Comic Talk Cafe Vol.2 No.24

We Talk about San Diego Comic Con 2007 and some comic book reviews. Spider-Man and the FF 4 of 4 Robin 165 Amazons Attack 5 of 6 Ultimate Spider-Man 112 Amazing Spider-Man 543 Astonishing X-Men 22 Nova 5 Link to Show

Comic Talk Cafe Vol.2 No.19

Sorry it’s been awhile sense the last show, I’ve not had time to edit anything. We are gearing up for the San Diego con right now. It’s going to be awesome! Books discussed: Amazons attack 3 ~7:20 Wonder Woman 10 ~ 16:06 Supergirl 19 ~23:17 Sinestro Corps 1 ~35:24 Green Lantern 21 ~45:49 WW Hulk: […]

Comic Talk Cafe Talks Fantastic Four 2, Cool Jerk, and Manga Studio. Also Check out our new vidcast

Lots of new shows up FF2 movie review CTC 2in1 interviews: Cool Jerk and Manga Studio Countdown Month 1 go to watch our new comic book creation video podcast, Comic Books: Pixel by Pixel

Comic Talk Cafe Talks Comics and Heroes

It’s the whole gang talking about comics and Heroes! Books Reviewed: Robin 162 Start: 4:14 Wonder Woman 9 Start: 10:49 Supergirl 17 Start: 19:10 Uncanny Xmen 486 Start: 29:18 Ultimate Spiderman 109 Start: 34:15 Mighty Avengers 3 Start: 40:18 Heroes has Ended Start: 47:20 Rambling Start: 103:10 Link to the Show

CTC Talks Countdown 51 and others

Just me and Norrin this time Books reviewed: Lone Ranger 0 ~3:30 Astonishing Wolf-Man 1 ~6:49 Amazons Actack 1 ~11:05 Nova 2 ~14:29 Ult. Spiderman 108 ~23:44 Countdown 51 ~28:24 Ending ~41:34 Link to Show

Comic Talk Cafe: Lot O’ Comic Book Reviews

Comic Talk Cafe: Lot O’ Comic Book Reviews Well here we all are again! We had allot of catching up to do. This show took me the longest time to edit together and I hope it shows. I wanted to put more effort in the show so here are a few new things. One, I […]

Comic Talk Cafe: Tony Loco Interview

In this interview I talk with Anna Warren Boersig of Illusive Arts Entertainment and Mark Teague, creator of Tony Loco published by Illusive Arts Entertainment.

Comic Talk Cafe: Just Comics

Myself and Norrin talk about The Ultimate Clone Saga Robin 157,158 Uncanny X-men 483 Wolverine 50 ION 9,10 Green Lantern 14-16 Enjoy!

Comic Talk Cafe: New Shows

Last week I got some new shows up finally, I did an interview with our very own Norrin Powell about his new novel. A new “5min.” review is up for the manga Iron Wok Jan. Our first new regular show of the new year is up! The whole gang is accounted for as we review […]

Comic Talk Cafe: End of Year Show!

Our regular show with the extra topic of the best and worst of 06!

CTC Special #008 Civil War 4

Jon, Shad, and special guest Keith Dallas discuss Marvel’s Civil War 4. Warning, spoilers galore! Play in new window | Download (69.8MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Comic Talk Cafe #021 Interview With Kieth Dallas

Jon and Norrin interview Keith Dallas senior editor of Silver Bullet Comic Books and the writer and creator of Omega Chase Play in new window | Download (57.3MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Comic Talk Cafe #20

Here we are at show #20! Here is the rundown of the reviews: She Hulk vol3 TPB, Robin 152-153, Uncanny Xmen 475-477, Ultimate FF 32, New Avengers 22, the first two Kubert, Morrison Batman books. Enjoy! Play in new window | Download (41.2MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Comic Talk Cafe #017 is up!

Comic Talk Cafe #017 In CTC #017 Jon, Rachel, Shad, and Hiedi are the hosts. A quick corection; the comic book podcast network is found at not We talk about some comic news from around the web: * Kazuo Koike coming to comic-con for the first time. * Major DC comic movies in […]

Comic Talk Cafe #016

In this podcast, Jon, Rachel, Shad, and Heidi talk about comics! Books reviewed: Spiderman Loves Mary Jane, Xmen fairy Tales, Action Comics, Ultimate FF, Green Lantern, Amazing Spider man. Play in new window | Download (24.9MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS