Comic Timing – Episode 110

It’s time for another Review Corner, as Brent and Ian catch up on a bunch of books that have been released in the last month or two (or three). We cover New Avengers Finale, Avengers #1, The Tick FCBD, Secret Avengers #1, Batman Beyond #1, X-Men #1, and Birds of Prey #1 This episode of […]

Comic Timing – Episode 103

Hey Gang! We’re back with another review corner! Ian and Brent go over: Human Target, Wierd World of Jack Staff, Chase Variant: One Shot (is all I need), Avengers vs. Atlas, Doomwar, and Blackest Night: Atom and Hawkman! Keep looking out next week for a Megacon/Emerald City Con wrap up! CT Picks for May are: […]

Comic Timing – Episode 101

Review Corner Time! Check it ouuuuuuuut!!!!!! 6 books! 6! We go over: JSA All Stars #1 Secret Warriors #11 Conan the Cimmerian: Weight of the Crown #1 Captain America: Reborn #5 R.E.B.E.L.S. #10 Dr. Horrible #1 Make sure to check out the Fan Picks on Heroes Corner, which is where you can find Comic Timing’s […]

Comic Timing – Episode 99

99! 99! Almost to 100! We’re back before our big she-bang (Ricky Martin not William Hung) with another Review Corner! Catch us before Turkey day for a short episode on recent animated movies, then 100! We go over: Adventure Comics 3 Daredevil 501 Chew 5 Spider-Man: Clone Saga Comic Timing is sponsored by Heroes Corner. […]

Comic Timing – Episode 93

New Review Corner! On this episode: Hellblazer 256 Batman in Barcelona Spider-Man: The Short Halloween Runaways 11 Picks for October Solicits: DC Adventure Comics #3 (HC Price: $2.00) Fans of Young Justice and Teen Titans have been waiting for this issue ever since we learned of Superboy’s return. Now, we get it! Tim and Conner […]

Comic Timing – Episode 91

Review Corner Time! On this episode Ian and Brent catch up with books, some recent, some late, giving you a total of four books! Count ’em four! The books we go over are: Captain America Comics Special #1 Flash Rebirth #1 Ignition City #1 Detective Comics #858 Whatever happened to the Caped Crusader (part 2) […]

Comic Timing – Episode 82

Within three days of each other? Can you tell we’re trying to butter you up and make it up to you? Another Review Corner this episode as Ian and Brent discuss Green Arrow/Black Canary #15, Secret Invasion: Dark Reign #1, and Akhiabara@Deep a manga. Can you guess what that means? Brent read a manga! GASP! […]

Comic Timing – Episode 71

It’s Here! The first ever Comic Timing Review Corner is here! Join Ian and Brent as they look at three books from August 2008. Were they good? Were they bad? Were they Raph? Find out tonight on the Review Corner! Ian and Brent discuss Dr. Who: The Forgotten #1 from IDW, Booster Gold #11 from […]