The Next Issue #114 – There are some Pretty Deadly 5 Ghosts out and about!

  In this issue of the show Aitch, Elden and our new 3rd chair Peter discuss The passing of Marcia Wallace and its impact on The Simpsons The PBS Superheroes Documentary Ol’ School United Artists movie theaters and Machete Kills We also have an interview from The Third Eye Comics Halloween event featuring Frank Barbiere […]

The Next Issue 113- NYCC 13 Recap and the Horror on TV

  In this episode Aitch and Elden: – Discuss the Halloween goodies on TV – briefly discuss American Horror Story Coven – talk about The Walking Dead opener (THERE WILL BE SPOILERS) – discuss New York Comic Con 2013 Following the show: NYCC Interviews from – John Layman and Rob Gilloroy -1:16 – City of […]

The Next Issue 112 – Shutdowns don’t stop comics!!

In this issue we take: A look at fall movies with Travis Hopson with Punch Drunk critics We also talk about Aitch’s discovery of Dr. Who We evaluate some of the new Fall shows and debate whether they are worth watching   On our Pull List for Oct 9th we look at Three #1 Watson […]

The Next Issue 111 – Of Gods Men and TV Shows

  In this issue, Aitch, Elden and special guest Sterling from Gamers United cover: – The Baltimore Book Fair – The Announcements of Gordon and Constantine We also have an interview with Rat Queens writer Kurt Wiebe and Roc Upchurch In our Pull List we look at: Reality Check #2 Detective Comics#24 Mighty Avengers #2 […]

The Next Issue 79: It Was Really…Effin’ AWESOME

  Wow…what a weekend!!¬† The guys cover FCBD and the events surrounding the venues where they went. Inside we also¬† cover: News -2000AD goes day and date, Dark Judges return -Thrillbent launches with first installment of Insufferable Comic Reviews Near Death 5 XO Manowar Earth2/Worlds Finest Issues #1 Pterodactyl Hunters Reset Calador The Walking Dead […]

The Next Issue 78: Digital plans, Avenging Soccer Ads and more

  Before you do anything else, please go see the NEW and IMPROVED! As Aitch returns, the guys tackle the news out of C2E2 also we look at: – DC’s digital comics plans and make a note that some mainstream publications actually have comic book sections now (USA TODAY) – How is it that […]

The Next Issue 75: We Have Become Destroyers of Worlds

  In this issue, Aitch, Greg Elden and Mike come on well rested despite “losing an hour” of sleep. In the news, discuss briefly Marvel’s SXSW announcement and how it affects digital distribution of comics. Also, we look at Marvel’s announcement about $3.99 comics and digital codes. We show some trepidation of DC plans to […]

The Next Issue 74: Have you checked your box lately?

  In this issue Aitch Greg and Mike are back at it and on time this week. We start off the show as Aitch talks about the perils of letting your box getting full. We also talk about Mark Millar and his movies slated for 2013-14, how Wizard World Philadelphia may wind up being a […]

The Next Issue 73: Don’t sue us for being late!

In this issue, Aitch Greg and Mike (along with Elden who pops in and out) try their best to not get sued this week! This show is slightly Walking Dead heavy because…well it’s hot! We have a winner for the X 23 figure. We discuss the passing of John Severin at 90. We also look […]

The Next Issue 71: It’s 2012 and we look forward to the end!!!

Aitch Greg and Mike are back for 2012 and after talking a little football we kick of this show looking at DC’s new logo, a Green Arrow show in the works and 6 DC titles coming 6 going…also is Justice League 5 delayed? And Greg talks about why Jimmy Broxton kicked off ASHES In our […]

The Next Issue Special Edition: Don’t forget our locals!

In this show we have 2 interviews. The first is with Randy Meyers of Collector’s Corner, one of the most successful LCS’s in the area as he gives us insight on what it’s like to be in his shoes as well as how the digital distribution market is shap[ing before his eyes. Next is Kevin […]

The Next Issue 70: We got a phone number !!

In this epic issue, Aitch Greg and Mike talk about their exploits on Black Friday. Want to win a free Graphic Novel? Listen to the show!! We will tell you how! ** Mike tells us about the first wave of comics expected to be released on Free Comic Books Day on May 5, 2012 In […]

The Next Issue 69:…before you eat on Thursday

In this issue Aitch, Greg, Elden and Mike come out firing on all cylinders with some really cool comics reviews including Adam and Eve’s Bizarre Love Triangle, Banana Tails, Atomic Robo, Mark Twain’s Autobiography, Azteca #3 and a few others. We also have a roundtable look at Fear Itself and the after effect on the […]

The Next issue 68: I got nuthin’

It’s getting closer to the end of the year; Aitch and Mike are here to give you the latest news on what’s hapening in our world The Punisher is kinda sorta coming to TV and Sony has picked up the rights to do Assasin’s Creed- The Movie In 1st Impressions – Battlefield 3 and Once […]

The Next Issue w/ Shane and Chris Houghton of Reed Gunther

For this special episode we sit down with the creators of Reed Gunther from Image Comics. Their first collected volume is out on November 9th and a series of one shot stories will begin on December 7th. For mor info about Reed Gunther go to: E mail us at Join the discussion on […]