Modern Myth Media Podcast, Episode 51: Yes, This SPIDER-MAN Trailer is AMAZING!

  The Gentlemen are back earlier than expected thanks to the extended Super Bowl spot for The Avengers and the very popular second trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man.  How has the new footage affected their expectations for each film?  Listen and find out! Plus, the Modern Myth Media Pull List! Play in new window | […]

Modern Myth Media Ep 49: IRON MAN Roundtable

MMM Podcast, Episode 49: IRON MAN Roundtable by The Gentlemen We’re only a few months away from The Avengers and The Gentlemen are making it their mission to roundtable every previous Marvel Studios film in time for the cinematic culmination of the company’s grand plan.  First up is Iron Man, the 2008 film that launched an entire […]

MMM Podcast, Episode 46: Batman Evolving

It seemed simple enough.  The Gentlemen were content to address Anne Hathaway’s recent comments about her portrayal of Catwoman and the “did they or didn’t they” changes that apparently were not made to the Prologue for The Dark Knight Rises.  They were also happy to look at DC’s 2012 graphic novel slate which includes Batman: […]


It was a podcast just waiting to happen and now it’s hear!  There are not very many fans of Ang Lee’s 2003 film, Hulk, but two of them are Gentlemen.  In one of the most intense debates ever held on the MMM Podcast, The Gentlemen let the verbal fists fly as they make their respective cases […]

MODERN MYTH MEDIA 34: Holy Mailbag Batman

What are The Gentlemen NOT talking about in the latest Modern Myth Media Podcast?!  Thanks to the insightful questions from our loyal listeners, The Gentlemen discuss when we can expect a trailer for Man of Steel, their preferred approach for a Green Lantern sequel, the critical reception for The Avengers, future Batman directorial candidates, Daredevil’s potential […]

Episode 30: AVENGERS Assemble… Kind Of

Entertainment Weekly ushered in the introduction of The Avengers to the masses with mixed, poorly photo-shopped results.  The Gentlemen have plenty to say about the unexpectedly controversial cover.  They’ve also got plenty more to say about DC’s New 52 now that all #1s have been made available for their reading pleasure.  If that weren’t enough, […]

Episode 29: FLASH FACT, featuring Brian Buccellato!

With The Flash #1 zooming into comic shops and onto tablets this Wednesday, September 28, co-writer Brian Buccellato stops by to give our listeners an exclusive preview!  Hear how Brian and co-writer/artist Francis Manapul first came on board the book and what they have planned for the Fastest Man Alive! But wait, there’s more!  The […]

Modern Myth Media: Episode 25 – Spiderman (2002) Roundtable

We ran out of superhero movies released in 2011, so now it’s time to go back and explore the genre’s previous entries.  This week, The Gentlemen offer their roundtable discussion of Sam Raimi’s 2002 film, Spider-Man. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:53:13 — 51.8MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Modern Myth Media Podcast – Episode 24: MMM Superhero Summer Recap & Awards Spectacular!

  The nominations are in, the votes have been tallied, now is the moment you have all been waiting for, the moment where we find out who will win the prize that the whole industry has been talking about, A MMM Action Figure. Its time for the MMM Award Spectacular! Play in […]

Modern Myth Media Podcast

Thanks to The Comics Podcast Network for welcoming Modern Myth Media to the network. Modern Myth Media is a website that focuses on Superheroes in all media, reports news items, comic book reviews and produces a weekly podcast with the directive for the intelligent analysis on the matters of masked men. The website can be […]