Episode 19: Calls from Canadia and Beyond

  KJ is in Canada, and his internet was a bit wonky, but he eventually joined. ┬áThis episode, we talk about Marvel and Disney pulling their extraveganza, SanDiego Comic-con, Flash Season 2 Filming starts, Arrow starting production this week. Rachel McAdams for Dr. Strange and the KFC Origins comic book. Warner Bros rumored to open […]

Episode 17: Cosplay and podcasts and comics, Oh My!!

Chulak and KJ the Comic Guy are on their own this episode, and boy does KJ get ranty! Commentary on the current state of Cosplay and positive body image, statements on audience awareness, and a whole lot of ranting about media professionalism as part of Con-Tact. We say farewell to Constantine. Talk Emmy Nominations, and […]