Comic Frontline Live #131: Poops & Giggles (Blame Mike Spider-Slayer)

Every week the Comic Frontline crew unites to do a LIVE Show through Google Hangouts where we discuss the news and comics of the week and have some fun while doing it! This week the crew are down by one and discuss: The Inhumans get Royal! Legends time jump to a new night! The GLC […]

Comic Frontline Live #130: Worst Contract EVER!

The Frontline LIVE Crew Fully Assemble To Tackle The News, Worst Comics, Top 5, Most Anticipated & More! Find more on and Video version of this episode:

Comic Frontline Live #129: That’s So Frontline LIVE!

The Frontline Crew Are Down By Half But Deliver The News, Worst Picks, Top 5, Most Anticipated, Viewer’s Comments & More! Find more on and Check out the weekly polls on Video version of this episode:

Comic Frontline Live #128: Countdown to Spider-Woman

Half the Frontline crew discuss comic news, take a look at Marvel Previews, and share their worst picks and Top 5! Find more on and Check out the weekly polls on Video version of this episode:

Comic Frontline Live #127: Top 5 – There’s Something About Lois!

The Frontline Crew Are Down 2 But Unite To Give Their Top 5 & Worst Pics, & More! Video version: More at and

Comic Frontline Live: Pat Shand – Destiny, NY E-Panel

The Frontline Crew Interviews Writer and Creator of Destiny, NY in an E-Panel! Back The Kickstarter: Download the FREE 22-Page PDF Follow & Like Pat Shand of Twitter & Facebook for more! Video version of the E-Panel: Find more on and

Comic Frontline Live #126: Sex on the Beach!

The Frontline crew is back in full effect, with a TON of news coming out of New York Comic Con! SO MUCH NEWS! After that, it’s the usual Worst Pick and Top 5, with quite the discussion on the latest issue of Green Arrow (Where did she come from?!). All this and more in another […]

Comic Frontline Live #125: #InformationVomit

The crew returns for another week of comic and media news, and discussion of the week’s Top 5! This week was a week of tangents and sidetracks, and some interesting choices for the Top 5. Hilarity did, in fact, ensue. Find more on and Tune in for our NYCC 2016 coverage! Video version:

Comic Frontline Live #124: It’s Only Natural!

The Frontline crew returns for a brief comic news section, followed by this week’s worst picks and Top 5. So join us for another fantastic week of podcasting today on International Podcast Day! Find more on and Video version:

Comic Frontline Live #123: Sour Patch Gyros!

The crew returns to discuss the latest in comic news, discuss their worst picks, and reveal their Top 5 picks for the week! Where did Doom Patrol #1 fall? Find more at and Video version:

Comic Frontline Live #122: Will the Real Cyborg Please Stand Up

The Frontline crew returns with a unique episode this week (once again battling audio issues)! Two of our members couldn’t make it, but the rest of us discuss a light week of news before diving into some viewer comments and our Top 5 picks! Of those comments, we discuss our dissatisfaction with Marvel, and the […]

Comic Frontline Live #121: Unleashed!

The Frontline crew battles through audio problems, headaches and dropped internet to bring you another exciting episode of Comic Frontline LIVE! First, it’s news in and around the world of comics, followed by the worst pick of the week, and finally the Top 5! Plus some viewer questions answered, some plugs, and more! They also […]

Comic Frontline Live #120: Can You Read My Mind?

This week, on Comic Frontline Live, the group gives an overview of DC Rebirth in the form of a Top 5 and Worst 3 consensus! Plus, the latest in comic and media news, and of course, the weekly Top 5! Find more at and Video Version:

Comic Frontline Live #119: No White After Labor Day!

The Comic Frontline Crew is back at 67% capacity with another week of comic news, Top 5 picks, and much more! Join us for a fun, fluid episode of Comic Frontline Live! Find more at and The Patreon Page for Last Ember Press: Video Version of the Show:

Comic Frontline Live #118: No Love for Deathstroke

Half of the CF crew comes together for another week of worst picks, Top 5, news, and more! Video Version: Find more on and