Tres Komikeros 29: Jai Worthington

HOSTS: John, EJ, and Butch Suicide Squad! Betty & Veronica! Manifest Destiny! Star Wars! Who is the tallest member of the Justice League? Is Jai Courtney a morphed Sam Worthington? What things do the TK boys have difficulty finding people to talk about with? Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:15:12 — […]

Tres Komikeros #27: CHexit

HOSTS: John, EJ, Butch, and Alex After some Pokemon GO talk, the boys discuss Frank Cho’s Wonder Woman Exit. They then do an in-depth discussion on the events of Civil War II #3! Butch then serves up a game of “Name the Creator” to test everyone’s comics history knowledge. Then we get some Voltron talk […]

Tres Komikeros #26: Not A Quiz

HOSTS: John, Butch, and Alex After some Game of Thrones talk, the boys talk Civil War II, Micronauts, Grizzly Shark, Weird Detective, Aquaman, and Deadpool vs Gambit! Butch also wows us with his X-Men knowledge in our new game “Name the Storyline”. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 59:00 — 67.9MB)Subscribe: iTunes […]