Ultimate Facepalm 147: Rage of Ultron review, Netflix Daredevil and Robble Robble!

It’s ANOTHER episode! Very much enjoyable show to do with a ridiculous case of the giggles halfway through (purely brought on by our own stupidity) Let’s get to it!   Patreon love to our Patrons and other stuff coming their way! G at Oz Comic Con C Bomb catching up on all the shows!   […]

Ultimate Facepalm 146: Ash Vs The Evil Dead, no one really wants to play a gay orc dating sim and the Great Gazoo is one to the original Green Lantern Corps!

Hi Peeps! Here’s the latest and *a-hem!* “greatest! G’s hand is almost 100% and will be at Oz Comic Con (mostly likely) Smart casual David Lee Roth on Ellen (?) We will be answering some of the UFP Crew Questions on UFPTV! We answer, wrap on the UFP Crew questions! Nerd News! Star Trek and […]

Ultimate Facepalm 145: Wrestlemania Wrap, Inu Yashiki review, The Fresh Prince of Bell-End and what if Grant Morrison’s Multiversity was found by aliens?

Well better late than never you know…. Eh, whaddya gonna do right? Here’s what’s what… What if Grant Morrissons Multiversity was found by aliens? We address the UFP Crew Questions and talk topics NERD NEWS!!!! Ryan Reynolds pic as Deadpool Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor Bond teaser trailer for Spectre Constantine TV series to learn […]

Chrononauts #1 reviews, the return of Tank Girl and Edward Furlong as The Crow: Never Forget

Another week another ep! Here’s this 7 days run of misgivings… C Bomb laments his withering face with his age G Money laments his broken hand C Bomb laments just about everything else UFP Crew Talk Topics and Questions NERD NEWS!! – Netflix Australia is HERE! – Casting news for the long in production hell […]

Ultimate Facepalm 143: Powers TV Series and Chappie movie review, Howard the Duck #1, White Power Milk and human wastes of skin triggered by The Joker Variant Batgirl cover

It’s UFP MANIA!!!!!! We have a TON of stuff going on! Patreon! Check it out, become a Patron and access the bonus shows and material HERE! https://www.patreon.com/UFP T Shirts are back in the works! Stay tuned! New Website! Also coming soon! Stay tuned again! UFPTV! It’s here! Check it here! https://www.youtube.com/user/UltimateFacepalmUFP It’s St Patricks Day – Bunnings […]

RIP Leonard Nimoy, Capcom and Sega join forces, The Oscars snoozefest and seduced by Doctor Bigfoot attorney at large!

Hello again!   We’re back to the old format and I hope you like it because…. Well…. Tough.   Check out UFPTV because you have nothing better to do!!!!   Check out Feed It Comic’s podcast!   We answer the UFP Crew’s Questions and chat about their talk topics!   UFP News! Tony Abbott is […]

UFP Page 9: Agent Carter review, the Death of Deadpool, Chris Hardwick is Oprah for nerds and David Spade is Ultron

Ahoy Banditos!   Here’s another (at the time of publishing) brand spanking new ep!   Our Aussie tribute to Super Podcasto Magnifico G Money is fighting a junkie on 3 hours sleep We answer your questions and talk topics! NERD NEWS!!!! Batman V Superman 2 part split Death of Deadpool G’s Comics Reviews Ant Man […]

UFP Rage 8: Big Hero 6, The Hobbit: The Battle of 5 Armies and Nightcrawler reviews, “Vape” is the 2014 word of the year and is mayonnaise an instrument?

Another ep! Have a listen! We answer your questions and talk topics G’s Movies reviews! The Hobbit Big Hero 6 Nightcrawler The heart emoji and the word “vape” make us sad Madonna, once again, struggles to maintain relevancy New Mexico Woman Tried To Sneak Gun Into Jail In Her Genitals: Cops Paul Feig On Why […]

UFP Page 8: Batman Vs The Hulk, The Evil Within review, Axis Marvel event wrap up and we have a confession, but we’re not Usher

A big big show to kick off the new year! I really enjoyed it so I hope you enjoy it too!   G is wearing shorts therefore, it is hot. But we live in Perth, so fuck off. True Detective does have a plot and if you think otherwise, you’re a twat Iinet had to […]

UFP Rage 7: French police taser a rampaging Kinder chocolate fuelled monkey, showing love for “Mould Wine” and Tony Abbott further proving what utter derp of the highest order he is

Another late drop….. Whatcha gonna do? Enjoy!   –          “Enjoyable” Christmas dinners with co-workers –          Best and worst Christmas movies –          Check out “On the fringe” podcast –          UFP Crew questions and talk topics –          Tony Abbott further proves what utter derp of the highest order he is –          The Interview is a piece of […]

UFP Page 7: Sean Penn as Doctor Octopus, Rumble #1 review and Spiderman is a health industry allegory for egg cholesterol

Enough about syphilis, on with the show!   We’re at fringeworld.com.au! Get YOUR tix for NOW! Sony speculating Tom Hardy as the Sandman and Sean Penn as Doctor Octopus Best films, TV shows, Comics and video games of 2014 DC continues being annoying and nonsensical Stuff Australia gets right 6 year old fan made Mega […]

UFP Rage 6: 21 Jump Street and Men in Black crossover, Tim Burton thinks Beetlejuice 2 is closer than ever, Birdman movie review and What’s the difference between Bono and Santa? Santa gives you things you want!

Another Ep, another dollar…. Not strictly true, but at least you’ll get a dollar’s worth of entertainment here as we rant upon…. The cars we would buy for $100,000 Hate or Rate: Sons of Anarchy finale, Giant Slip and Slide in Perth, #illridewithyou 21 Jump Street and Men In Black crossover Spiderman in Civil War […]

UFP Page 6: Bitch Planet #1, Perth Fringe Festival 2015 and Phoenix Wright? Don’t you mean Roger Wright?

Hello Hello again! Yes, like my cumshot the eps are coming thick and fast! Let’s wipe that indecorous introduction off us and get on with it where in this episode we muse upon… We’ve got a Perth Fringe Show! Check it here fringeworld.com.au G was upset about his football team, Perth Glory, not doing as […]

UFP Rage 5: We try to explain the reason for Terminator Genisys , CM Punk Vs the Green Power Ranger and why you should to Bryan Callen instead of Adam Carolla

Hello hello! A new style with the show notes because, well… the old ones took too long and only about 2 people read them (Thanks Patrick and Scott!) so on this show we wrap on… Yumi Stynes being an insidiously dumb cunt Al Pacino teases upcoming Marvel role Grumpycat will make more money than all […]

Ultimate Facepalm Page 5: Suicide Squad casting, Blake Livelys’ sex change to become a woman, Krypton TV series and the end of Naruto

On the road again…. Something something I don’t know when…. And er…. etc. Look if you’re looking for country and western you’ve come to the wrong place!   It’s now Diamond Dallas UFP Page Bulk Nutrients pre work out is great! The Men who stare at goats is a very good movie The comic business […]