The Uncanny Podcast: Episode 012 – Guardians of the Galaxy (Movie Review)

Matt, Garen, & Steve review the badass-ness of the movie that is Guardians of the Galaxy! What made it great? Many things. We analyze the strengths of the movie and make comparisons to the GOTG comics. Also, Garen now has his own section of the show! What could it be? Lastly, Steve discusses, at length, […]

The Uncanny Podcast 011: Batman – Zero Year

ZERO YEAR just wrapped up this week! Matt, Garen, & Steve bring you a complete review of the Zero Year story. We also analyze subtle nuances from the story, plot themes, symbolism, easter eggs, and the numerous throwbacks to the Frank Miller origin from the 1980′s. It’s a brilliant story from a writing and art […]

The Uncanny Podcast 010: Daredevil – The Man Without Fear

The terrible trio return for a riveting exploration into the famous Daredevil mini-series by Frank Miller and John Romita Jr. entitled, “Daredevil – The Man Without Fear.” The Frank Miller Daredevil run spans multiple titles and is one of the greatest contributions to modern comics. Period. This mini-series is the chronological beginning of that run […]

The Uncanny Podcast 009: Batman – The Killing Joke

Matt, Garen, & Steve review one of the greatest Batman stories of all time: Batman – The Killing Joke! We analyze key plot points and dissect Alan Moore’s famous but ambiguous ending. What did you all, our faithful listeners, think? Let us know! Moore and Bolland created a masterpiece that will be celebrated forever as a story […]

The Uncanny Podcast 008: Adventures In Babysitting

Matt, Garen, & Steve dive-bomb into one of the great cult classic movies from the 80′s…Adventures in Babysitting! It’s a fantastic movie with multiple Thor/Marvel Comics references, ridiculous situations, and out-of-left-field humor. So watch the movie first, Faithful Listeners, and then join us for some good laughs and post-film discussion. AIB is the movie with the […]

The Uncanny Podcast 007: Spider-Man – One More Day

That’s right, Faithful Listeners…Matt, Garen, & Steve nosedive into one of the most controversial topics in comic book history….Spider-Man – One More Day! We’ve been planning this one for almost two months now….and it’s finally here. We dissect all the pros and cons of the story and reflect upon personal opinions and lasting memoirs from […]

The Uncanny Podcast 006 – Forever Evil

Matt, Garen, & Steve return with a vengeance! The terrible trio pontificate upon the greatness that is Forever Evil, the most recent blockbuster event from DC Comics. Garen receives a rousing round of appraisement upon returning from his long, arduous journey into the dark depths of the USMLE examination, a journey from which Garen ultimately […]

The Uncanny Podcast 005: X-Men Days of Future Past (movie review)

Matt & Steve take a close look and review the newest Bryan Singer X-Men film, including recaps of our favorite moments, similarities and differences between the film and the comics, a few easter eggs you may have missed, and much more. This was a phenomenal film. All comic fans must see this movie! Listen here. iTunes here. […]

The Uncanny Podcast Episode 004 – Punk Rock Jesus

Matt & Steve saunter through another Garen-less show, this time over Sean Murphy’s brilliant “Punk Rock Jesus,” the recent vertigo hit that addressed the cloning of Jesus using original DNA in a modern world. Disaster ensues. Shenanigans, even. Listen here. iTunes here. Facebook here. Site here.

The Uncanny Podcast 003 – Amazing Spider-Man – Family Business

Did you get to read the newest Marvel original graphic novel of 2014? (If not, you are wrong!) Check out our show to find out why. We delve into the newest gem from Mark Waid, James Robinson, and Gabrielle Dell’Otto….. Amazing Spider-Man Family Business… one of the best Spider-Man stories in recent memory! We also […]

The Uncanny Podcast Episode 002 – X-Men – Days of Future Past

Thinking about seeing the upcoming X-Men movie “Days of Future Past?” Since the movie comes out this month, we wanted to do a podcast in tribute to the original issues by Chris Claremont and John Byrne from the pages of Uncanny X-Men 141-142. So we read the issues and podcasted about them. Join Matt, Garen, […]

The Uncanny Podcast REBIRTH Episode 001 – Civil War

Welcome to the rebirth of our comics podcast! Every episode of our show will feature discussion relating to a different weekly comic book topic. This week, we take a look back at and dissect Civil War, the acclaimed 2006 Marvel Event. Now is a great time to jump on with a crew of experienced (but […]

The Uncanny Podcast 016 – Uncanny X-Men 130,131,132

The DARK PHOENIX SAGA continues! Join Matt, Garen, and Steve as we jollily jaunt into our second Dark Phoenix episode, featuring the first appearance of DAZZLER, Kitty Pryde and Colossus future relationship hints, knockdown, drag-out fights between the X-Men and the Hellfire Club, one of the best Wolverine panels of all time, and even the […]

The Uncanny Podcast 015 – Uncanny X-Men 128,129,Marvel Team-Up 089

It’s finally here! After wrapping up the last issue of the Proteus arc, we delve into the first issue of the Dark Phoenix Saga with Uncanny X-Men 129! These issues also feature the famous first appearances of KITTY PRYDE and the WHITE QUEEN! We also take a little escapade into a Claremont Marvel Team-Up issue […]

The Uncanny Podcast 014 – ONE-SHOT! 001

After podcasting Chris Claremont’s X-Men run up to Uncanny X-Men 128, we take a break from our regularly scheduled soiree to bring you this special ONE-SHOT episode! Tune in to hear Matt, Garen, & Steve clamber through numerous, random topics, including: -DC The New 52: Where We Are Now -Dan Slott’s Superior Spider-Man run -Jeff […]