X-Men Monday Episode 30: Cruise Control

It’s another week filled with X-Men comic reviews from your favorite goofy hosts Ryan and Allen. Their back to discuss the X-Men comics released last week and touch on a bit of comic book news. Anthony and Rob join the guys as well throughout the episode. Everyone is still out of the loop when it comes to Phoenix Resurrection and the theories keep piling on. Join us as the X-Men Monday team dive into some spoilery X-Men comic book coverage. Plus some Fastball Tweets from the episode thread. Thanks for listening!

Intro/News (0:00), Astonishing X-Men #7 (12:41), Iceman #9 (30:24), Phoenix Resurrection #2 (43:16), Rogue & Gambit #1 (1:09:54), X-Men Gold #18 (1:20:14), Fastball Tweets (1:33:10), General Discussion (2:04:26)

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X-Men Monday Episode 29: X Famlay

X-Men Monday have found a new home, but still the same old fun from Ryan and Allen. The guys give you insight into Uncanny Nerdverse and their plans for 2018. Don’t worry there are still a several books to discuss. One book in particular, Phoenix Resurrection which seems to have everyone’s head spinning with thoughts. Plus some Fastball Tweets from the X-Men Monday episode thread. Thanks for listening and welcome to the Uncanny Nerdverse Network!

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Retcon X – “Outcasting”, “Home Is Where Ever You Are” (Clip)
Ongface – “Sax Me Your Resume”