Radio Free Asgard 199

This week brings us Part 2 of “The Eighth Day” as we cover Iron Man #22! Stark and his intrepid crew of misfits find their way to Farallah’s temple… and Kalibak!!.er…Carnivore!! Play in new window | Download (Duration: 33:21 — 30.5MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Radio Free Asgard 195

This week we look at Thor Vol. 2 #19, the first issue of the 2000’s! Odin gets buff! Magnir is a baby-head! The Scarlet Witch is our obligatory half-dressed guest-star! Also, Loki visits Mephisto! Who says this isn’t the Marvel age of superflous team-ups? Play in new window | Download (Duration: 34:25 — 31.5MB)Subscribe: […]

EJDAC Ep. 26: Happy Birthday Danny Trejo

Disagreetings! HUGE episode here; lots to talk about. Erik and James get into a chock-full-o-spoilers discussion about a few of this week’s comic books: Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #8, Howard the Duck #3, Uncanny Avengers #4, Thor #8 and Secret Wars #2. But wait, there’s more! Erik finally got Hulk#16 from a couple weeks back, which kicks […]

Radio Free Asgard Presents: CasperCast Episode 1

WhOooOooOooOoOOOOOOOOoOoOOo9o!!! It’s a ghost!!!!! Casper, that is! Isn’t that enough to make you listen to the show?? Yeah, I didn’t think so. So listen anyway!! Play in new window | Download (Duration: 26:30 — 24.3MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Superman Forever Radio Episode 74 – Metropolis Superman Celebration and Superman vs Wonder Woman

There aren’t many double features in Podcasting, so this is a very special episode. Join J David Weter and his guests Charlie Niemeyer of Superman in the Bronze Age, and Billy Hogan of The Superman Fan Podcast as they hit the town of Metropolis, Illinois for the 2013 Superman Celebration. While there, Charlie and Billy joined in a live recording of […]