Radio Free Asgard 322

This week we finish our look at The Mighty Thor #400! In this epsiode, we have the ‘origin’ of Fandral the Dashing! Thor and Hercules hold hands! Loki tempts a fire demon with…souls? plus a few bonus features!

Radio Free Asgard 321

It’s a real landmark this week, as we cover the super giant-sized Thor #400! (Well, the first half of it, anyway!)

In this conclusion to the War of the Gods, we have Thor vs. Surtur! Odin vs. Seth! The Black Knight used as a projectile! Plus Joe Sinnott on inks! Nuff said!

Radio Free Asgard 320

This week we’re covering Thor #399! Odin is back! Does this mean the tide will be turning in the war against Seth and his minions? Or is he just one of far too many characters to fit properly in the story… plus the Black Knight is still getting stiff! That Cialis he’s on must be good stuff… Plus, some listen feedback!

Weird Science Marvel Comics Podcast Ep 7: Thor #1 and Venom #2 – Marvel Fresh Start

Eric, Jim, and Branden talk about Thor and Venom. It’s about Brick Oven Pizza and Jim forgetting movies! Enjoy!

Radio Free Asgard 319

This week we talk all about Avengers: Infinity War! This episode is spoilerific, as we give all the details on corn flakes, no-name villains, a giant dwarf, and much much more! No Eternals were harmed in the making of this episode.

Radio Free Asgard Presents: The Complete Norse Mythology, Part 8

This week I’m dealing with just too damn much real life, so in the meantime I hope you’ll enjoy the penultimate chapter of the Complete Norse Mythology!

This time we have “Otter’s Ransom” from Ep. 216, “The Lay of Alvis” from Ep. 116, and “Balder’s Dreams/The Death of Balder” from Ep. 36

Radio Free Asgard 318

This week we’re covering The Mighty Thor #398! The secret of Seth’s power is revealed! The Black Knight is getting stiff! Heimdall and The Enchantress have a bad day! Plus the return of…..

Radio Free Asgard 317

This week we look at The Mighty Thor #397! The war against Seth continues as Balder wields the strength of Thor, we learn that magic is messed up! Plus Loki joins the fray! Nuff said!

Weird Science Marvel Comics Podcast Ep 3: Avengers #2 – Marvel Fresh Start

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 176: DC Comics, Superman, No Pills and Nice Try

Dental Plan…Aftermath…Jim and Eric Kick it Old School and record in one sitting.  Let’s see how that worked out.  This Week’s Patreon Spotlight: The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman #4 & New Challengers #1 and the special “King’s Corner” Patreon Spotlight of Batman #47

Continue reading

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Spotlight: Aquaman #36 & Harley Quinn: Harley Loves Joker #2

It’s a Reggie Spotlight and he gives us two books full of fun, adventure, tragedy and hope.  Actually, they are both a little down, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. This Week’s Patreon Spotlight: The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman #4 & New Challengers #1 and also…Patreon Spotlight: Batman #47 Continue reading

Weird Science Marvel Comics Podcast Ep 2: Venom #1 & FCBD 2018 Amazing Spider-Man #1 – Marvel Fresh Start

Marvel Fresh Start continues with some Venom talk.  You may know him from his beginnings with Spider-Man or you may be jumping on to Marvel and Venom for the first time.  Don’t worry, we have you covered! Keywords: Marvel, Marvel Comics, Avengers, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy

Radio Free Asgard 316

This week we’re looking at Thor #396! Seth invades Asgard in force! In the absense of Asgard’s champion, will Balder’s desperation be Thor’s doom?? Also, we have a “worthy” villain, and the Earth Force is back. yay.

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 175: DC Comics, Justice League No Justice and Tickle Fights

Check out our Patreon and for as little as $1 a month, you can help support the podcast and get a bunch of shows!  This Week’s Patreon Spotlight: Batman White Knight #8 & Sideways #4

  • Intro (0:00), Books – See List Below (12:01), Mail #1 (1:18:18), Mail #2 (2:33:26), Marvel Minute – Hunt For Wolverine: Adamantium Agenda #1 (3:13:42), Rant and Raves (4:47:43), Vermillion’s Vision – Shadowman Vol 1 (5:31:21)
  • DC Comics Reviewed: Justice League: No Justice #1 (19:58), Detective Comics #980 (49:30), Wonder Woman #46 (1:50:32), Flash #46 (2:06:38), Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps #44 (3:40:50), Suicide Squad #41 (4:08:02), New Superman and the Justice League of China #23 (4:25:53), Eternity Girl #3 (5:12:24),  Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #22 (5:51:40), The Immortal Men #2 (6:13:28)

Weird Science Marvel Comics Podcast Ep 1: Marvel Fresh Start – Avengers #1