Simple 2 Savant Episode 22: Back To School!

This week I want to discuss what is some of the best technology available out there for the returning student no matter the grade. I will go over in detail what might be some of the things the student in your life can’t do without for this upcoming school year. Enjoy! Play in […]

Simple 2 Savant Episode 21: Hold Up Wait Just One Minute

This week I want to revisit the topic of Cordcutting, I have recently did a brief experiment on reconnecting my cable services after almost three years away and I will discuss what my thoughts are. So now I can fully discuss the pro and cons for people that might be on the fence about making […]

Simple 2 Savant Episode 20: Break Glass In Case Of Emergency

This week I want to talk about backing up your devices like computer, phone, and tablet, so you don’t lose cruical information when you need it most. Nothing could be more important since nowadays we use more and more devices it is essential that your vital information is backed up and synced between your multiple […]

Simple 2 Savant Episode 19: Are Your Ready For What’s Next?

This week I wanted to take a look back at all the big technology shows and announcements we had so far this summer. Then pose a very simple question to us all are we ready for the new technology that is coming out soon? How would we go about using said tech and will it […]

Simple 2 Savant Episode 18: The All Purpose Guide For Digital Media

This week I want to talk about where and how to buy digital media online. In previous episodes we talked about cutting the cord and looking into digital media but we never went as in depth about the process. Well today we will so sit back relax and listen to this fun instruction guide on […]

Simple 2 Savant Episode 17: Lights, Camera, and Action!

This week I decided to put together a TV buyer’s guide episode. I am starting the process of buying a new TV for my office/recording studio so I thought this could be a really fun episode to right now and could be helpful to others that might be in the market as well. Enjoy!   […]

Simple 2 Savant Episode 16: Breaking Down The Ultra Violet Platform

This week I discuss Ultra Violet it has been a thorn in my side for a few years now but why? So I talk about it and explain it so that others can understand what the Ultra Violet digital platform is all about. An pose the question is Ultra Violet the future of digital media […]

Simple 2 Savant Episode 15: Taking Apples And Making Apple Sauce

This week we go over all the announcements from Apples World Wide Developer’s Conference and discuss what does it all mean for the consumer in the months to come. Enjoy! Play in new window | Download (Duration: 22:02 — 10.8MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Simple 2 Savant Episode 14: The Apple Must Fall

This week I am just talking about Apple and there upcoming developer’s conference WWDC which starts June 2nd. I discuss what I am hoping to hear and see from the Keynote address that is coming on Monday. Enjoy! Play in new window | Download (Duration: 9:05 — 4.9MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Simple 2 Savant Episode 13: I Can’t Live Without My Radio, Radio!

This week I thought it would be cool to talk about ten applications that I can’t live without on my phone. They are the end all be all to help me get through my day and make sure I stay on task, so let’s discuss and review some cool phone apps. Enjoy! Play […]

Simple 2 Savant Episode 12: I Have A New Attitude!

This week I want to talk some about how I find myself watching television nowadays and how drastically it has changed over the past two to three years. Also what services and devices I find myself using more than others to get the content when I want it and to watch where ever I want […]

Simple 2 Savant Episode 11: You Have Some Explaining To Do!

This week I had a great idea why not explain what a podcast is. Even though if you are listening to the show you are probably already familiar with the term, but this episode I want to use as a point of reference. For us to use to educate others  about one of things we […]

Simple 2 Savant Episode 10: Hey Who Changed The Locks!

This week I wanted to talk about something that has come to the forefront as of late and that is security. The report of Heart Bleed Bug getting so much attention over the past few weeks I thought it was only right to talk about some ways that you can protect yourself and your system […]

Simple 2 Savant Episode 9: Can I Dial A Friend?

This week marks the end of my helpful buying guide series for consumer electronics finishing up with everyone’s favorite mobile phones. So as usual I go over everything you might consider when looking for your next cellular phone. The purpose of this is to arm you with enough information that you can buy the phone […]

Simple 2 Savant Episode 8: Ushering In The Digital Age

Well last week we talked about what to consider when shopping for a computer, so it is only fair this time we extend the conversation. So now we will discuss tablets and answer some of the big questions; Do I need one? What kind do I get? or What size capacity should I buy the […]