The PKD Black Box – Episode #89: The Legends Edition

On this week’s show Shawn briefly discusses his future with Action Lab Entertainment, and then goes all in with a roundtable of special guests (David A. Price, Chris Campbell, Julian Lytle, and Martheus Wade) as they discuss the “Legends” mini-series from DC Comics! And later in the show, Donny Salvo swings by to give us […]

The PKD Black Box #84: The Justice League of Topics.

In this super-sized episode, Shawn is joined by special guest Peter Rios (The Daily Rios podcast) as they discuss the Justice League: Detroit era and 80’s comics. Later in the show, Donny Salvo swings by to discuss The Amazing Spider-Man, his personal Apes movie-marathon, comics/additional tangents, and Shawn activates his “Samuel L. Jackson mode” in […]

The PKD Black Box #83: Molly Danger and the Power Principle.

Shawn Pryor interviews Artist/Creator Jamal Igle as they discuss his creator-owned Kickstarter project “Molly Danger” and creator-owned comics, and then follows up with an interview with Alan White discussing his project called “The Power Principle.” Tangents aplenty also follow as things such as Megaforce, classic Janet Jackson and other random topics are discussed. Enjoy. Molly […]

PKD Black Box presents: Tales From The Attic – Archie Meets KISS #4!

The epic conclusion of the Tales From The Attic Summer marathon comes to a head as the one and only Donny Salvo tells the tale of “Archie Meets KISS” #4! Enjoy, and understand that Paul Stanley speaks softly. For previous Tales From The Attic “Archie Meets KISS” marathon episodes, go here: Tales From The Attic: […]

The PKD Black Box #73: “The Komplicated Red Tails.”

Shawn and special guest Hannibal Tabu ( discuss the lack of Black comic book writers in the Big 2 comic publishers (Marvel and DC Comics), race in comics, the comics market, and the Black Super Hero Algorithm; then Shawn has a conversation with Joey Aulisio as they go in deep about Red Tails, the subject […]

PKD Black Box #70: Sheltered Moments.

Shawn interviews artist/creator Harold Jennett as they discuss his “Shelter” comics anthology project, and later on Donny Salvo, Jon Carroll and a slew of others highlight some moments from the first 32 episodes of The PKD Black Box podcast. Ninjas! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Peace. Sponsored By: Exo-1 & The Rocksolid Steelbots: […]

PKD Black Box #68: A Hard Knock Shelf Life.

Shawn interviews Tara Platt (Naruto: Shippûden) and Yuri Lowenthal (Ben 10), creators/actors of the web series Shelf Life and goes behind the scenes of the series and also talk about their work in the voice-over world of animation and video games. Then later in the show, Donny Salvo stops by to talk some movie trailers with Shawn and the tangent machine goes to […]

The PKD Black Box-Episode #58.5: Beaucoup Pop Presents The Fracture in Deathly Hollows

I recently had the pleasure of being a special guest on the Beaucoup Pop podcast! They go all out discussing all the pop-culture, movie news, dvd’s, music, and this little thing called Harry Potter. Here’s what went down, courtesy of the Beaucoup Pop Podcast: The cast of Beaucoup Pop is back, bringing you everything you […]

The PKD Black Box – Episode #55: Candis & Darrell Hijack Airwolf.

Shawn and special guest host Darrell Taylor interview actress Candis Phlegm of the webseries Awkward Embraces. We discuss Season 2 of AE, then go into tangent filled 80’s pop-culture fun, ice cream, and Darrell attempting to hijack/derail the show on multiple occasions. It’s truly outrageous. Enjoy. Awkward Embraces – FPW – The Taylor Network – […]

The PKD Black Box-Episode #53: Rambo Shot James Bond Jr.

On this episode,  Shawn and special guest Luke Foster (Moon Freight 3) discuss some obscure & forgotten cartoons of years past. We also learn what the animated Rambo does before going on special missions with the “Forces of Freedom!” Enjoy. SHOW NOTES Moon Freight 3 – The Trip Podcast – Longboxes on 22’s – CGS Super Show […]

The PKD Black Box-Episode #51: Justice Jogger For Sale.

DC Entertainment and Boom! Studios artist Dave Beaty along with special guest host Darrell Taylor join Shawn as they reminisce about the Super Powers Collection by Kenner! We talk about the toys (good, great, and bad), the Super Powers mini-comics, & geek out over childhood memories. Show Notes World of Hurt Kickstarter Project by Jay Potts – Jetta […]

The PKD Black Box-Episode #50: Jetta Meets Billy Ocean & John Cena.

Martheus and Janet Wade are interviewed about their latest Original Graphic Novel, Jetta: Tales of The Toshigawa – Full Circle, then Jon Carroll swings by as he and Shawn discuss the iPad 2 and Race In Comics, and later on Donny Salvo stops by as Shawn tells him about the strangest dream he’s ever had, which then lead to a […]

The PKD Black Box – Episode #41: The Kung Fu Explosion Returns!

Shawn is joined by Johnny M of the Legion of Dudes& Walking Dead TV podcast and DC Comics artist Dave Beaty (Brightest Day, Adventure Comics) as they discuss some more of their favorite Kung-Fu & Martial Arts movies ever. Discover what an “IP Man” is, marvel at the skill of Sonny Chiba, find out about some Jet Li flicks you didn’t know […]

The PKD Black Box-Episode #40: The Shawn & Donny Show!

In Episode 40 Shawn and Donny answer questions from the listeners and podcaster Darrell Taylor, discuss comics, Big Daddy Kane, Shaft, Iron Man on roller skates, Secret Wars I and II omnibus, Jolt Cola, Rambo vs. Chuck Norris, Jim Kelly, tangents, and tell the world that Chocolate Skittles are nasty. Enjoy, and have a great Thanksgiving! (The PKD […]

The PKD Black Box-Episode #39: Get Your Wookie Out Of My Beer.

In this weeks show, host Shawn Pryor talks about his role with Action Lab Entertainment and the future of PKD Media, the Kickstarter Project for “Fracture,” then Shane Kelly of the Comic Geek Speak podcast stops by to talk about Star Wars toys of today & yesterday. Later on Shawn is joined by Raph SooHoo, […]