Comics Alternative, Episode 229: Will Eisner Week 2017 – Uses of The Spirit since 2005

Listen to the podcast! Capturing the Spirit of The Spirit Every year for Will Eisner Week, always the first seven days in March, the Two Guys with PhDs like to do something special and Eisner-related for the podcast. This year is no different, and for the current episode Andy and Derek have decided to discuss the many uses of […]

Comics Alternative Special: A Roundtable Discussion on Political Comics

Listen to the podcast! Vote! Just in time for the U.S. elections, Gene and Derek hold a roundtable discussion on political and propaganda comics. Joining them in the conversation are Richard Graham, author of Government Issue: Comics for the People, 1940s-2000s (Abrams ComicArts); Rafael Medoff, co-author (along with Craig Yoe) of Cartoonists against the Holocaust (Clizia […]

Comics Alternative Special: A Roundtable Discussion for International Podcast Day 2016

Listen to the podcast! Sound Discussion In celebration of International Podcast Day 2016, Derek participates in a roundtable discussion with fellow comics podcasters, including John Siuntres of Word Balloon, Chris Marshall of Collected Comics Library, and John Mayo of Comic Books Page. The four of them talk extensively about their experiences in podcasting, the challenges of working with […]

Comics Alternative – A Special Announcement from The Two Guys with PhDs!

Andy and Derek take a few moments to make a special announcement. August 1st will be their four-year anniversary, and the Two Guys with PhDs would like for listeners help celebrate by responding with their well wishes! That’s right, get in touch with them via voice message, phone, email, and various forms of social media […]

Comics Alternative for Young Readers: A Special Look at the 2016 Eisner Awards

Listen to the podcast! And the Winners Are… On this special episode of the Young Readers edition of The Comics Alternative, Gwen and Andy take a look at the 2016 Eisner Awards, both the nominees and the winners, in each of the three young readers categories. The Two People with PhDs discuss not only the books and […]

Comics Alternative, Episode 189: A Discussion of the 2016 Eisner Award Nominations

Listen to the podcast! Discerning Tastes? The nominees for the 2016 Eisner Awards were announced last month, and as the Two Guys with PhDs do every year, they use an episode of The Comics Alternative to discuss and speculate. Joining them in this year’s conversation is Carol Tilley, a professor of information science at the University […]

Comics Alternative Special: Talking with Bob Andelman for Will Eisner Week

Listen to the podcast! A Spirited Discussion For Will Eisner Week 2016, Derek talks with Eisner’s authorized biographer, Bob Andelman. The second edition of his book, Will Eisner: A Spirited Life, was released last summer by TwoMorrows Publishing, expanding significantly on the 2005 edition in a deluxe, full-color volume. In the conversation, Bob discusses the genesis of […]

Comics Alternative, Episode 168: Our Favorite Comics of 2015

Listen to the podcast! Best! It’s the last regular review episode of the year, so that means that the Two Guys with PhDs are here to share what they consider to be the best comics of 2015! In this extra-long episode, Andy and Derek discuss their 10 favorite titles of the year. Neither knows what the other […]

Comics Alternative, Episode 163: Our Third Annual Thanksgiving Show

Listen to the podcast! Stewed and Stuffed? The guys are back with their third annual Thanksgiving show. This a special episode of The Comics Alternative where Andy, Derek, and other cohosts get together to discuss what they’re thankful for in the world of comics and comics culture. This year both Andy W. and Gene are able to join […]

Comics Alternative Special: A Roundtable Discussion on Religion and Comics

Listen to the podcast! Like a Prayer On this special episode of the podcast, Derek moderates a roundtable discussion on religion and comics. Joining him on the panel are Elizabeth Coody (teaching at the Iliff School of Theology), Jeff Brackett (Ball State University), and A. David Lewis (Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences), all […]

Comics Alternative, Episode 157: Steve Ditko’s Self-Published Comics

Listen to the podcast! An Avenging Mind On this special episode of the podcast, Andy and Derek take a look at a variety of Steve Ditko’s self-published comics. Since 2008, Ditko, along with Robin Snyder, has been putting out original work on a fairly regular basis. These comics are created and distributed independently — and for […]

Comics Alternative, Episode 155: International Podcast Day 2015

Listen to the podcast! Get Listening! Today, September 30, is International Podcast Day! To celebrate the occasion the Two Guys with PhDs Talking about Comics get together with some of the other cohosts of the show, Gwen Tarbox, Andy Wolverton, and Gene Kannenberg, Jr., to talk about podcasts and podcasting. As such, they don’t necessarily focus […]

Comics Alternative Special: A Roundtable Discussion on Teaching Comics

Listen to the podcast! School Days The Two Guys are back with another special episode of The Comics Alternative, and, just in time for the new school year, this time they hold a roundtable discussion on teaching comics. Joining them are Randy Duncan and Matthew J. Smith. They, along with Paul Levitz, are the coauthors of […]

Comics Alternative Special: A Roundtable Discussion on Libraries and Comics

Listen to the podcast! Browsing the Comics Stacks Occasionally The Comics Alternative will feature a special episode devoted to a specific comics-related topic, and on this show, the Two Guys focus on issues surrounding libraries and comics. This subject matter is particularly appropriate, given the fact that Andy Wolverton is a public librarian working extensively with comics and graphic novels […]

Comics Alternative Special: A Discussion on the 2015 Eisner Award Nominations

Listen to the podcast! And the Nominees Are… It’s a semi-tradition that when the Eisner Award nominations are announced, Derek and Andy are there to discuss them. So on this special episode of The Comics Alternative, the guys get together to deliberate over this year’s nominees, what kind of patterns they discern, and what surprise choices […]