V for Vertigo, Episode 116: The Itch

I began the show talking about the itch I feel from time to time. No, not THAT itch—the shopping itch. It’s the reason why guys may go a little overboard when it comes to our hobbies. I reminisce on a couple of old, but great, video games. I wish I could say I’m finally done […]

V for Vertigo, Episode 115: Taxi Sono Que!

Jersey Shore is back! Oh yeah! And I don’t understand MTV’s, or most cable network’s, policy when it comes to posting shows online. I discuss my rather bad experience with an online toy retailer. Don’t shop there. I discuss the oldie John Constantine, Hellblazer: Fear & Loathing (Garth Ennis, Steve Dillion). It’s like the preview […]

V for Vertigo, Episode 114: Easy Peasy

I stop myself from going on one rant by covering the new and surprisingly good, Thundercats show. Then I spend a few minutes going over my excellent, but out of print goody—Spawn Origins Deluxe Vol. 1. Unfortunately, I must eventually move on to Fables: War & Pieces (Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham). It’s the most anti-climatic […]

V for Vertigo, Episode 113: Captain Air

It’s a short show this week. However, I do spend a few minutes giving my spoiler free thoughts on Captain America: The First Avenger. It’s good, but also disappointing, and not in the way you think a comic book host might think. I end the show by covering the prematurely canceled series, Air: A History […]

V for Vertigo, Episode 112: The Mass Effect of Comic Con

Good morning everyone! I delve into talking about my limited experience with the overrated Mass Effect 1. I also compare the differences between Mass Effect and Dragon Age Origins. Because of some tiny convention this week, I believe it’s called San Diego Comic Con, there’s plenty of news. I go over the panels I wasn’t […]

V for Vertigo, Episode 111: One More Thing!

I’m back! I talk about the recent changes in Netflix subscriptions and how it’s not that big a deal. But people like to whine about things being taken away anyway. Also, Jackie Chan Adventures is on their stream so you should watch it. Hi-yah! If you’re going to San Diego Comic Con, check out the […]

V for Vertigo, Episode 110: Cameron’s Cameras

It wouldn’t be an Independence Day weekend without a Michael Bay movie. So I give my spoil-free thoughts of Transformers: Dark (Side) of the Moon and about the trilogy in general. Even though I’m a HUGE Transformers fan, my thoughts are not as favorable as you might think. I then cover Fables: Sons of Empire […]

V for Vertigo, Episode 109: My Last Kotei?

I lack energy this week and my voice is gone because of the San Jose kotei. As much fun as I had, it may be my last one. I talk about it and me taking a break from the collectible card game, Legend of the Five Rings. I go over some old school Vertigo by […]

V for Vertigo, Episode 108: Skript

Just when I thought there was nothing to talk about on this hot, summer day, I find something I’ve been meaning to watch for ages—Never Sleep Again! If you’re a fan of the A Nightmare on Elm Street movies, you should watch it. If you’re not a fan, but into movies and the going ons […]

V for Vertigo, Episode 107: Simple Names

It is a fine day as I celebrate the Dallas Mavericks beating the Miami Heat! Not one, indeed. I dissect why the Mavericks were the better team. To be honest, I picked the Heat to win in six, but was hoping for the Mavs. There’s one piece of news this week as I talk about […]

V for Vertigo, Episode

Before I talk about comics, I break down my Top 5 Cartoons of all time. Woo-hoo! There’s been some kind of news with DC this week, but I have a hard time remembering it. I think it’s big. Whatever it is, it makes me incoherent. I move on to Fables: Arabian Days (And Nights) by […]

V for Vertigo, Episode 105: We Have Heart

This is a short episode this week, but I do cover a lot of ground like the UFC, Majesty, organic food, and culture differences. Listen as my voice gets progressively worse throughout the episode. There was a lot of editing done. I soldier through and cover The Vinyl Underground: Watching the Detectives (Si Spencer, Simon […]

V for Vertigo, Episode 104: Make Your Own Smallville Finale

It’s been a few years since I’ve regularly watched Smallville, but of course, I had to watch the series finale. I “spoil” that. The finale was so bad an episode that I decided to make my own Smallville finale with complete sound effects. How would you have done the last episode? I cover the rather […]

V for Vertigo, Episode 103: Summer Movies

I recently watched both Thor and Fast Five so you know I have to talk about them. Don’t worry, I don’t spoil them, but if you haven’t seen them, you should. And stay past the credits, this includes Fast Five. There’s one sad, but unsurprising news this week as I say goodbye to FOX’s Human […]

V for Vertigo, Episode 102: Icka-something

It’s that time of the year again to talk about the NBA playoffs—playoffs! I talk about how dirty the Lakers were and got swept by the Dallas Mavericks. However, I spend most of the show talking about comics. Because I’m me, I mispronounce things, more than I usually do when I begin my journey to […]