Comic Couch Episode 72

Aural Pleasure I’ve been up for almost 32 hours, I worked 26 of those hours. This is all the cleverness you get out of me tonight! Music By The Dropkick Murphys, and Wall of Voodoo. Follow us on Twitter You can email us at Play in new window | Download (Duration: […]

Comic Couch 71

Oh Those Nostalgic 90’s! What a fun show! The ‘Couch gang is all back together and we are back on a normal schedule. This episode was recorded earlier today. That means that we reviewed books that shipped today. Spoilers ahoy! Books Reviewed Worlds Finest #2 Image United #1 Uncanny X-men #517 Music By The Dropkick […]

Comic Couch 70

The Unbeatable Bukake. This was a fun rambling show. We talked about a plethora of subjects. Most were relevant, the funny ones were not:) OH yeah! We also reviewed some funny books. Books Reviewed R.E.B.E.L.S. #10 Strange #1 Star Wars: Purge one-shot Music By The Dropkick Murphys, and Wall of Voodoo. Follow us on Twitter […]

Comic Couch 69

The Captain’s Chair. I wasn’t on this episode. So I really don’t know what to say. These guys reviewed some books jabber-jawed about Wizard Magazine sucking and berated each other. I am not going to spoil it but I do believe one of the Couchers cried himself to sleep that night. Books Reviewed- Punisher: The […]

Comic Couch 68

Better Late(?) Than Never(?) Between hectic work schedules and a bout of swine flu this episode is about 3 weeks late. Very few people seemed to care. Should we keep doing the show? I know people listen, but does anyone care? Send in some emails one way or the other. Music By The Dropkick Murphys, […]

Comic Couch 67

Too busy to be clever. We reviewed some books and Patrick is dumb. More next time:) Follow us on Twitter You can email us at Play in new window | Download (Duration: 42:25 — 19.4MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Comic Couch 65

Man-Teets. Ooooohhhhhh…..Where to begin with this one? I think it might be best to be vague on our discussion topics and just let you find out for yourself. Wizard Top 10 Artists, Mark Millar’s Marvel work, and Superman/Batman: Public Enemies were the basis of some strong discourse, to say the least….. This week we review […]

Comic Couch 64

Batwoman’s Vagina We had an absolute blast on this week’s episode of the ‘Couch. We talk about the liturgical propensities of certain “estates” in the Comics industry which leads into some odd digressions. We also debate the validity of Marvel’s Super-Hero Squad cartoon. This week’s reviews were Superman Secret Origin #1, Tales From Wonderland Tweedle […]

Comic Couch 63

Dennis loves the little children. What a fun episode to record. It was only three of us this week and it ended up being a really fun show to do. We ramble on about the comings and goings of the comic book industry, and we discus who should be the next publisher over at DC. […]

Comic Couch 62

I am Jack’s Immortal Talent. What else needs to be said? This week’s reviews are Lock and Key :Welcome to Lovecraft Special Edition #1, Adventure Comics#2, and Dark Reign: The List #1. We also discus this past week’s big comic news, and Dennis tells us more than we need to know about everything:) Music by […]

Comic Couch 61

“Get me a girl and I will prove it!”- Dennis Roy Yup this was a long one. As promised all of your feedback and listener emails are finally read on air. There were a great many laughs to be had. We love the listener emails and they always make for a great show. I wish […]

Comic Couch Episode 60

Not the fun one. This week’s episode sees two men down so the rest of the Couchers bravely soldier on. On the Docket this week are Fantastic Four #570, 28 Days Later #1, and Blackest Night: Teen Titans. This episode ended up not being our anniversary drink along/big listener email show because of some personal […]

Comic Couch 59

Weeeeeee’re BAAAaaaaaAAAAck. Yup! After an odd week off the Comic couch gang is back to review some books and insult each other in this our 59th Episode. In this episode we take the piss out of Archie #600, Batgirl #1, and the Vertigo Crime books Format. We also review The Green Lama: Bloodlust #1, X-Factor […]

Comic Couch 58

Split Decision. There were a lot of mixed opinions on this week’s quick and dirty version of the show. We all have had a busy couple of weeks so all we do is review some books and then argue over who is right. Doesn’t sound like much of a departure does it. It is a […]

Comic Couch 57

Whore-Pants On this weeks very exciting show we do something altogether new for us. We review a book the week before it ships. It is not just any book either, it is one of the hottest independent titles in the country right now! This book, of course, is Chew #3. We also review JSA #29, […]