Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 94: DC Rebirth Week 19, Comics and Amish Road Rage

Eric, Jim and Reggie get together to talk every DC Comic released on the week of 10-19-16 and so much more!  Week 19 of DC Comic’s Rebirth is in full effect, but they also talk news, read listener mail and listen to listener rants and raves.  Jim may not have much of a voice at […]

Just for the Hell of It Podcast Ep 6: Halloween, Trick or Treating and Mischief Night

Eric, Jim and Reggie put the comics down for a night to talk all about Halloween and so much more.  Listen and find out how Jim and Reggie both eat Kit-Kats, what Eric’s Top 5 Halloween Movies are and how Jim’s Dad used to greet Trick or Treaters. The guys keep it loose and just […]

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 93: DC Rebirth Week 18, Monster Men and Origin Stories

Jim and Eric talk a whole lot this week…It’s the end of the Monster Men story and so much more!  Of course, Reggie joins them as well as Chris and we find out that Eric may or may not have slimed his pants, Jim may or may not have experimented in college and the backstory […]

Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 87: Annuals Week Comics, Nonsense and the Killing Joke

You would think that with only 5 books and Eric heading to a wedding that the podcast would be short and sweet, right? Well, it may still be sweet, but it is nowhere near being short!  Jim and Reggie talk and talk and talk…and Eric proves that being a member of the Weird Science Get […]