Hey Kids, Comics! Vol 2 38 Go Joe!

It’s an episode long in the making. Well, 2 weeks. It’s an episode asked for by YOU! Well, if you asked for it. It’s a chance for Micheal & Andrew to display their complete ignorance on a topic. As usual. Yes, it’s an episode all about GI JOE!!!! In issues HAND-PICKED by listeners (#21 and […]

Hey Kids, Comics! Vol 2 37 Cosmic Spider-Man II

A startling change to the format of the show is mooted by an emailer before the inevtible digression that was current at the time but now seems dated and “like, so last year.” But after that, Michel and Andrew explore a Marvel that was on the cusp on the 90’s as their look at the […]

Hey Kids, Comics! Vol 2 36 Cosmic Spider-Man

Did Batman REALLY kill The Joker at the end of The Killjng Joke? Is Brian Singer’s return to the X-Men franchise really a good thing? Do Andrew and Micheal evan care about Ben Affleck? 2 of these questions will be answered before Andrew delves deep into his comic book collection to produce a Spider-Man crossover […]

Hey Kids, Comics Vol2 35 Full Sack

Time to delve into the bulging sack once more dear friends for an episode devoted to addressing the concerns of the lovely listeners. I would like to tell you what topics await herein but why spoil the surprise? In addition – for this is no mere EMAIL episode released by lazy podcasters enjoying their summer […]

Hey Kids, Comics! Vol2 34 The Wolverine

Micheal and Andrew FINALLY get around to covering the 1980’s Chris Claremont/Frank Miller Wolverine series AFTER years of promising they would. Why now? Well you may have noticed that there’s this film out called the Wolverine and it’s a (very loose) adpatation of this comic. Let’s compare, should we?   VISIT OUR FORUM  Hey Kids, […]

Hey Kids, Comics! Volume 2 Episode 32 – X-Men “Days Of Future Past”

Dateline:2013 – Micheal and Andrew delve into the physics of time travel and journey back and forth between today and 1980, bringing with them 2 of the finest comic books ever forged – Uncanny X-Men 141 and 142. They will inevitably meander onto other topics such as The Terminator, James Cameron, The Outer Limits, Harlen […]

Hey Kids, Comics! Vol2 31 Nightwing Year One

Andrew and Micheal read emails and then talk about Nightwing Year One for about an hour and a half. What? You want more? Oh, OK. With Dan DiDio talking about putting a target on young Dick Grayson (again!), we decided to look at the post-crisis, post Zero Hour, Pre Nu52 6 issue mini series within […]

Hey Kids, Comics! Vol2 30 Daredevil – Yellow

TThere is no game talk in this episode, instead Micheal and Andrew get back to discussing the first of the Marvel Colours Trilogy, Daredevil – Yellow. It’s pretty damn good so if you haven’t already go and read a copy before we yak about it and ruin it for you. As usual, there is some […]

Hey Kids, Comics! Vol2 29 Metal Gear Solid 2

This week Micheal wrests control of the microphone to continue to wax lyrical about Metal Gear Solid. Issues 7-12 of the comic adaptation and more about the games. Andrew watches, infuriated by the gameplay.   VISIT OUR FORUM  Hey Kids, Comics! is a proud member of the Comics Podcast Network (http://www.comicspodcasts.com/) and the League of Comic […]

Hey Kids, Comics! Vol2 28 Metal Gear Solid 1

Some email tomfoolery sends Andrew into a fit of giggles plus Hey Kids WANTS YOU!!!!!! Listen in to hear why. Then Micheal begins his epic look at the multi million selling comic style game series Metal Gear Solid! Whataminute! Game? GAME!? Apparently it’s an itty bitty little game. The game is rarely mentioned. Apparently. Hmmn. […]

Hey Kids, Comics! Vol2 27 Spotlight On Jim Steranko

Micheal and Andrew FINALLY break their silence over the Man Of Steel movie, then emails are read before the meat of the show is consumed. A celebration of Comics Innovator, Industry Legend & part-time Escape Artist – Jim Steranko and a look at his seminal run on Captain America from issues 110, 111 & 113. […]

Hey Kids, Comics! Vol2 26 How Soon Is (Marvel) Now Part 4

What can I say about the final episode of How Soon Is (Marvel) Now? well, I could say it’s choc full of all the things you love – disagreements, banter and a stubborn refusal to acknowledge where we’re wrong – about comics. But what if I just say it’s about Superior Spider-Man #1 & 9? […]

It’s Hip! It’s Wow! It’s Now! Marvel Now! Part 3 looking at FF #1 and Fantastic Four #1. I know what your thinking. And you’re right. It WOULD have made more sense to have these issues be part 4. You want sense? At this stage of the game?   VISIT OUR FORUM  Hey Kids, Comics! […]

Hey Kids, Comics! Vol2 24 How Soon Is (Marvel) Now Part 2

There’s a podcast if you’d like to listen. You may hear someone whose comics you love. So go and download. And listen on your own. And then weep that it was only alright. How Soon Is (Marvel) Now continues with a look at Captain America #1 and Hawkeye #3. Sci fi action and muscle car […]

Hey Kids, Comics! Vol2 23 How Soon Is (Marvel) Now Part 1

Welcome back to another installment of Hey, Kids, Comics! the podcast that does for comics what Bran does for your diet. This week, Micheal & Andrew answer more reader email. Is your missive in there? Then they turn their attention to the recent (don’t call it a reboot) publishing initiative from Marvel – NOW! In […]