Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Episode 58: DC Comics on a Raft and Wreck em


Jim and Eric get together after last week’s marathon and crank out another long one.  We find out that Eric had some Valentine’s Day performance issues, World War One involved an alien invasion and one real big reason it’s good that Jim didn’t win the lottery.  They also talk a whole lot of DC Comics including the books that came out this week, the news and so much more. And remember… Making two cows cry by dragging them to Wisconsin!!!

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Just For The Hell Of It Podcast Episode 1: Breakfast Cereal



Eric, Reggie and Jim get together for this Pilot Episode of the Just for the Hell of It Podcast to talk about Breakfast Cereal.  They discuss their favorites and least favorites as well as mascots, toys, commercials and much, much more.  If you want to email any suggestions, comments or questions, do so at

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 57: Who Else Seen Da Leprechaun Say Yeah!

Leprechaun-say yeah

It was a down week for books and after getting yelled out all week about review scores, Jim was pretty depressed.  That means one thing…The Mobile Leprechaun.  Yes, nothing brings a smile to Jim and Eric’s face quicker than a little, “Who Else Seen Da Leprechaun Say Yeah!”  It carries them through this long ass episode where they break down all the books, talk DC Comics news, get yelled at in the listener mail and try to have a good time.  Enjoy!

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Radio Free Asgard 226


This week we wrap up our coverage of Book One of Walt Simonson’s Ragnarok series! This episode brings us Stormbringer, more stargates, a dead rodent, and Thor’s return to Asgard! Nuff said!

Radio Free Asgard 225


This week’s is an eventful show! We start off with our reading of The Lay of Loddfafnir, courtesy of Snorri Sturluson, then discuss our upcoming spring break, and finish off covering Walt Simonson’s Ragnarok #5!!

Radio Free Asgard 224


This issue, we cover Walt Simonson’s Ragnarok #4, which manages to make dried apples cool again! Thor makes friends with a troll, and then things get a little heated…

Radio Free Asgard 222


It’s episode 222!! We celebrate by looking at issue #2 of Walt Simonson’s Ragnarok! This issue sees a giant squirrel, lots of fighting, some anachronistic design elements, and more! Nuff said!

Radio Free Asgard 221


RAGNAROK IS HERE! The IDW series by fan-favorite Walt Simonson, that is! This week we start our look at the first six issues as we cover issue #1, which shows some familiar faces in a very different light! It’s Mjolnir-iffic!

Radio Free Asgard 220


This week we have a look at the conclusion to the saga of Infinity in Thor #188! Now that the identity of Infinity is revealed, we get an implausible explanation of his threat! Don’t miss all the hammer swinging, sceptre grabbing, helmet tugging action!

Radio Free Asgard 219


This week it’s Thor vs. Odin in Thor #187!! Sif cockblocks Balder! Karnilla and Loki team up! The Warriors Three make an appearance! All this, and a giant vice! Don’t miss it!

Radio Free Asgard 218


The Silent One leads Thor astray, as Odin fights Infinity in Thor #186! There is much sword unsheathing, hammer handling, and other unseemly activities! Plus, the Warriors Three are possessed by Klaus Janson! Nuff said!

Radio Free Asgard 217


It’s back to the World Beyond this week as we cover Thor #185! Drama-queen Thor gets covered in lavender spooge while Odin yells at Infinity! The return of the Warriors Three! Plus, some guys with a telescope! Don’t miss out!

Radio Free Asgard 216


This week it’s back to the Iron Age as we cover the Norse myth “Otter’s Ransom”, in which Loki gets to play the hero! Also, people disguise themselves as animals! An innocent dwarf gets robbed! Plus, we get the origin (sort of) of the Rheingold!

Radio Free Asgard 215


This week Odin travels to infinity and beyond…sort of…. Loki attacks Asgard! The Warriors 3 do some probing! We see Odin’s magical BBQ grill, and Manuel’s lamp makes an appearance! All in Thor #184!

Radio Free Asgard 214


What do Dr. Blake pretending to be a mole, a greedy Frenchman, and Dr. Doom all have in common? They’re all in Thor #183, of course, which we cover this week!