Sidekickcast Episode #89 – Hit the Road Jack

After a jolly ol’ festive season, the boys are back with a Special Guest, Jack Cooper. The guys kick things off by taking statement of Jack’s late, but budding Geek credentials. In the News the guys dissect the return of Peter Parker as Spider-Man.  Ant-Man Casting News and how it may pan out. Bones Runs […]

Sidekickcast Episode #88 – 619 Review Show 2013

It’s that special time of year again where the sidekicks run through the very best comics we’ve all enjoyed, join us yo, for our very first time on YouTube Live and Direct with special guest all the way from the US of A; Doktor Andy. For the first time ever you have a choice on […]

Sidekickcast Episode #87 – The Lost Tapes

After another monumental tech-fail, your favourite poscast hosts, Dan and Bones, roll out like transformer for another informative and business like episode. In the news,there’s a one-sentence review of Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer, update of Sex Criminals being banned by Apple.  We then move on to a brief update on the lost episode […]

Sidekickchat Episode 01 – Dan Boultwood

For the first episode of the Sidekickchat Gavin talks to cartoonist, Dan Boultwood about his latest comic It Came!, drinking absinthe, car restoration and how he’s more Lindy Hop than Hip Hop. The Sidekickchat is the podcast where you can be the host, if you have a creator you want to sit down with for […]

Sidekickcast Episode #86 – Shut UP, Steve

With Bones away Dan had to make the arrangements for this episode.  So, he started by breaking the rule about number of people on the show, recorded in the ghetto and plied all and sundry with alcohol.  It gets a little more than messy! With special guest stars Steve and Lloyd the sidekicks stumble their […]

Sidekickcast Episode #85 – Autobots Anonymous

Bonjourno Sidekicks! The guys bring another episode of Sidekickcast with added Chad! Special guest star Chad kicks off the show with his love for The Transformers, which Gavin shares and confuses Dan.  Then the guys move onto what went down at Cardiff Comic Con and some news that’ll make you proud! In the news we […]

Sidekickcast Episode #84 – First world problems

After 4 failed attempts and 3 laptops later, the sidekickast bring you another fine episode, because we couldn’t let our fellow Sidekicks down! This episode we’re joined by Pete Rogers, who fills us in on his new comic imprint, Dapper Chimp Press and gives us the 411 on the new and future projects coming from […]

Sidekickcast Episode #83 – A word from our sponsor

This week it all goes wrong from the get-go! We have special guest and stack Attack sponsor Rob Fish from @fish4comics hell bent on derailing the podcast. In the intro there’s talk of Comicon-Basketball-Assault, Naked Thundercats and Pacific Rim(jobs). There’s much shout outs and we find out why the comic OG’s hang out in Christchurch! […]

Sidekickast Episode #82 – The Lego Colonel Kurtz

This episode Mickey Bumchin is back, not so much taking over as holding court! Continuing last episodes mind-bending Dr Who education, Bones gives Dan a present to help him keep up with Doctor continuity.  Then it’s off with the latest Iron Man news and some 80’s cartoon revival amongst all the latest geek related news. […]

Sidekickcast Episode 81 – Page 4 Giants

This epsiode the boys try hard to keep to a schedule and have new(ish)news.  This week they discuss what the future holds for digital comics and DC2(squared). Stack Attack is brought to you with a special guest from our sponsor, Fish 4 Comics and move on to just how bad the boys comic habits are.  […]

Sidekickcast Episode 80 – Giant-Size Sidekickcast

At Last–the inevitable return of the Sidekicks! It’s been a while so your Sidekicks, Gavin and Dan, are bustin up a bumper episode to get back into the swing of things. This episode her about how the sidekicks became Iron Man and then  the boys finally talk about Iron Man Three and set phasers to […]

Sidekickcast Episode #79 – Viva La Bumchin

Mikey Bumchin bangs in a hat trick on his 3rd Sidekickcast takeover. There’s a bumper edition of the news this episode including Mikey’s own comic book story “Simple rules of time travel”, the future of the Ghost Rider movie franchise, Nightcrawler in Days of Future Past, Future DLC for Injustice, Supergirl redesign and many more […]

Sidekickcast Episode #78 – Fast Not Furious

The Dynamic Duo Strike again this episode. The boys peddle their wares in the kind of entertaining way only the sidekicks know how before moving on to the news. This week we hit up the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past movie, the controversial cover for Batman Inc #8 and Jason Statham bridging the Fast […]

Sidekickcast Episode #77 – The Now in a Minute Men

Anyone who’s ever wondered what Soylent Green would be like if it starred Magneto, should hold onto something! But we’re getting ahead of ourselves…It’s all bidness this episode where the boys discuss the new Star Wars director and Marvel phase 3 amongst the other news! Then into Stack attack where we hit up Uncanny X-Force […]

Sidekickcast Episode #76 – Punk Rock Secrets and Jesus Lies

  It’s number 76 folks!!! Bringing it bad to our original MO we have a brand new sidekick for this episode! The new sidekick explains how he thought Dan was a total loser before getting him into comic books. The usual news and awesomeness is discussed by the sidekicks and Bones explains his new comic […]