Shattercast 29 – Penis Penis Penis Penis

It’s a sexy Shattercast this month!  Jake and Gav get into cosplay massage and a flip out over penises in Archie’s boardroom.  They also question what The Bard was smoking and take a quick look at the controversy over the fact that Spidey now comes in a variety of colours. LINKS! The article on cosplay […]

Shattercast 28 – The DC Relaunch

Jake and Gav are joined this podcast by Owen Gieni to talk about the big DC Relaunch and they end up discussing each of the 52 titles (much to Jake’s dismay). They also discuss a recent study of head trauma in Asterix Comics, Bradley Cooper’s potential as The Crow, the terrible-looking trailer for the Green […]

Shattercast 27 – Blacksad Reviewed

  Did Cuyler, Jake and Gav do their homework and read Blacksad?  You betcha, and they loved it.  They also discuss Ebert vs. The Nerds, the massacre of superhero subject matter on the small screen and Grant Morrison. Links! Blacksad Chris G Comics Grant Morrison’s Head The Alabama Hot Pocket   Click here to subscribe […]

Shattercast 26 – Neil Gaiman Goes To Hell

It’s getting political again.  Jake, Gav and monthly guest Sean kick things off wondering how the hell Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal won an actual serious award, follow up by discussing Neil Gaiman’s brouhaha with Minnesota politician Matt Dean and finish off pondering how Canada became so prudish as to seize comics at the […]

Shattercast 25 – Truth, justice and the American way — it’s not enough anymore

Back from an unintended hiatus, Jake and Gav dust off the mics and yack it up, comics style.  This week, they wade into the latest happenings in the DC Universe, including Superman’s citizenship status and the return of Swamp Thing and John Constantine.  They also devote a bit of attention to the real world, looking […]

Shattercast 24 – Does The Internet Need A Fake Nerd Girl?

In the last episode recorded before the Great Shatterday Comics Web Disaster, Sean Hoyle is back to look at the week’s nerd news with Jake and Gav.  Many questions are answered, such as “Does the internet need a fake nerd girl?”, “Why does Hollywood think Superman only has two villains?” and “Did the Green Lantern […]

What happened to Shattercast?

Network Solutions, the recent host of somehow managed to lose all of our data.  As part of the task of rebuilding Shatterday, we also need to get all of our Shattercast subscribers over to our new servers.  Now, as geeky as I am, most of that geek skill is used for remembering comic trivia […]

Shattercast 23 – Owen Gieni!

Jake and Gav welcome an extra special guest this week: Owen Gieni.  Owen was just recently announced as the artist for Image Comics’ reboot of Avengelyne .  In this episode we discuss Owen’s history in the comics biz, including popular web comics Sore Thumbs and Last Blood and Arcana graphic novels Hope Virus and Kade: […]