Wednesday’s Haul 4/25/09– The Big Bang Postulate

The podcast returns, talking about comics, The Love Boat and pondering where Charo is nowadays. As well as musing on the potential that would exist in a Love Boat remake, I spend some time talking about Paul Pope’s Star Trek story in the latest issue of Wired and talk about my general disappointment in Superman […]

Wednesdays Haul 3/4/09– A Brand New Podcast

It’s a brand new podcast as I talk about Brand New Day, the revitilzation of Spider-Man and who gets the credit if Watchmen turns out to be a good movie? Play in new window | Download (0.0KB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Wednesday’s Haul- Politics in Manga

Scott’s back finally with a new episode and, as part of this month’s Comics Podcast Theme of Politics in Comics, Scott is talking about Kaiji Kawaguchi’s excellent manga series EAGLE: THE MAKING OF AN ASIAN-AMERICAN PRESIDENT, a fictitious account of the 2000 Presidential race. But while it’s looking at a past race, it shares much […]

Wednesday’s Haul 625/08– Ty Nelson, J’accuse!!!

This episode was supposed to be a continuation of Duck Month with a thorough look at Marvel’s Essential Howard The Duck but, just as I was really getting into reading it, the book dissolved in my hands. So instead, I take a side track from Duck Month (don’t worry, it’ll continue with the next show) […]

Wednesday’s Haul 6/11/08– The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck

They say every dog has his day but thanks to Don Rosa, we get to see that every duck has his life. More specifically, Scrooge McDuck gets a life as his story is told in The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck, an excellent biography of a fictional character. In this episode, Scott takes a […]

Wednesday’s Haul 5/21/08– When Titans CLASH!!!!!

This episode, it’s a meeting of the minds as Wednesday’s Haul hosts the first Wednesday’s Haul/Boxwatcher crossover episode. Joining me this week is Ty Nelson, man about town and the host of, a pop culture blog & podcast. In this first part, Ty and I talk about the commodity of creators in comics, movies […]

Wednesday’s Haul 5/14/08: A little bit of this, a little bit of that…

It’s a mish-mash episode as I review the first issue of Alex Ross, Jim Kreuger and Steve Sadowski’s Avengers/Invaders (all I’ll say here is that this book is in desperate need of an inker,) talk about about the robbery/shooting of David Pirkola and what kind of a great shop Apparition comics is in Kentwood, MI […]

Wednesday’s Haul 4/23/08– When does a creator fail?

With Greg Rucka’s last issue of Checkmate hitting the stands, it’s time to discuss when does a creator fail? With him leaving Checkmate and the announcement of the departure of the Brubaker/Fraction team from Iron Fist, I’ve decided to drop those titles. But if I drop them and don’t feel the loss of missing those […]

Wednesday’s Haul 4/2/08– Event Envy

This episode, I review All Star Superman #10 and Kick Ass #2 as well as talk about how and why I’m looking forward to the upcoming big events from Marvel and DC Play in new window | Download (0.0KB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Wednesday’s Haul 3/5/08– Confessions of a Geek Father

We always hope our children will enjoy the things that we do even if we wish better for them. I never planned to raise up my son as a geek but that’s the way it happened. Instead of Big Bird or Barney, he prefers DC: The New Frontier, Jeff Smith’s Bone and Hayao Miyazaki movies. […]

Wednesday’s Haul 5 Minute Review– Hulk #2

Possible spoilers in the podcast It’s experimenting time around Wednesday’s Haul. For the next couple of weeks, look for 5 minute reviews— complete reviews of new comics in, you guessed it, five minutes. To kick off this grand experiment, I look at the fun Hulk #2. Now I know that this isn’t great literature or […]

Wednesday’s Haul 1/16/08– Favorites of 2007

While it’s still January, it doesn’t seem too late to talk about the Haul’s favorite books of 2007. Some of the books I talk about this week include Criminal #10, Apollo’s Song, Ghost Stories, The Homeless Channel, Madman and Hellboy. And that’s just a small sample. Play in new window | Download (38.9MB)Subscribe: iTunes […]

Wednesday’s Haul 1/4/08 One More Podcast

I think since early 2001 Joe Quesada has been looking for a way to break the internet in half. He somehow thought he had it with House of M but that maybe only broke off a corner of the internet and didn’t have the cataclysmic results that he wanted it to have. But congrats to […]

Wednesday’s Haul 12/19/07– Batman Goes Caroling

Batman #219 by Neal Adams Merry Christmas!!! In keeping with the season this podcast, I look at/re-enact the Christmas story from Batman #219, where Batman and the GCPD caroling brings good will and peace to men to Gotham City. Not a hoax, not an imaginary story– Batman sings “Jingle Bells!” and not the “Batman Smells” […]

Wednesday’s Haul 12/12/07– Where’s Superman’s gold watch?

A couple of weeks ago on his podcast, my buddy Ty asked if it was time to retire characters like Superman, Batman and to let a new generation of heroes become popular. Of course, I couldn’t let a question like that go unanswered. Should Superman be retired? No! Why not? Well, listen to this episode […]