we might see from Justin and his team in the coming months. You can also keep up with Justin on his Facebook page here.

Just Another Fanboy #75 – Manifest Destiny Volume Three

This is the episode in which I talk about Manifest Destiny Volume Three: Chiroptera & Carniformaves by Chris Dingess, Matthew Roberts, Owen Gieni, Stefano Gaudiano and Pat Brousseau.

Deep in America’s heartland, Lewis & Clark’s expedition discovers a civilization unlike any they—or anyone else on Earth—has encountered. An encounter that will push their men to the brink of mutiny, and redefines the relationship between man and monster, predator and prey.

Published by Image Comics on January 14, 2015.

Episode 19 – Manifest Destiny: Volume One

Episode 67 – Manifest Destiny: Volume One

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Top 5 Comics Podcast – Episode 132 – Marvel Comics Morbius

Comic book round table. This week, we talk Marvels Morbius the comic, the movie… the Legend?  and more ………..

Run Times –

News In Comics…. – 2:16 – 9:20

Morbius Movie Trailer – 9:20 – 39:05

Morbius #1 – 39:05 – 59:00

Lessons of the Day (LOTD) – 59:00 – 1:05:09

Books to watch –1:05:09 –

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Or visit us online at


Top 5 Comics Podcast Ep. 132 Season 8

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X-Cast Ep. 91: December ’19 Reviews

It’s a new decade and yer hosts are back to discuss the December ’19 X-Men comics. Join Rob and Ryan for this brand new episode where they spotlight some of yer favorite mutants in this Dawn of X era. Thanks for listening!

Introductions (0:00), X-Men #3 (2:50), Marauders #3-4 (9:25), Excalibur #3-4 (27:27), New Mutants (45:54), X-Force #3-4 (1:02:43), Outro (1:16:43)

Twitter: @uncannynrdvrs | @tomemyxmen_RobInstagram: @tomemyxmenMerch