Panel Discussions by ECV: Jon Bogdanove Talks “Electric Superman” At 20

Emerald City Video Podcast host and senior staff writer Russ Burlingame sits down to talk with longtime Superman: The Man of Steel artist Jon Bogdanove about his role in — and recollections of — the “Electric Superman” era, which turns 20 this month.

We also talk with Jeremiah Jay Fettinger from Cloud City Comics and Toys to talk about what comics you might like if ou were a Jon Bogdanove fan and wanted to try something new.

This episode marks the revival of the Panel Discussions podcast, which had been largely out of commission since March 2012.

Panel Discussions #21 – Chris Roberson on Before Watchmen and Creator Rights

This week we’re joined by iZombie and Memorial writer, who talks about the artistic and financial state of the comics industry in the wake of the Walking Dead and Ghost Rider lawsuits and the Before Watchmen controversy.

Panel Discussions #0018 – Fabian Nicieza & Ron Marz

Shortly before the final New 52 titles came out, we were joined by Fabian Nicieza and Ron Marz to talk their upcoming books for DC. Unfortunately that episode was lost to the sands of time and the whims of Libsyn. Now it’s back!

Music by Jonathan Coulton ( and Jimi Hendrix.
Ron Marz –

Panel Discussions #17 – Jeff Lemire & Kyle Higgins

This week’s episode sees Russ joined by Jeff Lemire, whose Sweet Tooth and Essex County books have made him an indie darling and whose Superboy bought him enough mainstream cred to position him as one of the architects of DC’s New 52 relaunch project. As the writer of the much-anticipated Animal Man #1, out today, and of Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #1, due out next week. The pair talk about expectations, being excited about the DC relaunch and what “no events” really means.

In the second half? None other than Kyle Higgins, whose upcoming Deathstroke and Nightwing series will help establish a pair of characters who have more years in the metahuman game under their belts than almost anybody, even in the new DC Universe. Will time and age amount to baggage, or will time as Batman simply help to bolster Nightwing’s confidence in his new/old gig?

Played for laughs is our intro music, Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon’s “Nostalgia For an Age That Never Existed,” which is a reference to the fact that Dan DiDio seems to have suggested that Ted Kord, Wally West and Connor Hawke simply never were in this new timeline. And as a sendoff to the old DC Universe in our first new episode since the release of Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1 last week, R.E.M.’s “It’s The End of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” plays us out.

Links of Note

Jeff Lemire’s Blog

Kyle Higgins’s website

Kyle Higgins’s The League

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Panel Discussions #0016 – I, Fialkov!

Special thanks go out this week to Joshua Hale Fialkov, who joined me last-minute for an interview after Jonathan and I started talking at-length about Fialkov’s upcoming I, Vampire relaunch for DC. His enthusiasm, energy and humor made him instantly one of my favorite guests, and I’ll be rooting for this title even more now.

As Josh knows, I had some…technical difficulties (regular listeners will know this is not uncommon), and as a result the audio between Jonathan and me is pretty iffy. I personally think it’s listenable if you’re interested in what we’re saying, but listeners who want to skip it can jump forward to the 49:30 point to hear some words from our friends at Cloud City Comics & Toys, followed by the Fialkov interview.

Handy note to my fellow podcasters: Never trust Google Voice to record your conversation.

Our intro music this week is from “Peg O’ My Heart” by The Dropkick Murphys and Bruce Springsteen; our closing song is The Spin Doctors’s “Vampires in the Sun.”

Suck on that, Andrew Bennett.


Links of interest:

Joshua Hale Fialkov’s website and Twitter page

I, Vampire‘s site at DC’s New 52 homepage

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Panel Discussions #13 – The Baker’s Dozen of DOOM!

This week on Panel Discussions, the show goes WEEKLY!

Also, I encounter every technological problem known to man, including the inability to use the letter “b” on my keyboard. So please excuse any b-related typos.

On the heels of race and sex debates raging with regard to DC’s relaunch, Ultimate Spider-Man and Man of Steel, I sit back and address none of it-or next to none-talking instead about the slate of titles I’d release next if I were DC, and how I would do it. Also, breaking news not yet on the front page of CR in the first five minutes, AND RELATED TO THE TOPIC. How lucky is that?

The articles I refer to in the show:

The DCnU’s female troubles by Vaneta Rogers

What’s Next for the DCnU? Some ideas…! (Part One)

Some More Ideas for the DCnU (Part Two)

…And this week’s music is by Springsteen; you can purchase it here.

Panel Discussions #12 – Super-Powered Love

This episode, Russ and Jon talk the dissolution of the Lois/Clark marriage as well as some of the other surprising elements of DC Comics’s upcoming relaunch. Then comes the parade of nerd rock, as Russ is joined by Dan Jircitano from Awkwardcore Records to talk about recent releases from The Kirby Krackle and They Might Be Giants. That conversation segues to an interview with filmmaker Kenneth Bowser, director of the film Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune, which came to DVD recently.

In short, even clocking in at a longer runtime than usual this is a packed episode.

Timeline: DC Relaunch talk starts at 0:00, Dan Jircitano at 54:07 and Kenneth Bowser at 78:14.

Coming up Friday or Monday: A special episode dedicated to the news coming out of San Diego.

Next episode: A roundtable of Green Lantern lovers dissect Geoff Johns’s Green Lantern Volume 4.

Links of interest:

Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune
First Run Features, where you can buy the film
They Might Be Giants
The Kirby Krackle

This week’s music:

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