Obsessive Comics Disorder #43: “Brian In A Bush”

Nothing fancy for you guys this week, but you’re still in for a real treat: Brian Dunaway from guyinabush.com and the podcast Comics Coast to Coast (among many others) stops by to talk with us about all sorts of things.  This episode was one of my favorites to record, so I hope you guys enjoy it!

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Obsessive Comics Disorder #11: “Revisting the Return”

Its been a long time, so another long catch up on comic books this week.  Having been a couple of months since I last talked about the Return of Bruce Wayne, and with the series coming to a close I talk about it a bit more and what I think of the direction that Batman is heading.
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Comics Discussed/Mentioned this week:
DC Comics
Batman and Robin #15
Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #5
Bruce Wayne: The Road Home – Batman and Robin
Bruce Wayne: The Road Home – Red Robin
Bruce Wayne: The Road Home – Outsiders
Bruce Wayne: The Road Home – Batgirl
Bruce Wayne: The Road Home – Catwoman
Bruce Wayne: The Road Home – Commissioner Gordon
Untold Tales of Blackest Night (One-shot)
Detective Comics #869
Green Lantern Corps #53
Green Lantern #58
Marvel Comics
Amazing Spider-Man #645
Invincible Iron Man #31
Nemesis #3
Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #4
Thor #615
Thor #616
Ultimate Comics Thor #1

Obsessive Comics Disorder #10: “My Extra Frogpants Experience”

Woohoo, its a special occasion as OCD enters double digits and debuts on the Comics Podcast Network!  And we do it with a terrific guest host!  This week, I was able to talk with Scott Johnson from the MyExtraLife webcomic (http://www.myextralife.com) in addition to all the podcasts at Frogpants Studios (which I listen to most of at http://www.frogpants.com).  We talk comic books, webcomics, podcasts, in addition to how the comic industry is changing over the next couple of years.  I enjoyed recording it, so I know you’ll enjoy listening to it!

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