Valiant Effort 025: At War with Unity

It’s episode 25! In this episode we talk about the XO Manowar tie-in books during Unity #1-4. We also talk about what we want to have happen with our corpses. Don’t worry though, it’s not all morbid, we also give away a GOLD BOOK! Are you the winner? Tune-in to find out!

Episode 25: At War with Unity

(Cover art by Clayton Crain.)

Valiant Effort 022: Sect Civil War

Will the Sect Civil War lead to internal conflict between Nick and Josh? Why can’t Archer just get along with Armstrong? How do the emoticons change of the Black Bloc’s faces? Has Nick ever been drunk before? Why do I keep asking questions? … Well, how come you don’t know? Are you ready to listen to our take on the fourth Archer & Armstrong trade? …Well then how come you haven’t pressed play yet?

(Cover art by Clayton Henry.)

Valiant Effort Episode 021: Perfect Day

It’s a perfect day to record a podcast.  In this episode we discuss the fourth Harbinger Trade, and we argue about the proper way to shoot a bow and arrow, talk about what sets Kris apart from the other Renegades, and channel Lou Reed.  …you’re going to reap just what you sow…

(Cover art by Barry Kitson.)

Valiant Effort Interacts Episode 004: Further Reading at NYCC

It’s Valiant Effort’s New York Comic-Con wrap-up.  Listen to interviews with Matt Kindt (Unity, Rai), Randall Bills (Catalyst Game Labs), Fred Van Lente (Archer & Armstrong) and Dinesh Shamdasani.  The future of Valiant is strong and some of it’s secrets are exposed in this episode.


Valiant Effort Interacts Episode 003: Tabletop Madness!

It’s time for us to try something new!  Valiant, alongside Catalyst Game Labs, published an RPG.  This episode we’re joined by our friends Brady and Tyler as we play the new tabletop game.  Our mission: We’re the H.A.R.D. Corps and we’re going into the Faraway.  Can those who have never played a tabletop game make it through their first mission alive?  Find out in our most action packed episode of Valiant Effort ever!

Valiant Effort 020: Sword of the Wild

It’s time for the episode Nick’s been waiting for since the beginning of the series, it’s time to talk about the Eternal Warrior! Will Nick like it or hate it? Do we believe in destiny? Is the Earth really alive? And what’s the deal with all these houses? Find out now with our focus on the second immortal brother from Valiant Comics.

(Cover art by Clayton Crain.)

Valiant Effort 019: H.A.R.D. Corps

Here comes Valiant Effort invading Harada’s Headquarters with our review of the fourth Bloodshot trade.  In this episode Nick’s mouth is full of ideas, is Disciple right justifying killing, and whose book is this anyway because Bloodshot seems to be taking a back seat.  Plus: murder in the studio.  Who dies and who’s the murderer?

(Cover art by J.G. Jones.)

Valiant Effort 018: Deadside Blues

It’s Nick’s turn now. This episode we review Shadowman Volume 3, and Nick’s not happy. Actually he was for the first half of the trade and then the rest of it happened. So do what Josh did this episode: Sit back, relax and listen to Nick rant about the best and the worst Shadowman has to offer.

(Cover by Dave Johnson.)

Valiant Effort Episode 17: Homecoming

Hey look! It’s another installment of Valiant Effort. This time we look at the fourth volume of XO Manowar.  In this volume Aric faces his greatest enemy: supermarket thieves! (Also he fights the Eternal Warrior and the entire Russian army.)  So join Josh and Nick as they talk about birds, Tetris, Nohses, and a little thing called Unity.

(Cover art by Clayton Crain.)

Valiant Effort Episode 16: Far Faraway

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
A tale of a fateful trip
That started from a secret place
After a tiny slip.

The immortal was a drinking man,
The young one brave and sure.
Four travelers entered the Faraway
One was eaten by a dinosaur.

A great adventure then took place,
But what would be the cost,
After what Archer saw that day
His innocence would be lost, his innocence would be lost.

All lost things set ground on the shores of this place
With Archer
& Armstrong too,
The General and his aliens,
The time traveler
The pilot and Mary-Maria,
Here in the Faraway.

far faraway

(Cover art by Pere Perez.)

Valiant Effort Episode 15: The World’s Worst Superhero Team

Let’s read the first volume of Quantum and Woody and explore some of Valiant’s lighter fare.  Or is it?  We argue that this is some of the deepest work Valiant has put out to date, just with jokes.  So get your headphones and listen to us laugh our way through some serious conversation. Meh!

Valiant Effort Episode 15: The World’s Worst Superhero Team

World's Worst

(Cover art by Ryan Sook.)