Comic Book Pitt #135 – Hulk Hogan’s Junk

After an unplanned month off, CBP is back and we have got a LOT to talk about… CBP at NYCC 2013 Thanos Rising Station to Station Bat Affleck Iron Man 3??? Trillium Batman Incorporated Special #1 The “new” end of The Killing Joke

Comic Book Pitt #120 – Saturday Night Mass

Take 2! We lost part of our first recording, but we rallied and came back for another round. In this reconstructed episode, Dan and Jared talk about the Kick-Ass 2 movie, Batman Incorporated #8, Animal Man #18, Swamp Thing #18, Winter Soldier #16, Hypernaturals #9, Shadowman #5, and Before Watchmen. Comic Book Pitt theme music […]

Comic Book Pitt #117 – Die Mutie Scum!

Duke is apathetic about Comic Book Men, but he can’t stop watching. Dan actually likes an X-book, but probably won’t keep getting it. Comics reviewed include Uncanny X-Men #1, X-Factor #252, Batman #17, CyberForce #3, Avengers #6, and Secret Avengers #1. Comic Book Pitt theme music is by Nik Furious. You can find more of […]

Comic Book Pitt #116 – Hot Button Topics

Thanks to Valentine’s Day, we had to push this episode to Saturday, so if you were missing this week’s CBP, blame love. Dan and Jared talk about some topics that have been burning up the internet recently, including Orson Scott Card’s new writing assignment, Marvel movie casting news, and Justice League movie woes. Comic books […]

Comic Book Pitt #115 – The Fast and the Nerdious

If this episode had a map, we would be all over it. The conversation ranges from DC Comics’ WTF Certified branding event in April to the Fast and the Furious movie franchise to the current state of television. In between, we manage to talk about Two-Step, Avengers #4, Invincible #100 and more. Comic Book Pitt […]

Comic Book Pitt #114 – Marvel Guys

Dan and Jared are joined by DJ Lunchbox, co-host of Pittsburgh’s Wrestling Mayhem Show, writer of the blog, Thoughtful Riot, and co-creator of Monster Haiku, an illustrated book of monsters and haikus. The conversation varies, but it basically focuses around Marvel Comics, our history with them, what books we’re reading, which ones we love and […]

Comic Book Pitt #113 – Two-Buck Chuck

Big news this week as the director of Star Wars VII is announced and we create a new game. It’s like the opposite of picking your dream team; you pick the worst possible people to make a Star Wars movie. Comics reviewed this week include Savage Wolverine #1, Daredevil #22, Frankenstein Agent of SHADE #16, […]

Comic Book Pitt #112 – We Need Therapy

Who knew that comic books screwed us up so badly? They drive us crazy, but we can’t stop loving them. Dan and Jared form a little support group and talk about Superior Spider-Man #1, Animal Man #16, Swamp Thing #16, Wolverine and the X-Men #23, and Thor God of Thunder #4. Comic Book Pitt theme […]

Comic Book Pitt #111 – No Consequences!

On this unseasonably warm Sunday afternoon, Dan and Duke are in the Pitt talking comics, both new and old. Aside from Duke’s awesome haul of back issues recently procured from Pittsburgh Comics, they talk about All New X-Men #5, New Avengers #1, Star Wars #1, Deathmatch #1, Superior Spider-Man #1 (SPOILERS AT 1:00:30), and I, […]

Comic Book Pitt #110 – The Deep Burn

The whole CBP crew is present this episode to discuss the 700th issue of Amazing Spider-Man, which also happens to end the series in a way that has everybody talking. Because of the holidays, not much else came out that week, but we still have plenty to talk about. Comic Book Pitt theme music is […]

Comic Book Pitt #109 – No Prize for You!

This is it, the last episode of 2012! We want to thank everyone who listens to the show and we’re looking forward to a new year of having fun and talking comics. In this New Year’s Eve episode, we discuss JSA Libery Files: The Whistling Skull #1 (of 6), Slipstream, XO Manowar #8, BPRD Hell […]

Comic Book Pitt #108 – Comic Buddha

Tonight the entire CBP team visited Coffee Buddha, a coffee house in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, to take part in the comic book swap that is periodically hosted there. After Dan and Jared were done digging through comic boxes, they recorded a live episode and talked comics, both new and old.  Comic Book Pitt […]

Comic Book Pitt #107 – The Sunday Edition

It’s not a mistake, this is a Sunday recording. In the past when we’ve recorded off-schedule, bad things would happen, like in a Final Destination movie. Fortunately, Dan and Duke both came away from this episode unscathed. This week we talk about Avengers Arena #1, Avengers #1, Hellboy In Hell #1, The Legend of Luther […]

Comic Book Pitt #106 – Television Pitt?

First, big thanks to the person who accidentally called the CBP voice mail line. Because of your fumbling fingers, we now have a great intro to the show. This is a bit of a longer episode because Dan and Jared got into a discussion about awesome TV shows. After that, they talked about Supergirl #14, […]

Comic Book Pitt #105 – The Story of Us

SPOILER WARNING: To avoid BIG Amazing Spider-Man reveals, skip from 57:20 to 1:04:15. You’ve been warned. In this episode of CBP, we find out that Dan and Duke apparently knew each other as teens and even starred together in a movie from the 1980’s. They were the original Coreys. Anyway, there are plenty of reviews […]