Deconstructing Comics #536: “Black Ink”: African-Americans in Comics

Since we often don’t see the people who make the comics we read, we may not realize just how many African-American comics creators there are. Craig Rippon is gathering their thoughts and opinions in a documentary film called Black Ink. This week, Tim gets the scoop from Craig on who has been interviewed so far […]

Critiquing Comics #106: “Demon Archives” revisited

Three years ago we discussed Demon Archives, by Daniel Sharp and Sebastian Piriz. Recently, Daniel invited Tim and Mulele to take another look, as many more pages have come out since then. We did, and found that the comic has gone in some unexpected directions. Perhaps too many directions? Also, we read a bit of […]

Deconstructing Comics #535: Don’t sleep on “Power Nap”

The comedy/sci-fi web comic Power Nap takes place in a future where people take drugs to stay awake, and falling asleep isn’t socially acceptable. So what happens if you’re allergic to the drug? This week, Tim talks to writer Maritza Campos and artist Bachan about the comic, as well as the state of comics in […]

Deconstructing Comics #534: Oscar’s “Kai”, self-publicity, and book design

Many of us are good at making our work (comics, podcasts, what have you), but not good at putting it out there, letting people know it exists. Mulele has been advising his friend Oscar, creator of the comic Kai (discussed in Critiquing Comics #100), on using social media and on choosing the best presentation style […]

Critiquing Comics #105: “Angel Catbird”

A Dark Horse press release touts volume two of Angel Catbird. Seems like a lame superhero comic, but … wait, it’s written by acclaimed novelist Margaret Atwood? Maybe it won’t be lame…? Do novelists make good comics writers? Tim and Mulele discuss. Also: Yiffing in Hell continues to haunt us… and some listeners weigh in! […]

Deconstructing Comics #533: Captain America: Evolving with the nation’s mood

Over the decades, Captain America has changed his name, changed his costume, changed his mission, and been temporarily replaced by others. These changes, and other story developments, have often reflected changes in the national mood, such as post-Watergate malaise or the struggle to understand why 9/11 happened and how the U.S. should respond to it. […]

Critiquing Comics #104: “Ned & Annie” + more

The unidentified creator of the strip Ned & Annie promises to “bring back funny comics.” Does the comic succeed on those terms? What makes a comic funny (or not)? Also, responding to a comment on CCP #102 comic “Yiffing in Hell“, Mulele on “Mindgator“, Tim on “To the Batpoles!” and a followup on last Monday’s […]

Critiquing Comics #103: “The Glory”

After twelve years in prison, Andy meets with Todd, who was his friend but let Andy take the fall for something they did together. Is meeting up with Todd really a good idea? And, how well does this comic build tension toward its climax? Tim and Mulele discuss The Glory by Glenn M√łane, Tirso Llaneta, […]

Deconstructing Comics #532: Deconstructing “Deconstructing Comics”

What is this podcast? How could it be better? Tim gives his thoughts. What are yours? Deconstructing Comics site SUPPORT this podcast on Patreon! Follow DCP on Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr Play in new window | Download (Duration: 13:09 — 12.2MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Deconstructing Comics #531: “Little in Japan” & “Cucumber Quest”

When webcomics creators aren’t creating webcomics, what are they reading? This week we check in with a couple of creators whose work we’ve looked at previously — Victor Edison and Maya Kern — and get their recommendations: Chris Carlier’s “Little in Japan” and G.G. Digi’s “Cucumber Quest“! Deconstructing Comics site SUPPORT this podcast on Patreon! […]

Critiquing Comics #102: “Yiffing in Hell”

Yiffing in Hell: Episode I – Secret Reunion in Carfax Lodge is a graphic novel by Mexican artist Geladaa. The slogan “A book you will know less about after putting it down than before picking it up” sets off some pretty major alarm bells, but Tim and Mulele forge ahead to investigate. Deconstructing Comics site […]

Deconstructing Comics #530: Wren McDonald makes “SP4RX”

SP4RX is Wren McDonald‘s first full-length graphic novel, a cyber-punk story that fondly remembers “the future of the past”. This week Wren talks about world building in SP4RX, his process, work-life balance, and more. Support Deconstructing Comics on Patreon to hear more of this interview! Deconstructing Comics site SUPPORT this podcast on Patreon! Follow DCP […]

Deconstructing Comics #529: “The Summit of the Gods”

An old camera found in a shop in Kathmandu starts up a sometimes exasperating, but ultimately engrossing, story of climbing Mt. Everest, with one of the most satisfying endings you’ll ever see. Kumar (who translated the story into English for Fanfare/Ponent Mon’s edition) and Tim discuss Baku Yumemakura and Jiro Taniguchi’s The Summit of the […]

Deconstructing Comics #528: Lenny Schwartz: Comics and the Theatre, Act III

While we’ve talked before with Austin Tichenor and John Roberson about adapting comics to the stage, we’ve never talked about (or even thought about!) adapting the lives of comics creators to that stage! But Lenny Schwartz has done it, and more than once, writing and directing “Co-Creator” (about Bill Finger and his claim to the […]

Deconstructing Comics #068: “Black Hole”: That OTHER time we discussed it

FLASHBACK! Recently our podcast covered Charles Burns’ Black Hole for the second time. So what did the first time sound like? Here it is, featuring Tim and Brandon. In the style of the early episodes, we spend part of the show analyzing Burns’ book through the lens of Scott McCloud’s Making Comics, chapter three: The […]