Sideshow 96 – autobots, DNA and more fun then you can handle

(Kitaro’s Sideshow is a Hebrew Podcast. sorry guys) Great show. The writer of the new Israeli book – The Autobots guide. Avi took over the whole show so its Avi’s show hosting the Sideshow. Ariel brings really cool tech news and Nir and I are doing a very good job as well 🙂 More information […]

Sideshow 95 – macs and geeks

(Kitaro’s Sideshow is a Hebrew Podcast. sorry guys) A show dedicated to mac. Technology news, strange stories, a visit to Sarig, new stargate theater show and more. More information at Download the show here: 128kbps signup for this feed 64kbps signup for this feed Play in new window | Download (0.2KB)Subscribe: iTunes | […]

Sideshow 94 – Comics, application giveaway, free books and more

(Kitaro’s Sideshow is a Hebrew Podcast. sorry guys) a 2 hours special with special guests – Zohar from, Uri Fink -the creator of Zbeng, Israel most famous comic book – and Li Blum, a young and successful comic creator. Avi the doctor is back, Ron Fogel visits with his news.Also, we declare here the […]

Sideshow 93 – Sex, drugs and R… no, its just sex

(Kitaro’s Sideshow is a Hebrew Podcast. sorry guys) Kids, today we’re going to talk about SEX: we’re visiting the new Amora ( sex Museum. then we have a discussion about the new, stupid, law to prohibit pornography access over the internet in israel. We also have sidenews that will take you to Italy and a […]

Kitaro Sideshow #39

Superman All star, the new Narnia movie, winter music and more. Go now and listen

Kitaro’s Sideshow #37

This week we bring you the music of Kate Dovelyn Band, Stara Zagora and another song by T. Casey Brennan. Some news about my new book and the coming event for it’s publications. Book reviews, some talk about upcoming movies and a bit about politics.

Kitaro’s sideshow #21

Today’s show is full of alcohol, food and much fun. With some friends we’re talking about the new All star Batman and Robin, the 2nd desolation jounes, the 1984 book Neuromancer and the witch’s hammer. Great music from: Flatlined, dream theater, porcupine tree and more. Some moves review and reall strange sidenews.

Kitaro’s Sideshow #18

Another week without nir. On this show I review Plentary 23, the new Nevewher comic, Dream police and few other titles. We go through some books and I read a few songs from the melancholy death of oyster boy by Tim Burton. Cheers

Kitaro’s sideshow #17

Nir is out of town, doing damgae to the rest of the world. We have a shorter show this time and I got some help from morticia. In this show we present Kingdom of the wicked by edignton and D’israeli A list of invasion movies as a promo for War of the World and some […]

Bad, bad, bad movies. Why do people keep on making them? An hour and a half show dedicated to the most horrible movies ever made. A review on the new batman and a word on age limits in cinema. Ziv

Kitaro’s sideshow #14

the 14th show is here, the last show before the big change. Direct download Kitaro bros.

Kitaro’s Sideshow #13

The Horror. A special, two hours podcast, that deals with the horror genre. From comic books to cinema to literature to role playing games, if you like the dark and the macabre this is the show for you. Have fun and good night… Mu ha ha ha ha ha Direct download Kitaro bros.

Kitaro’s Sideshow #12

Kitaro’s sideshow #12 is up and running. More weird new sidenews, more great music. We talk about the movie Alexander, the comics rising stars (again) and the soundtrack of cruel intentions. Its’ in Hebrew and it’s great Ziv

Kitaro’s Sideshow new website

It took us some time but it’s ready. the Kitaro’s Sideshow site is up and runing. The streaming page for the show is also up, nothing there yet untill friday when we upload the new show. Enjoy your day, Ziv

comic books in Israel #1

Israel is small. That’s one of the things kids here learn when they begin their geography classes. You can cross the country in less then a day and still have time to sit around with friends and eat dinner before getting a good night sleep. However we do not suffer for this, our cities are […]