The Harbinterview – John Siuntres (

The Harbinger has recently gone through a lot, heralds. The show has left it’s on-air status and two of its hosts have graduated college. During Dude’s final days at Titan Radio, however, he was able to have a few words (and over an hour) with Principal John Siuntres of Give it a listen to […]

The Harbinger #508 – BrownOut Shout Out

Still nursing that hangover from Wednesday? Remember what happened, or more importantly, what books came out that day? Neither do Dude and Mickey McGee, but they – along with Cap and longtime fan Dr. Venkman – still made it a good day to be (faux)-Irish. How to listen to this podcast, sloppily synced sing-a-longs, and […]

The Harbinger #507 – Ice Cool Cold

Due to the relevance of recent events regarding Amazon – and because this is one of the best shows of this season – everyone gets to avoid the weekend wait! Captain Man talks Captain America, the (not-so) Great Amazon Glitch of March 2010, pros and cons of Comic Con, and more! Guest starring Meg (Last […]

The Harbinger #506 – Amazed and Immersed

Things get a little serious, and even a little political on The Harbinger, as they compare and contrast two comics based on our contemporary politcal/media climate: Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan, and Jonathan Hickman’s The Nightly News. (Don’t worry, they also end up talking about comics done by a five-year-old.) The Harbinger is back on-air, but only […]

The Harbinger #505 – Four Dino Bones

It’s been a busy and exciting week for the comics industry, and yet all the Dude and Baron can do is talk about themselves and waste time on the Internet. (So, business as usual.) Also in this episode: how the Old Guard of wrestling have fallen, why everyone should read Incredible Hercules, a comically brief […]

The Harbinger 504 – Angry Tetris Seizures

Stuff! Things! Shameless self-promotion! And that’s all in the first ten minutes! Also in this episode: a gamma-charged ballad, how to think like Tony Stark, why everyone should read Atomic Robo, and more! The Harbinger is back on-air, but only for one more season! Tune in to Wednesdays 5-6 to hear everything before the […]

The Harbinger #503 – Intergalactic Opium Wars

Three (official) episodes into the new season and already things are out of order. Good work, boys.Listen to Doom and Larseny guess the Secret Avengers roster, get qualms about their fellow readers and fans off their chest, get aggravated by ads, and propose how it’s always sunny on The Island. And more! The Harbinger is […]

The Harbinger 5.0.5 – Three-Eyed Iceberg

Captain Man returns to give his blessing to the new guy, as well as catch everyone up on his post-graduation adventures. Also in this episode: advice for HDTV owners/buyers, how much the Baron watches the Watchmen, the tragedies of S.W.O.R.D. and Lockheed, and more! The Harbinger is back on-air! Tune in 5-6 PM PST on […]

The Harbinger 5.0 – A Good Alterninternetative

In The Harb’s first recording of 2010, The Dude brushes the dust off the DJ booth and does a top secret Zero Hour test run with Cap’s successor, Erik Wargo (Cherry Spitz, Popping the Culture), a.k.a. BAR-R-R-R-R-R-ON Larseny! Also in this episode: the Baron’s secret origin, social networking woes, Siege #1, proper conduct in Hall […]

The Harbinterview – Kieron Gillen

Kieron Gillen (Phonogram, Thor, Dark Avengers: Ares, S.W.O.R.D.) takes some time from his busy schedule to discuss a variety of Marvel projects on his plate, as well as his thoughts on topics such as digital comics and interacting with the fanbase. The amount of silver bums and Doom fanboying may or may not surprise you! […]

The Harbinger 4.15 – Too Much

After a few episodes too AWESOME to air, and a breakneck breakout of school and finals, The Harbinger has returned just time for Doom and Cap to celebrate the holiday season. In this episode: merry metal melodies, gift recommendations from everyone’s favorite Nazi killer, The Dark Knight Before Christmas, and a sneak peak at the […]

The Harbinger 4.10 – Hug People

DVD and Cap are free from filming, which has resulted in this being one of the most free-formed episodes this season! Also in this episode: Captain Man’s pre-”SHAZAM!” alias, a holy grail for sound editors, comic books defeating terrorism, a cookie-ridden birthday cake, and MORE! Tune in Tuesdays, 5-6 PM PST on to listen […]

The Harbinger 4.7 – Frish to Fy

An extra-long special episode of The Harbinger, edited down so it was like nothing special at all! Show topics include proper scaring tactics, paying respects to a departed cashier, R.E.B.E.L.S., DVD’s hopeful commission, and more! The Harbinger is back ON-AIR! Tune in Tuesdays, 5-6 PM PST on to listen to The Dude Von Doom […]

The Harbinger 4.4 – Samurai Bumblebee

It’s a very special episode for the Harbinger Trinity, with them at their best. (Or worst. It’s really all the same.) All this and more on Titan Talk. ( The Harbinger is back ON-AIR! Tune in Tuesdays, 5-6 PM PST on to listen to The Dude Von Doom and Captain Man professionally discuss comics […]

The Harbinger 4.3 – Always Create

It’s just about the wisest thing someone has ever said to Dude and Cap. And it may or may not be a surprise that such words came from a man whose most memorable creation is called “Dickbutt.” Listen to our two heroes interview webcomic creator KC Green (Gun Show, Horribleville, Hate Song) discuss the creative […]