Feed It Comics #43 | Coverage? (Comicon 2014)

  http://feeditcomics.podomatic.com/enclosure/2014-07-29T15_22_16-07_00.mp3 San Diego Comicon happened again! Far be it from Doc Fluxx and Father Shepherd to avoid providing a bit of post-exhibition coverage in a such a way that only Feed It Comics could deliver. So listen, we weren’t there, we watched all this crap unfold on the internet like most gentlenerds, so don’t […]

The Incompetent Comic Cabal Cast 025: Chris BLECH-alo!!!

Dante and Jeff have another bromantic episode alone together!  They answer a question, spoil some comics and talk about some podcasts they listen to on the regular.  Spoiled books include Uncanny X-Force 20, Venom 12, Defenders 2, Ghostbusters 5, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 6, Danger Girl: Revolver 1 of 4, Batman 5, Daredevil 8, Catwoman 5 […]

Fight For Comics – Episode #113 – New 52 Review

Time has passed and all 52 books have been released. What ones should you check out and what ones should you avoid? It’s all here, as we review every book from DC’s New 52.

Fight For Comics – Episode #112.1 – The Lost Episode

The lost hour from last week was recovered thanks to the comic book gods. Enjoy.

Fight For Comics – Episode #112 – Power Outage

The Wednesday Warriors experience their first power outage while recording. Mayhem ensues.

Fight For Comics – Episode #111 – Any Empire Spotlight

The Warriors review Nate Powell’s new graphic novel from Top Shelf Productions.

Fight For Comics – Episode #110 – Flashpoint in the New 52

The DC Universe event that has everyone talking has finally happened. Will the Warriors be on board or will this finally cause them to jump ship?

Fight For Comics – Episode #109 – Pile of Shame

The Wednesday Warriors discuss what they have been reading in their pile of shame. Some of the Books discussed are: Geoff Johns Flash, New Avengers the Reunion, Hawkeye & Mockingbird, American Splendor, JSA, The Great Ten, Oishinbo and Marvel’s Ultimate line.

Fight For Comics – Episode #108 – Comic Book Ketchup

It’s that time folks. Time for another uncanny edition of Comic Book Ketchup. The Warriors review many books that left them scratching their heads. Constantine an inmate? Jimmy Jupiter? Spider people with bizarre twists? People with their manhood for a nose? What is going on here!? Listen and find out.

Fight For Comics – Episode #107 – Crisis on Infinite Bobbys

This week the Warriors take a look at little Bobby Kirkman and little Bobby Liefeld’s new Image title, The Infinite.

Fight For Comics – Episode #106 – Secret Warriors Exposed

The Wednesday Warriors spotlight Secret Warriors with its stellar last issue.

Fight For Comics – Episode #105 – Captain America Movie Review

This week the Wednesday Warriors review Captain America the movie. Did they believe it followed Thor’s greatness or should it have been shot before being drafted into the military. Find out in this exciting episode that also has Batman surprises and kung-fu action.

Fight For Comics – Episode #104 – San Diego Comic Con 2011 Recap

The Warriors share their adventures they had at this years San Diego Comic Con. They also review the Locke & Key pilot.

Fight For Comics – Episode #103 – X-Men: Schism

The Warriors review X-Men: Schism #1 as well as other mutant books. They also talk about getting prepared for the San Diego Comic Con and Sean Black gives a progress report on his pile of shame.

Fight For Comics – Episode #102 – In the Black

Sean Black dives into his pile of shame and talks about the best comics he has read out of the 80+ books he read in the last week.