Geekspeak Report – Episode 7

Here we go with more Geekspeak Report! Part 4 of the Co-host Challenge brings Lorrie Thomas, alias thomalo, of the Comic Book Road Show onto the program to take her swing at the co-hosting duties. Topics discussed on this episode include: TV Review: Torchwood Season 2 and Doctor Who Season Four Movie Review: Juno Movie […]

Geekspeak Report – Episode 6

Episode is released, Troy Mata is co-host, shownotes to follow! Topics discussed on this episode include: Wonder-Con and Anime Boston 2008 Wrap Ups Anime and Manga Suggestions, including Fate/Stay Night, Samurai Champloo, Hellsing Ultimate, Bleach, and Cromartie High School Video Game Review: Super Smash Bros: Brawl for Nintendo Wii Geek News: The Fall Schedule for […]

Geekspeak Report – Episode 5

Episode 5 of The Geekspeak Report is here! I am joined by contestant two in the Geekspeak Co-Host Challenge, Michael Yanni, known as The Yanni on The Comic Forums. Here is a complete list of what we discuss on the show: Anime Movie Review: Paprika Movie Review: Cloverfield (SPOILERS ABOUND!) Dragonball Z Movie Rumors Ian […]

Geekspeak Report – Episode 3

Episode 3 of the Geekspeak Report is here! Brent Kossina, my regular co-host of Comic Timing, stops by to assist in the selection process for the upcoming Geekspeak Co-Host Challenge! After the names are randomly picked out of his hat, we talk plenty of geek news and reviews, including: Movie Review (SPOILERS): The Golden Compass […]